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artist: Victor Snow
title: Fading Dream
All lyrics, music, and production by Victor Snow
artist: HASSAN
Written, performed, and engineered by Hassan Ansari.
Smooth rock with soul; a journey, an enduring of a long process until a great end has been reached. Come follo
artist: Haven Head
Awsome tune about being in touch with the truth. Sandy's composition about life. She plays the Gruver Chippew
I write word, songs, sing, play some guitar and have other skills needed in the songwriting recording possess.
artist: Sindustry
PAINJANE is: Sara Rose Anderson-vocals, guitar, keyboards, viola / Sindustry-guitar, bass, keyboards, programm
artist: Evan Paul
A vocal love song in a backdrop of social injustice. A story of a poor couple trying to make ends meet and dre
artist: Bulb
title: Breeze
Been jamming on these riffs for a minute and figured i would record it. Basically just an attempt at an alt r
A pretty cool and edgy tune.
Winding, erotic, and sensual.
artist: Alex Kriukov
A gentle finger picked acoustic melody adding atmospheric electric guitar lines and fast strumming, culminatin
artist: Guitarboy
title: Miami
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at*Guitarboy - Guitars * Written and produced by Guitarboy.* Fro
Matt Scott- synths, samples, arrangement, drums, saxophone, power to raise the dead; John Pfeifer- Music/lyric
Heavily influenced by the style of The Doors.
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Haven (USA)
Rock General
"Proud Soldiers"
If you like a strong female vocalist fronting your rock then this band will appeal to you. Not heavy metal, not hard rock, this band brings a fresh new face to the world of melodic rock.
Vomit Mop
Rock General
"Psychedelic Priest"
Debut Bop Deety Number 1 ElectronicaXNext Toilet Plugger Number 1 ElectronicaXThird Shooby Number 1 AlternativeX
Well What The Hell is This Crap?: If I had a Dollar for evertime I heard That I'd be richer Than Bon Jovi, My Brother & friends tell me I am a freak But I will never remove my mask & let the world see who i really am because My mind soul & face Is dirty & disfigured Like The wrinkles In a testicle, Why should I admit to Really being beautiful When the world is so ugly. I will not submit I will Not give In My pursuit of the absurd Is Relentless & My appities for The filthy Is voracious. I feast on The vaginal drippings Of The world kill Your self to live Most musicians Take themselves so darn seriously & The freinds & Musicians...
Got up with Sandra K on Wednesday: Sandra K got a new practice space out in Corryville and moved in Wednesday. I helped them move and jammed with them for about two hours. They're a bit heavier than I tend to be - but I was able to post some good sounds and definitely add to some sick grooves we played. I had a great time and everybody there was for the most part, pretty cool. I re-edited "Overnight @ the VBC",I amped up some parts, cleaned up other parts and dampened some sections as well. I Left the EQ settings, pretty much because I enjoy the deep bass of the drum in this song - let me know what ya' think, thanks for...
In the studio...: last night I returned to the studio after a month or two. We had some water damage in the studio and needed a de-humidifier installed. I have recovered old tapes from my first studio, which sits vacant, and started going through them last night. i found some old gems that I might try to remaster and release. Other stuff was jut not very good. I am working on compiling soundtracks for a CD of soundtracks that I did in o8 and 09. I also have some space electronic and some minimal symphonic to release. All that should be soon. Stay posted. Thanks Rick...
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