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artist: MyndsEye
title: SON OF A GUN
A high energy tune styled in the early 50's era with a Jerry Lee Lewis/Chubby Checker/Little Richard kind of f
Fun tune made at rehearsal one day.
artist: Haven (USA)
When you get this song, you are directly helping Military families who have been affected by the wars in Iraq
A #1 hit! Lyrics by Jay Dyall, Music written & performed by American Lesley Jane. Performed in a Frankie Valli
She was late getting home one night. Darrel Taylor--Drums; John Pfeifer-- guitar (Author of "Diminished Arp
artist: The Tools
title: Necro Doll
A Halloween love song
She gave up the ghost and left town, then I found out the ghost was me. I died you know. I did. Came back. Not
title: Bells
'64 ES-345 played on small amps, In order - Gibson Skylark, Supro Super, Gibson BR-9-,Alamo Model 3, Univox U-
artist: Paul Cipro
It's a very simple matter...
artist: Lee Brooks
title: body rockin
This is an original 1950's style Rock n Roll tune I composed.
artist: Kyle's clips
An A/B comparison of a Lollar Standard neck position P-90 and a Kinman P-90Hx neck position.
artist: Chris Fewell
An ass kicking stoner metal track that is both catchy and delicious!
artist: Gregg Koval
A fun song about driving.
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Gregg Koval
Rock n Roll
"Get Out"
Fun rock songs. Sometimes funny too.
richi.h.artist throughout the seventies: Richi.h. plays music already since his youth and was in different bands as a guitarist or as a singer.He had appearances in discos and youth clubs and much fun.Unfortunately,the ways of different people divided and last end alone with his music he stayed so.In the past,he has music more played has a music style of one's own developed in the course of the time so.Has works Richi.h.with different styles and his music aren't so simply to put in order genres.But it moves mainly in the area Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Songwriter.There are 12 CDs at time and 4 music video DVD...
Do your best in all things: and you will never be sorry, or disappointed. Always doing your best means you can be proud of the results. Jesus always showed His best. He turned jars of water into the best wine. He spurred people to do their best. He encouraged others. He was patient and kind, loving to all. As Christians, nothing is more gratifying than striving to be more and more like Jesus, the ultimate example of love. Thank You, God, for sending Jesus to die for us all....
About Bill Ely Band: Brand new song up and like most BEB songs they begin as full band recorded live to a alesis hd24 and then other tracks may be added. This tune "When We Were Dating was recorded this way and mixed live through a mackie24/8 board directly to the hard drive, no fake beats, no effects, no compression!!!! Only the board EQ was used, what you get is a very live sounding recording, kinda harsh, but very clean at the same time an in you face kick ass tune!!!
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