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artist: Paul Cipro
It's a very simple matter...
Fun tune made at rehearsal one day.
artist: Lee Brooks
title: body rockin
This is an original 1950's style Rock n Roll tune I composed.
artist: RS Cain
If the corset fits, wear it!
artist: Beaten Path
title: Unkind
Steph goes Rock!!!!
artist: MyndsEye
title: SON OF A GUN
A high energy tune styled in the early 50's era with a Jerry Lee Lewis/Chubby Checker/Little Richard kind of f
Made with SonarX1, (DimentionPro & Z3TA)
title: I Want You
Rock love song. This song is written by Frank Dicker. Visit Frank's website for more great music at http://www
artist: Kate Cassidy
Recorded live 2005 in Offenbach/Germany (Wiener Hof). Vocals: Kate Cassidy, Bass: Werner Wenzlitschke, Drums:
artist: The Tools
Updated version
Has been a #1 song Rock General All words & music: Lynn Carey Saylor. Producer: Skip Saylor By CD at Lynns
artist: Markus (KY)
Moody mid-tempo rock.
title: suck my cock
hot dogs, Roosters, and meat lolipops are the theme for this classic. At live show's has caused wild sluping t
artist: Chris Fewell
Mindless Self Indulgence meets Teen Spirit, meets Rage Against the Machine for a game of poker in which Chris
She was late getting home one night. Darrel Taylor--Drums; John Pfeifer-- guitar (Author of "Diminished Arp
artist: Brent Heath
A very trying time
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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Gregg Koval
Rock n Roll
"Get Out"
Fun rock songs. Sometimes funny too.
Casia-1 (lyricist)
Together We Can Make a Difference: A group of amateur multi-national musicians came together on-line to produce an original song and video to help raise funds for victims of the Haiti Earthquake on January 12, 2010. They come from Canada, Sweden, USA, France, Italy and Scotland. After 17 days of recording and exchanging files on-line through their virtual studio they would like to share their video song "Bleeding Hearts" with you. We hope this video will help remember those whose lives have been dramatically changed forever. Casia - Author (lyric) - Ottawa, Canada Bjorn Pehr...
Testament (the band)
The Best Concert Ever....: A few years ago, I went to a Johnny Winter concert at the Columbia Blues Festival. I got there early, and worked my way to within 10 feet of center stage (first row, but off stage right a bit). His band was warming up the crowd. I quick survey of the stage revealed the should be famous ladderback kitchen chair that Johnny sits on during the concert. It was in full spotlight, but empty.... kind of waiting for something if you know what I mean. I focused on the empty chair, and felt the anticipation build. A few minutes later, I saw two younger men helping a very old and frail man up the...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
All the video game systems I own.: Currently, I own 5 video game machines. With my recent purchase of an Xbox 360 Arcade Kit for $199 at Fry's Electronics. Here's the list of video games and game systems I own. Sony PlayStation 2 - I had another one, the original version of the PlayStation 2 which me and my brother got for Christmas 2002 at EB Games, which is now GameStop. It didn't officially belong to me, but I got my own PlayStation 2 three years ago on Black Friday at Best Buy for $129. Which was the slim redesigned version of the video game machine. I currently own 15 games for the PS2. Counting the PSone games I owned...
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