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artist: Victor Snow
title: Fading Dream
All lyrics, music, and production by Victor Snow
artist: HASSAN
Written, performed, and engineered by Hassan Ansari.
Smooth rock with soul; a journey, an enduring of a long process until a great end has been reached. Come follo
artist: Evan Paul
A vocal love song in a backdrop of social injustice. A story of a poor couple trying to make ends meet and dre
artist: Haven Head
Awsome tune about being in touch with the truth. Sandy's composition about life. She plays the Gruver Chippew
Winding, erotic, and sensual.
Matt Scott- synths, samples, arrangement, drums, saxophone, power to raise the dead; John Pfeifer- Music/lyric
artist: John Fiore
title: It's Over
Just cool!
artist: 70x7
title: COLD RAIN
Written as a 9/11 tribute, this song celebrates the lives of those who died on September 11, 2001 at the World
A pretty cool and edgy tune.
artist: ARIS
title: Back
"Back" is the first new song from the new ARIS CD which is in Work in the ARTist Tonstudios in Germany yet!
artist: Alex Kriukov
A gentle finger picked acoustic melody adding atmospheric electric guitar lines and fast strumming, culminatin
artist: Sindustry
PAINJANE is: Sara Rose Anderson-vocals, guitar, keyboards, viola / Sindustry-guitar, bass, keyboards, programm
artist: Bulb
title: Breeze
Been jamming on these riffs for a minute and figured i would record it. Basically just an attempt at an alt r
artist: Wade Farlowe
title: True Fortune
Collaboration with ES ~ From a poem by Jerry Willard of Electric Shadow. The words Jerry had written made the
artist: 3-Way
title: Grace
Power Ballad
artist: Mark C Smith
Collab with lyricist Nathan A. Baker for the November Collab Contest on the Muse's Muse
artist: ToneZappa
"Bub Roberts alla chitarra solista e' davvero un alter ego di Mark Knopfler"!!! (Say what, I don't think so)
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Gregg Koval
Rock :: Rock n Roll
A cute story about moving into a haunted house. Perfect for Hallowe'en.
Kid Flash
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Le Bassiste
Rock General
This song is for a horse named Bichette, a horse from the Ardennes in France. Can you hear her walking by, ...ClippetiClop...ClippetiClop...!
Vomit Mop
Rock General
"Psychedelic Priest"
Debut Bop Deety Number 1 ElectronicaXNext Toilet Plugger Number 1 ElectronicaXThird Shooby Number 1 AlternativeX
Haven (USA)
Rock General
"Proud Soldiers"
If you like a strong female vocalist fronting your rock then this band will appeal to you. Not heavy metal, not hard rock, this band brings a fresh new face to the world of melodic rock.
The Rik Neal Conspiracy
Man ya just never can tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: I have NEVER been through this much SH@#$T in my life!Wene I was a young man( 63-64 yrs ago) I thought I would write some song's,Play some Gig,s GET ON THE BUS AND GO,THEN REPEAT!! WoW.I have spent ALMOST ALL my life trying 2 do JUST THAT!!!If only THAT was all I had 2 do!! But Hey, what the hell would I be doing anyway right]]]( RIGHT ) Those of U that know me/ KNOW/s I,m BORING as hell with NO life SO what else would I be doing? Hanging around Super Model's-JUST PLAIN TIRED OF THAT !! Making GREAt Movies, NA I GUESS I'll Stick with this ROCK & ROLL Star 4 awhile Now.AS Alway's I'm Workin...
A few more songs: Hello and thank you to all for listening and your support. Hope everyones ok. I'll be uploading a few more trax and I hope you enjoy listening. Just incase anyone is interested. these songs are for sale. Thanks again and to you guys all the best.
DL Free
Jah will be done: Aurora is complete at 50 minutes. I think that is long enough. But of course life has delayed its release this spring for financial reasons. Please help your self to the free downloads still available. Jah will be done in time.
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