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Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Jean Vivace
artist: The Modems
The Modem's 2nd upload to Soundclick.
artist: Art Bits
title: Rusty Amp
Instrumental grunge
Drummer Dave Goode joins Gary Skopick on a subterranean journey. GOODE/SKOPICK PROJECT with drummer, Dave Good
me doing all playing singing producing engineering on a version of the Who's 1973 song
Dedicated to my son Andrew who just returned from Afghanastan/ When I asked Ken Sacco and Mike Marshall, AKA
Guitar and synth hard rock regarding one of history's most prominent and often problematic repeating themes.
title: Be Nice
What do we profit from being unkind to each other?
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artist: 5 OverDrive
title: Teabaggin'
This might give you a laugh on a Saturday night . . . my first attempt at home recording about 5 years ago us
Backing track by Jon Hall and LEAD guitar by Michael Thomas Huspek
artist: Jonsson
Marija: Vocals, Dale: Guitars, Lasse: Drums, Bass, Keys and Production.
title: PURSUIT
Straight up rock tune. Tim The Duke Enneking loaned his skills on lead guitar.
artist: imlen
title: Loose Lips
all voices on this track are mine! even the exp intro voices are mine! recorded with a microphone from the 98
artist: Frank Axtell
Music and Lyrics by Frank Axtell. Frank Axtell 2016 All Rights Reserved WARNING : Unauthorized distribution i
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Classic Rock
"The Sky"
The Stealth Mosquitoes
Surf Rock
"Crystal 7X"
Tasmanian rock band blending a range of styles making dynamic music influenced by the space and ambience of Tasmania.Check out our music, some cool photo's, and if you're in Tasmania come for a surf with Mike and Steve.
Rick Gross
Christian Rock
"It's Gonna Rain"
Rick Gross,, inc., all rights reserved "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40.3
Paper Rock Scissors
Folk Rock
"But No One Sees Them"
A blend of traditional roots music folk blues and rock. The new album Places is inspired by the groups travels around the world.
Lex Zaleta
Folk Rock
"This Cup 2010"
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Music on the streets for the sake of art, and for fun.: Several times a week I get my guitar and my battery powered Vox amp and I hit the downtown streets hoping to put art on our city's streets. I guess I got the idea from watching Gilmore Girls. They had a town troubadour that never got an episode to himself, but always was walking around Stars Hollow singing and playing his guitar. For decades I've played the local parks, played the bike path, and played on the levy bank and even behind abandoned buildings. Only recently I took to playing on the town square. The town has an ordinance against playing music on the street possibly and somewhat nega...
Taiwanese Guitar Man
Faith Lew's Cosmo Q&A: Name: Faith Lambright My favorite part of my body: a. My eyes b. My legs c. My abs d. My butt e. Other: My heart The craziest thing I've done for love is: Agreed to a marriage proposal after knowing the person only a few hours.. I had a Britney Spears moment The best relationship advice I ever got was: Don't love someone you know who isn't right for you or who you know will most likely break your heart.. And don't date someone extremely older than you or a 17 year old male My exes would probably tell you: That I am crazy (in their opinion) & I was a bad g...
jeffrey michael miller
Left Behind !: The times were psychedelic for this old forgotten relic He's a fossil and a stone age dinosaur His little castle crumbled and he was still and humbled He was a wounded bird that never got to soar Another no name story who wasn't made for glory A legend in a sad and troubled mind So bend your knees and pucker you're just another sucker Another case of someone left behind He think he's telepathic and now he plays in traffic He holds a sign that says will work for food And in his head it's planted the things he took for granted And the way he never showed no gratitude Another no...
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