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artist: Sindustry
I watched this guy die once after he crashed into a utility pole. His brother told me he had just gotten out o
Written to be movie background music; none in particular. Maybe mountain skiing action etc.
artist: Oberhofer
title: Andis Ballad
A ballad tune that I wrote - my Friend Rainer Gaffrey produced the wonderful backing. My new Warmoth-Parts Str
artist: Paul Oakley
title: Always
I wrote this for my wife, who is my soulmate and my inspiration.
A song dedicated to my boy. I play all instruments and synths.
artist: Kowch
title: The toy!
Meet my new xmas prezzie!!
title: Moon(Bode)
A melodic rock instrumental guitar piece. Bode-All keyboards, drum programming and all guitars. Azlan Abu Has
artist: Lizard Pie
Brown Sound - Ed on left channel, me on right channel
artist: 6stringz
title: blue skies
the blue of the sky in a day i will never forget.
artist: Sam Bell
Instrumental Jazz
With help from The Audio Cassette Comeback
What would it say. Featuring Bill Atwood on Drums and Dan Epp on Bass.
artist: jhimm
Actual title. "The aimless wandering of an easily distracted homeless person in the park"
artist: wrightdude
This is one possible version of this song as found in one possible version of this existence
artist: Mark Wessels
All instruments, composition and mix by Mark Wessels.
artist: Bits Pieces
Entering the Top Ten ... Thanks my dear friends ! Never thought to myself that it climbs up so far. # 8 in I
artist: MyndsEye
title: Trikkin
Intricate variations on an instrumental speeding bullet. (a a series of collabs. with guitarist John
artist: Victor Snow
A modern take on classic prog.
title: Mysticetus
This song is about whales; and they can rock!
Tony Bullard wrote and played the rhythm section, Dave Goode got it from, created the drum trac
Guitars, Bass, Drums Programming, Mixing e Master - Gabriel Landim Song Clip:
title: Canon (in D)
Updated twist on a classic classical
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/// TUNISIAN SANDS /// 3 F O R $ 4 0
Film Music
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This Argyle Sky
Instrumental Rock
"Timothy Cries"
I write and record instrumentals. I'm available to collaborate on videofilm work, write songs for performers, etc. I'd love to hear about your latest project!!
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
They don't call me the Underrated Sound Machine for nothing!:
As far as my love life goes. I am ready to settle down. But needs to finish what's important first. College. I like Asian girls mainly, but I can likely rock the opposite sex of another race, ethnicity or culture if they're interested in what I do. I given up on meeting girlfriends and future soulmates on FREE dating websites like and other social-networking websites. But I haven't given up on love. Never did, never will. In my storybook in music and life, I went through a lot of bad relationships in love & romance. But hopefully someone will appreciate and understand the ...
<3 : ...
MY FRIEND_______ was #38 on charts: but, as usual, it is now going back the wrong way. Thank You, Lord, anyway, for blessing me with a song that made it to #38!! I know it's tough to even make it to the top 25!! So, I thank you for listening, and I thank you for being a fan. The Lord continues to touch me in so many ways, it is incredible to me how He can change us so much!! From the out of tune instrument we were to the new, tuned, ready to play instrument of now!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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