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Fun tune made at rehearsal one day.
artist: Paul Cipro
It's a very simple matter...
artist: Chris Fewell
An ass kicking stoner metal track that is both catchy and delicious!
artist: Lee Brooks
title: body rockin
This is an original 1950's style Rock n Roll tune I composed.
She was late getting home one night. Darrel Taylor--Drums; John Pfeifer-- guitar (Author of "Diminished Arp
artist: Haven (USA)
When you get this song, you are directly helping Military families who have been affected by the wars in Iraq
Blues influenced Rock music, in the tradition of Tom Petty. A portrait of life in Hollywood about inner truth
artist: Kyle's clips
An A/B comparison of a Lollar Standard neck position P-90 and a Kinman P-90Hx neck position.
artist: Beaten Path
title: Unkind
Steph goes Rock!!!!
artist: Seph
all instruments by seph de montreal
artist: Aaron Streng
title: Fate
Fate/Rock/Aaron Streng
Has been a #1 song Rock General All words & music: Lynn Carey Saylor. Producer: Skip Saylor By CD at Lynns
artist: Forever Neo
title: By Your Side
This is the story of the courtship between my wife and I. We met over the internet and for a long time our rel
artist: RS Cain
If the corset fits, wear it!
A song recorded for Woodstock's 40th anniversary. Kristy Ann Smith: Piano Jude Law AKA Ekaterina: Harmonies Ku
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Gregg Koval
Rock n Roll
"Get Out"
Fun rock songs. Sometimes funny too.
Taiwanese Guitar Man
Rebranding of Patrick Lew's Band.: List of potential new band names for the Patrick Lew Band. What should I rename my one man rock band Patrick Lew's Band as name wise? - Riot 92 (4 votes) - Chaos in Chinatown (1 vote) - Rock 4 Chinatown - Your Audio 2 Riot - Keep it the "Patrick Lew Band" (1 vote) Hmm. I am letting all of you do the poll for the potential rebranding. Thanks!
Engineering tip of the week: To provide clarity, use the low cut filter during the recording process. Apply it on the input strip and/or mic to remove muddy frequencies from vocals and instruments like guitars, keys, horns.
You could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear my crown of sh** On my liar's chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair ~Nine Inch Nails~
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