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artist: SilverBeat
Die Hard Chicago Cubs fan. Born and raised in Chicago land. Every friend I had growing up was a Cubs fan. It's
artist: 70x7
An epic power ballad that wrestles with the responsibility that Christians have to one another. This song cli
Rock 'I Can Do It' Anthem
artist: Bellegante
This is for all the Girls out there - Your all Beautiful to Me......
This song sounds best with good headphones.
title: Revolution
My views about what's going on today.
artist: Dennis Paul
Social networking Rockin theme song, for all us FaceBook and MySpacers (just to name a few) ... it's a One-Of-
Delicious, wet notes pour from Gary's SG Custom, The Black Assassin.
artist: Angle Loss
Strat w/ Suhr pu's into two Timmy's (swapping opamps) with audio labeling into a '65 Fender Princeton/SM-57 in
title: I Found Love
Inspired by Christine & influenced by The Beatles :)
title: Interfere
Matthew Scott--Harpsichord, piano, synthesizers, lyrics; Andy Dofner--Trained vocal; John Pfeifer--Cynical voc
A song I wrote and produced with a band called 'The Push'.I received three songwriting awards for this one. Re
artist: Haven (USA)
title: Hold On
Out of sight but never out of heart, "Hold On" chronicles the journey of two soulmates brought together to ful
artist: Zythum
title: Angel Solo
From the album , "As If In A Dream" (1999)
artist: Jossh
title: ComingAlive
Plain unpolished rock tune
artist: Cosmos II
Summary of some aspects of the Standard Model of particle physics.
title: Jungle Tree
A very bad day for two young soldiers.
artist: CATLING
A funk rocker that gets your groove to move.
artist: thewex
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Classic Rock
"The Sky"
elevate ministries
Elevate Ministries Now Offering Worship Leader/ Team Coaching!!! : Attention Senior Pastors & worship leaders... Are you looking for a mentor, a coach, or just someone to bounce ideas off? For a limited time, I am available to coach or consult with a small number of worship leaders or teams free of charge. Nearly twelve years as the worship pastor at one of the northwest's largest, most dynamic Foursquare churches has given me the experience & vision to come along side developing worship leaders and teams. References are gladly available upon request. Sound interesting? I'd be happy to talk with you. Please shoot me an email at, or call me ...
child protective services?: if you have never had an encounter with these guy's count yourself lucky. i was in a courtroom with judge and a herd of people trying to gain custody of my grandson it would seem that ryder's "thats the boy's name" Mother is crazy as a tick and cant be found. the child protective crazies nabbed him because his mother dropped the baby off at a friends house and never came back. kinda like lazy maizie the bird who left that faithfull elephant sitting on the nest. and went off to party. anyway the babies mother and my son do not like each other anymore and are seperated. the child guy's gave the ...
Sunrise, Sunset: The days are really flying by. I can't believe it's the middle of January already. Additionally, I can't believe how warm it is for this time of year. Now, I know there are a lot of theories out there about global warming and climate change and whether or not we as humans have a role to play, but I ACTUALLY KNOW EXACTLY WHY THIS IS HAPPENING. On May 15th, 2004, all of the planets in the solar system were aligned. Now, compared with the sun, none of the planets in the solar system really have that much gravitational pull. When they are all aligned, however, it's quite a different story. ...
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