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artist: Evan Paul
A vocal love song in a backdrop of social injustice. A story of a poor couple trying to make ends meet and dre
artist: Victor Snow
You Cannot Save Us - Written and recorded by Victor Snow.
artist: Dwibbit
title: Wind Chimes
mastered with headphones.
artist: Bulb
title: Breeze
Been jamming on these riffs for a minute and figured i would record it. Basically just an attempt at an alt r
Smooth rock with soul; a journey, an enduring of a long process until a great end has been reached. Come follo
artist: Brian Smoot
A wedding Song with a clever word layout and music that will leave your spirits uplifted
artist: Bub Roberts
"Bub Roberts alla chitarra solista e' davvero un alter ego di Mark Knopfler"!!! (Say what, I don't think so)
artist: Haven Head
Awsome tune about being in touch with the truth. Sandy's composition about life. She plays the Gruver Chippew
artist: Soul Dust
title: Salvation
Even in the darkest hours of life, there's always a tomorrow. An acoustic-laden rocker! A song of hope. -Highe
artist: Alex Kriukov
A gentle finger picked acoustic melody adding atmospheric electric guitar lines and fast strumming, culminatin
artist: Grip-rox
easy and pop-folky ....
artist: Kim Riemer
A ballady type song, I added some lyrics and a vocal to the previous instrumental version.
Every man's fantasy. Every man's nightmare.
Heavily influenced by the style of The Doors.
Winding, erotic, and sensual.
artist: Mae
From the album, "Destination: Beautiful," in stores now on Tooth & Nail Records
artist: 70x7
title: COLD RAIN
Written as a 9/11 tribute, this song celebrates the lives of those who died on September 11, 2001 at the World
artist: Sindustry
PAINJANE is: Sara Rose Anderson-vocals, guitar, keyboards, viola / Sindustry-guitar, bass, keyboards, programm
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Rock :: Classic Rock
Old vinyl recording , Jan 1975 recorded at ULTRA SONIC recording studio in Hempstead L. I. N. Y. Erik Bergstrom (bass guitar) pictured with girlfriend Connie.
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Haven (USA)
Rock General
"Proud Soldiers"
If you like a strong female vocalist fronting your rock then this band will appeal to you. Not heavy metal, not hard rock, this band brings a fresh new face to the world of melodic rock.
If you're interested.: If you're an artist or film maker looking for new songs and you like what you hear on my page please get in touch for further details. Thanks.
Mark Linkous will be missed: Absolutely devestating news. I had no idea when I was busy finishing the song 'All the best rock stars...' that it would prove to be so horribly prophetic. Sadly, one of my all time favourite bands, 'Sparklehorse', are no more. Not really a band, it was the work of one man - Mark Linkous. Tragically, he took his own life last week on 6th March. I am shocked by this. His music meant and will always mean a lot to me. He is one of only a handful of musicians that I would drop everything to hear their latest track or to see live. I was very fortunate to see him play twice, both at the Fleece i...
Video Production Started: We spent last night shooting the live sequences for Rack's first video. It was really a lot of fun, and we've got a lot of people to thank. The lovely Katrin, the model who will be appearing in the video; Club Esperanza for the location, Litecto for the generous use of their lighting equipment, and Bernhard Wrobel for the manning the camera. And a big, BIG "U DA MAN!" goes to our very own Yann, for organizing and directing the video. We've got a couple more location shoots for the video. It'll be done, and premiered on Euro 3 in April. Stay tuned!...
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