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artist: Chevy 350
title: Sierra Sun
Just an acoustic song that reminds me of sunrise in the Sierra's.
artist: Bob Melanson
title: The Machine
Hmmm....Techno/Industrial/Rock with strong Melodies...Something I've always wanted to explore!
Backing track created by Tim Sanders also Tim play's lead guitar on it as well he plays the middle solo and I
artist: Mark Wessels
All instruments, composition and mix by Mark Wessels.
title: Zaza
01/09. Neil Zaza inspired instrumental. Started fooling around with the new Boss BR-600 recorder and came up
artist: Murlyn
Instrumental Rock-
artist: MyndsEye
title: Rib Tips
Mighty tasty....especially with atomic HOT sauce -:) (a song... in a series of collabs. with guitarist John Fi
title: Canon (in D)
Updated twist on a classic classical
artist: Lizard Pie
Brown Sound - Ed on left channel, me on right channel
artist: Victor Snow
A modern take on classic prog.
artist: Scott W
title: Freestylin'
I was just playing around and this came out
artist: ToneZappa
title: Jumbuck
Guitar Instrumental Music. MATON JBX6 Guitar into BOSS SE-70 Multi Effects unit into the desk and recorded o
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at* Written & Played by Guitarboy. Produced by Baker Scott for Gui
artist: ChunkyVomit
title: Road Hazard
Speed kills..Watch out for road bumps! Some nice stereo effects in here...I just remixed it 28 july 2004 for
artist: Grumbleweed
Guitar Rock Instrumental
artist: Dimaension X
metallized version of Beethoven's classic
artist: x japan
composed by Yoshiki from X JAPAN, this music is in memory of his father who killed himself when he was a kid.
Tony Bullard wrote and played the rhythm section, Dave Goode got it from, created the drum trac
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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Dan Bernard
Instrumental Rock
"Timothy Cries"
I write and record instrumentals. I'm available to collaborate on videofilm work, write songs for performers, etc. I'd love to hear about your latest project!!
jeffrey michael miller
Human Weapon !!: The clip below shows you what I do full time when I'm not trying my hand at music. The clip is from the show on The History Channel called " Human Weapon ". It features my style of Uechi / Shohei-ryu karate being demonstrated by legendary Kiyohide Shinjo Sensei. He is a 9 time undefeated full contact all Okinawan karate champion. In my opinion one of the deadliest men on the planet with his bare hands. What you see in the clip is 100% real and genuine and it's able to be done by Shinjo Sensei because of his years of iron body conditioning and hard training. Uechi / Shohei-ryu uses mostly...
John Orr Franklin signs with Melodic Revolution Records: Newly signed, Melodic Revolution Records recording artist, John Orr Franklin from Austin, TX to release new digital single “Alpha and Omega”. In The coming days Alpha and Omega will be available at all Digital Distributors, iTunes Amazon, emusic, Zune, Napster, bandcamp and others. Nearing completion of his third full length album, John has begun releasing a series of digital singles to determine the best possible format and packaging for the new release. Ultimately, feedback from the fans will determine the final format for the album. The band would very much like to see the project fully ...
Six Ribbons (Cover): Thanks to everyone who has listened my cover of Six Ribbons written by Jon English. Thanks again and have a good week.
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