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title: Crouch
This is from Curtains Drawn's new cd... Buy the whole cd on
artist: Victor Snow
You Cannot Save Us - Written and recorded by Victor Snow.
artist: HASSAN
Written, performed, and engineered by Hassan Ansari.
artist: 70x7
title: COLD RAIN
Written as a 9/11 tribute, this song celebrates the lives of those who died on September 11, 2001 at the World
Track 5. Album "Day One" available digitally and physically everywhere. Album on iTunes:
Smooth rock with soul; a journey, an enduring of a long process until a great end has been reached. Come follo
A pretty cool and edgy tune.
artist: Haven Head
Awsome tune about being in touch with the truth. Sandy's composition about life. She plays the Gruver Chippew
title: Winter
Written, performed, and recorded by Jay Givan and Jim Baronas.
Heavy Rock. Willi 'Cojack' produced the impressive backing track. The song lacks proper vocals, my are merely
artist: Evan Paul
A vocal love song in a backdrop of social injustice. A story of a poor couple trying to make ends meet and dre
artist: Bellegante
title: Misery
What's happening in America?
artist: Dwibbit
title: Wind Chimes
mastered with headphones.
Winding, erotic, and sensual.
title: Satellite
Matthew Scott--Piano, synthesizers, drums, Cuban radio transmissions, lyrics; John Pfeifer--Vocal, electric
artist: 333maxwell
title: Roadway
A fun little quick Sketch guitar instrumental
A song from a band I was in,Majesty,multiple decades ago with duel guitarists.
Quilter 101 on Surf voice. Road Worn strat with Tonerider Surfari pups. Weber 1265 ceramic speaker. Rockett Bo
punk/boogie fusion with me playing all the rock band instruments and supplemented by 4 trombones from my 24th
artist: Cosmos II
title: Hard Landing
Rock-blues song about returning from a winter vacation in the tropics to the reality of a snowed-in home
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Haven (USA)
Rock General
"Proud Soldiers"
If you like a strong female vocalist fronting your rock then this band will appeal to you. Not heavy metal, not hard rock, this band brings a fresh new face to the world of melodic rock.
River of Life still doing well!: I am so happy to see that River of Life is still hanging in there on the first page of the Christian Rock charts. Usually by now my songs would be slipping badly, but this song is being listened to by you and friends of all of us. If you get the chance, please take the time to listen to it. My brother has a song, Jesus Saves, if you would like to hear him, he plays the guitar you hear in my song.
Ariadawna Willowsweet
LIke Tye Dyed BUtterflies ~my latest video: Like Tye Dyed BUtterflies by Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene from Katherine Scorzo on Vimeo.
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
That's not cool when it comes to parenting!: What? That sh** is not cool! I'm glad my Asian mama never raised me that way. I'm so glad I never was raised to become a stereotypical Asian American prick. Patrick
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