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Instrumental Guitar duel 70s vs 80s
Rock tune featuring good simulations of the vintage keyboards that made so much of the music of the '70s great
#3 on's Free Jazz charts. In Bill's second instrumental snipit; we delve into the dangers of c
Written to be movie background music; none in particular. Maybe mountain skiing action etc.
Swamps joins Michael Duran for a tribute to Eddie Hazel and the 1971 era Funkadelic band
artist: KODA JYNX
Remaster of this song that I co-wrote and produced for a teenage band. PRODUCED on a VS-1680.
A song dedicated to my boy. I play all instruments and synths.
An instrumental rock-latin-funk-world-orchestral song in a 7/8 time signature I composed specifically for my B
artist: Mark Wessels
All instruments, composition and mix by Mark Wessels.
artist: Gunnthrain
POST-ROCK : gently fading in, gently fading out. Processed drums, looped and detuned guitar, and sequenced sou
My First jam with Michael Duran!Check out more of his great music at T
Swampman & The Machine produced this beauty and he allowed me to do some slide work. Quite an honor!!!!!
artist: Sam Bell
Instrumental Jazz
artist: Steve Wallis
title: Child
Melodic Rock / Metal Instrumental.
title: Peter Gunn
My cover version performed by 'Public School' formerly 'Avatar'... recognized by the Henry Mancini Association
artist: Matt Thorpe
Instrumental guitar with feel and tone. Builds towards some 3 part harmony guitar in the final chorus. Electri
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This Argyle Sky
Instrumental Rock
"Timothy Cries"
I write and record instrumentals. I'm available to collaborate on videofilm work, write songs for performers, etc. I'd love to hear about your latest project!!
Sam Bell
Instrumental Rock
"11th Hour Lullaby"
Instrumental Rock
Revolution 2008: Hey World, I got a new album coming with a new sound and better should be finished by the end of this week..i've been working hard on it for some months now and i should give the world what they've been asking for................Yeah!
Another Ferret!: Our youngest son called and asked if we would take a ferret from some people who had to find a home for one quick. Since we already have 2 beautiful ferrets that I just love, we said sure. They came with our son to see where he would live, and loved seeing all the other animals we have, including our horses. We talked for quite a while, until it started raining and they had to leave. I assured them he would get a good home. We introduced him to our ferrets this morning and they all got along very well!! He was soon playing with our male, who will love having someone who plays like he does...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
The story of me and my wife Faith: In 2009, things seemed to settle down a bit. Patrick enjoyed his time and life at his new school and was deciding to do his music for himself and those who still care for his Art. He didn't want to please anyone with his solo music career, win a record deal with an indie or major record company or to conform to society's norm! Ain't that a bi***?! But, do music for the passion and interest of the universe. Patrick was at this point, almost figuring out the construction of his aborted rock band Dexter Rotten as he advertised a few low-key concerts in Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek and played in...
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