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artist: Paul Cipro
It's a very simple matter...
artist: Chris Fewell
An ass kicking stoner metal track that is both catchy and delicious!
artist: Lee Brooks
title: body rockin
This is an original 1950's style Rock n Roll tune I composed.
artist: RS Cain
If the corset fits, wear it!
Fun tune made at rehearsal one day.
artist: MyndsEye
title: SON OF A GUN
A high energy tune styled in the early 50's era with a Jerry Lee Lewis/Chubby Checker/Little Richard kind of f
title: I Want You
Rock love song. This song is written by Frank Dicker. Visit Frank's website for more great music at http://www
artist: Blitzkid
title: Lupen Tooth
A fast paced quandry exploring the mystery and soul of lycanthropy.
artist: Forever Neo
title: By Your Side
This is the story of the courtship between my wife and I. We met over the internet and for a long time our rel
artist: Beaten Path
title: Unkind
Steph goes Rock!!!!
Has been a #1 song Rock General All words & music: Lynn Carey Saylor. Producer: Skip Saylor By CD at Lynns
A #1 Song on the Rock n Roll chart! Inspired by and co-written by my daughter Natalie-Lynn, when she was just
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/// LEIMERT PARK /// NO SAMPLES /// 3 F O R $ 4 0!
New School
* B U Y 1 G E T 2 F R E E * | HTTP://WWW.OSYMBEATS.COM | 3102925460 |
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Gregg Koval
Rock n Roll
"Get Out"
Fun rock songs. Sometimes funny too.
It's a Sad Mon morning: for us here at Wonderview Farm. We have lost 5 young ducks to the coyote we saw the other night while baling hay. It was so neat to see one in the wild but now he has found our ducks and just kept coming back to kill. We have locked our last 3 in the barn. I will keep watch today for him. I have never killed an animal on purpose. I'm not sure I will be able to, but I will try for the ducks sake. We also have chickens and they will start disappearing, too. Help me, Lord....
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Patrick Lew Throwback -- Interview (Fall 2005): Name: Patrick Lew Nickname: "The Sinister Minister" Gender: Male Birthday: November 15, 1985 Marital Status: Separated Member homepage: Email: Instrument: Guitar / Bass / MIDI Keyboards / Vocals What do you like most about 'Audio Rage'? this solo project ("virtual" garage band) i can branch out to do more kinds of music and make all kinds of art, and anything i want when i don't have to play guitar or bass in a garage band with 3 or 4 other musicians whenever we have to go argue with one another in the studio or onstag...
Three Gigs. One Week. Gig One. Pt. 1: Saturday the 23rd of February got off to a bumpy start. I expected to sleep in, wake up, spend a normal afternoon, then pack up for the RACK gig at Bistro Walk In in Munderkingen. Instead what I got was a phone call at the 9:30 in the blessed AM on my cell phone. This had better be good, 'cause if you call me at that hour on a Saturday morning, you just may have moved a '1' from the Friend to Enemy column. "Huh? I mean, Hello."
"This <mumble> from Bahnhof Fischbach. Can you play here on Monday?"
"Yeah, I think so, I'll check it with the guys, but it s...
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