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artist: David Rovics
title: Tunisia 2011
When the dictator ran away.
artist: Cosmos II
Hard rock song inviting the listener to a party
To the lil ones...
artist: tinzam
up beat style of indie rock...
title: Diddy Bop
Another off the cuff jam that turned out pretty good
#2 on's Brit Pop Alternative Charts. Get ready for the "Hot" rock version of the #2 acoustic v
artist: Mind Funnel
Psycho delic Blues
artist: Musan Dera
title: ancient@rock
"Always nice to hear a different tune in this genre. The musical styles here are varied, from Celtic, eas
Our protest against corporate greed...they could care less about our quality of life!
artist: Merwolf
Cheeky little rock ditty from the Merworld city! Merwolf love Soundclick!
artist: Austn
Hi NRG Guitar Rock Blaster...
People are generally sheep- yeah I know, you've heard it all before. I'm talking about having virtually no co
artist: wbiro
Pagan the Poet - 9 Minutes.mp3
A short clip to demonstrate the effect of the "tone-stack-mod". somewhere mid-clip i switch off the tone-stac
artist: Mitched
Rough Jam - Just trying out a new amp. No pedals used, just a little compression,EQ & re-verb on mix down
title: Radio Smash
We don't want to be just a Radio Smash...but a Warped Tour smash! Please vote for The Knuckle Sandwiches to p
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Instrumentals :: Beats General
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The TrendsetterZ
*TODAY* - The Intro (Prod. by Kustom)
West Coast
Introducing our newest Superproducer "KUSTOM". Peep the bridge @ 1:06. ::: EASTER SALE!! ::: - Leases for only $9.99 when using the INSTANT STORE - Ends Apr 22. Mobile users visit to purchase.
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Garage Rock
"GARBAGE MAN (1993)"
In 1991,13 yrs before becoming the Gangsta Rabbi,Steve Lieberman put out 38cassetes of raw hardcore, using only bass,vocal&beats.Here is some of it
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Faith Lew Q and A (part 1): Real name: Faith Lew Birthplace & Hometown: June XX, 1986 Where ever my life is. Personal attributes (height, race, look): 5 ft 1 in / European & Native American / blonde / unique / one of a kind Parents: Mitchell (dad), Gloria (mom) Siblings: 3 half sisters, 2 half brothers; one half brother who died during pregnancy. Instruments played: Drums, Piano, Singing School: Weatherford College Musical education (where?): Choir classes at Springtown High School. Age entered the music scene: Between the ages of 5 and 6. Other jobs: Mo...
this land is who's land????: 4/26/07.......I've heard it said that Borkson had more than a little to do with Woody's great anthem, "This Land Ia Your Land". As the story goes, Woody had the idea but was stuck on the chorus. He had come up with "God made America for you and me", and then "This is a mighty fine land/ A yours and mine land..." but nothing felt right to him. He is telling his troubles tp Pete Seeger, in some leftist bohemian coffee house basement, when the folk singer at the next table overhears them. The folk singer leans in and says, "Woody, look inside yourself for the answer. You know this land better...
Holidays are over, but New Year is comming...: This year we went through a very nice, christmas with a fair balance between family events and relaxations. We've been together, but haven't stressed. I really can recommend it. New Year is closing in and it is time to evaluate the past year. What can one say: Lot's of things could have been different, but in general the things that didn't work out as planned, still worked out - and even pretty good so I have no reason to complaint. I have a lovely family who understand and gives me time to make music, and even also participates in it. That will not change in 2008. For a start I will work ...
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