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artist: Kevin Wayne
From the forthcoming album: The Rose Of The Streets: Artist Remix
artist: Cosmos II
Hard rock song inviting the listener to a party
artist: David Rovics
title: Tunisia 2011
When the dictator ran away.
title: Radio Smash
We don't want to be just a Radio Smash...but a Warped Tour smash! Please vote for The Knuckle Sandwiches to p
the greatest fear as your life expectancy may be measured in afew calendar pages versus a virtually unlimited
#2 on SoundClick.com's Brit Pop Alternative Charts. Get ready for the "Hot" rock version of the #2 acoustic v
artist: Merwolf
Cheeky little rock ditty from the Merworld city! Merwolf love Soundclick!
artist: Austn
Hi NRG Guitar Rock Blaster...
title: Diddy Bop
Another off the cuff jam that turned out pretty good
People are generally sheep- yeah I know, you've heard it all before. I'm talking about having virtually no co
title: Horizon Sky
A taste of hard prog bright white light metal. Play loud.
Song I created for the 2012 GC Tard Wars after watching The Dust Bowl on PBS and listening to Woody Guthrie
artist: Sterno Bums
Raw and sloppy just how we like em'...
Adding some R7 Goldtop lines to a cool track by Refin at LPF.
This is a little clip with some clean and overdriven tones from my 61 Fender Tweed Champ. A Strat, an Epiphone
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Garage Rock
"GARBAGE MAN (1993)"
In 1991,13 yrs before becoming the Gangsta Rabbi,Steve Lieberman put out 38cassetes of raw hardcore, using only bass,vocal&beats.Here is some of it
Corvus Stone II Released With Overwhelming Fanfare: Fans and Critics Agree… That Avant Garde Proggers Corvus Stone Have Returned With A Smashing Follow Up to Their Critically Acclaimed Debut. Corvus Stone II Features Special Guest Appearances by Sean Filkins, Phil Naro & German Vergara among others. The Digital version of Corvus Stone II was released September 30th 2014 and the album has already gained a major foothold amongst some of the biggest name releases to come out in the same period like Enchant and Pendragon. It has been floating at the Top 10 new digital albums as well as Best new Progressive rock releases on Amazon, and it’s even ...
david a briggs
Friend requests . . .basic house 'rules' : If you want to become a soundclick 'friend' . . . please listen to and maybe comment on at least a couple of my tunes. So sorry, I won't be accepting any requests from rap/hip hop members. It really doesn't interest me. Look at my list of musical influences and bands that I admire, you'll see we're worlds apart. So please take this as a polite request on my part. Enjoy your own rap/hip hop/beatz music, but please stop pestering me. People with a genuine interest and constructive things to say are very welcome. Lets make Soundclick a FUN place again....
david a briggs
New photo's in my locality and near-by area: A few photo's of my local area (West Yorkshire). It's not all derelict wool mills and decaying, abandoned coal mines. The river Wharfe at Bolton Abbey is one of my favourite places. The 'Strid' is where the river is forced into a very small gully between the rocks. it's very narrow but deep and with powerful under-currents. You think you could jump across it, but don't even try . . . The other photo is of a sculpture on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk. The light has caught it just right. I took this one at Easter. hope you like them....
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