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artist: Bits Pieces
Entering the Top Ten ... Thanks my dear friends ! Never thought to myself that it climbs up so far. # 8 in I
artist: PX Symphonic
A Metal version of 'When Dreams Die'
title: Moon(Bode)
A melodic rock instrumental guitar piece. Bode-All keyboards, drum programming and all guitars. Azlan Abu Has
A surprise upload from a older collab I did with a musical friend. He played all the keys (piano,organ and sax
artist: jhimm
Actual title. "The aimless wandering of an easily distracted homeless person in the park"
artist: Lizard Pie
Lefty Lounge Lizard's Guitars & Amps Extravaganza (EP02 Brown Sound) Bare Knuckles VHII, BadgerFX Trilogy, Str
title: For Tubbies
Soft funky jazz-rock "crusing tune" with a cool-soft Stratocaster sound (hope so) :)
artist: DannieD
title: Missing
'Pink Floyd' ish delight.
artist: Di Evantile
title: Still here
CD "RITUAL" - slow instrumental music in the spirit of Middle Ages.
A song dedicated to my boy. I play all instruments and synths.
artist: Dipro
I had been messing around with dhol samples for a while now. For those who don't know, a dhol is a Indian perc
artist: Mark Wessels
All instruments, composition and mix by Mark Wessels.
title: Ressaca
"Ressaca"("Hangover")is B&BĀ“second studio album title track
title: Peter Gunn
My cover version performed by 'Public School' formerly 'Avatar'... recognized by the Henry Mancini Association
title: Canon (in D)
Updated twist on a classic classical
Recorded using a Yamaha MU80 XG tone module.
artist: Matt Thorpe
Instrumental guitar with feel and tone. Builds towards some 3 part harmony guitar in the final chorus. Electri
A rockin' instrumental dedicated to my good friend Lana J Albert and her imaginary reptile
artist: x japan
composed by Yoshiki from X JAPAN, this music is in memory of his father who killed himself when he was a kid.
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This Argyle Sky
Instrumental Rock
"Timothy Cries"
I write and record instrumentals. I'm available to collaborate on videofilm work, write songs for performers, etc. I'd love to hear about your latest project!!
Charlotte's Grove
Putting your own track on your MySoundclick.: I have noticed in my visits to some of you great artists on here that you do not have your own music playing on your member page. Here is a how to!!! First go to your MySoundclick and click on the blue link in the Artist/Band page of this user: You will see your uploaded tracks. Click on full. Scroll down and click on 'add to my.soundclick. Now go to the top right and click on account. On the left click on my page design, scroll down till you see Music with auto-play song on homepage:Click on the song you want and voila!!! Your own track on your MySoundclick. Peace.
GONE WILD - Bourbon Blues: Hey Folks.... We thought it was high-time we unveiled a track from our upcoming follow-up album "GONE WILD II". Given that we're in Summer-mode at the moment, I think you'll agree we chose an apt song for the season. Special thanks go out to our pal Chris Szkup who provided some rather awesome (as always) string-benders there in the guitar swinging department, the perfect companion to Rob's guitar playing. Any feedback would be most appreciated....and for those wanting to purchase our first album "GONE WILD", this is definitely still available (drop us a line and we'll hook you up) ...
decaying orbit
American Nightmare: American Nightmare is coming to SoundClick!!! they are Mike's band he has been in since high school. They have been on a 16 year break while the two members, J.K. Phatts and Mike Ash went through worlds of personal troubles including prisons, drug abuse, mental hospitals, rehabs and much more. They will be going into The Morgue Studio next month to begin recording their new record. The band will be managed by: Demonatrixxx Management and signed to Mike's label, Decaying Enterprises. We look forward to rocking your azzes!!!!!...
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