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Dirty South
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Tony Bullard wrote and played the rhythm section, Dave Goode got it from, created the drum trac
title: Check Please
Updated the tune! However, it's still not done :) Still a work in progress!
artist: Bob Melanson
title: The Machine
Hmmm....Techno/Industrial/Rock with strong Melodies...Something I've always wanted to explore!
artist: MJBerg
Two guitars, one love song.
artist: Jerald Henry
Jazzy guitar instrumental by Jerald Henry of White Harvest from his solo album, Walk The Walk. Hmmm? Or, maybe
Backing track created by Tim Sanders also Tim play's lead guitar on it as well he plays the middle solo and I
title: Zaza
01/09. Neil Zaza inspired instrumental. Started fooling around with the new Boss BR-600 recorder and came up
artist: Scott W
title: Freestylin'
I was just playing around and this came out
artist: Chevy 350
title: Sierra Sun
Just an acoustic song that reminds me of sunrise in the Sierra's.
artist: ChunkyVomit
title: Road Hazard
Speed kills..Watch out for road bumps! Some nice stereo effects in here...I just remixed it 28 july 2004 for
A heavy metal instrumental, Scored a 10/10 at!
artist: ToneZappa
title: Jumbuck
Guitar Instrumental Music. MATON JBX6 Guitar into BOSS SE-70 Multi Effects unit into the desk and recorded o
artist: Steve Wallis
title: Child
Melodic Rock / Metal Instrumental.
artist: Ed Drury
If the Dead had a didge a Dead Set might sound something like this...
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at* Written & Played by Guitarboy. Produced by Baker Scott for Gui
artist: Dimaension X
metallized version of Beethoven's classic
title: Predator
Special thanks to Karl Nymon for the artwork I used to create the flash slideshow on the main page.
artist: MIKE BURN
Guitar instrumental.
title: Canon (in D)
Updated twist on a classic classical
artist: Grumbleweed
Guitar Rock Instrumental
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New School
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This Argyle Sky
Instrumental Rock
"Timothy Cries"
I write and record instrumentals. I'm available to collaborate on videofilm work, write songs for performers, etc. I'd love to hear about your latest project!!
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Patrick Lew Throwback -- Interview (August 2005): Question: How long does it take for an average song to go from a musical idea to a recordable song? Answer: long time usually. i am pretty methodical when taking musical ideas and mushing it into a recordable music product. maybe it's because i am dyslexic and a lazy person at making music sometimes because of my procrastinating personality or it's the cheap musical and studio equipment i got from Guitar Center or downloaded online on a website for free? maybe i'll try my best not to procrastinate anymore and put my music on the websites and hopefully play a damn show anywhere a...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
The difference between people who follow music and movies.: Every decade has good and bad music for the most part. But it seems like people who get into music at a certain age and time, they grow out of the mainstream stuff as they get older. Movies is different though, every year and every decade since movies were invented, there were always good and bad ones and people never got tired of watching or going to see new movies. Music is different for some people. Some people who grew up with a certain genre of music from a different decade don't follow the new stuff as much, while there are some who casually listen to both old and new. I've never heard o...
! ! ! Indian Hill Film Premiere ! ! !: Deirdre's newly re-released follow-up single, 'In My Eyes' has been placed in a short film [written and directed by Jack Kearney of [The JAX Company Film Production Group LLC] entitled, 'Indian Hill,' about a 12 year old boy and his friends growing up in suburban Portland, Connecticut, circa 1975. A neighborhood coming of age story about the challenge of conquering 'Indian Hill Road' on a bicycle; a feat that separates the "little kids" from the "big kids" in their neighborhood. February 28th, 2009 6-8pm Brownstone Intermediate School Auditorium Open to the public 314 Main St Por...
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