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artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at* Written & Played by Guitarboy. Produced by Baker Scott for Gui
title: Canon (in D)
Updated twist on a classic classical
Recorded using a Yamaha MU80 XG tone module.
artist: Ganimead
title: Space Rocks!
Another Ganimead experiment... this time a Spacey Rock Instrumental... and absolutely NON-Abstract..!!!.......
artist: Di Evantile
title: Still here
CD "RITUAL" - slow instrumental music in the spirit of Middle Ages.
title: For Tubbies
Soft funky jazz-rock "crusing tune" with a cool-soft Stratocaster sound (hope so) :)
artist: Art Bits
title: Atacama
Jazzy Instrumental
artist: Mark Wessels
All instruments, composition and mix by Mark Wessels.
I decided after some minor retakes and edits to leave this one as it is. I like it to much to do any more dama
artist: Bellegante
title: Strange Daze
Just having some fun.....
artist: wrightdude
This is one possible version of this song as found in one possible version of this existence
artist: x japan
composed by Yoshiki from X JAPAN, this music is in memory of his father who killed himself when he was a kid.
A heavy metal instrumental, Scored a 10/10 at!
artist: Andria Hall
title: Revolution
This one didn't make it on an album yet. It may be released on my next one, with touch-ups and a few changes.
title: Pepper
Backing track from Shamrock at the Les Paul Forum
6th track from Blue Visions
artist: Lizard Pie
The Brown Sound; my guitar on the left. With backing track.
artist: Viking Blues
Improv on a very basic 3 chord 8 bar backing track from Lemon Drop guitar x 2 : Lead panned ri
The 2nd Track On " Thought Chapter "
artist: 6stringz
title: blue skies
the blue of the sky in a day i will never forget.
artist: Kowch
title: The toy!
Meet my new xmas prezzie!!
artist: Sam Bell
Instrumental Jazz
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DizzeeBeats.Com- Black Out
Dirty South
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This Argyle Sky
Instrumental Rock
"Timothy Cries"
I write and record instrumentals. I'm available to collaborate on videofilm work, write songs for performers, etc. I'd love to hear about your latest project!!
robert  nelson holland
Hope: To my fellow entertainers Actors, Musicians song and film writers we all reflect life in one art form or another. I exhort all that have the talent and desire to write, sing about life the good and the bad but when available especially at this time always leave them with some hope. R.H.
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
New Patrick Lew Album: Well, I believe the next PLB album will most likely be a video game OST cover album. Lately, I been stuck with limited songwriting ideas as this loudmouthed, outspoken and slacker-ish Asian rocker guy. I honestly, sidetracked and put songwriting and recording of new songs on hiatus because of school and other personal priorities, ya know. So what you will hear by May 2011, when the PLB album drops, is going to be a cover album of video game OST music. Done the Patrick Lew way. I could however, use the actual songs and recorded I wrote this year and direct them to my spin-off project Shangh...
eg music
Victims in Top 10: Victims has entered the top 10 on both main classical & classical general charts. Good news of course, especially this is the first time one of my songs reach that high on the charts. But to be frank, charting is not really everything. I have listened to many excellent works by talented artists that did not achieve a high chart position. Plus, The very same songs that acquire even a no.1 rank don't stay there forever, Good music will keep its charm wherever & whenever it plays....
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