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Matthew Scott--Synthesizers, drums, bass; John Pfeifer--Vocal, electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, music/ly
artist: Cosmos II
Ponderings about where the universe came from
artist: 70x7
A light-hearted and fun folk rock song about John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus Christ, based on the bo
artist: Hobbyhorse
A gently uplifting song about seeing something that has been there, that you have never really noticed before.
artist: 4Ever Erin
Late 1950's, early 1960's often used 4 chord type of progression.. This song recorded and performed by countl
Another acoustic folk song that has gone rock. Featuring Moe Decker on Vocals and Lead Guitar. Written by Lar
Lyric by Nathan Baker (Greybeard)
artist: Mike Buchman
title: Roots
Immigration/assimiliation/search for identity in stories long gone
artist: Spiral Dance
title: Voodoo Bayou
A live recording of a song first released on 'The Quickening'
artist: nedped
Fantastical musings about the big picture
artist: Bellegante
A Little Food For Thought..... New Strat...
An acoustic track with some excellent guitar work by you know who...
artist: CC Ward
The Rose Island Band plays a song by lead singer Jen Logan.
artist: Drumnjon
Nyssa , Your lead vocals and Lyrics are amazing here, ALONG WITH YOUR GUITAR PLAYING!! Melancholysoulgirl, lov
One more for the road
#2 on's Nu Jazz Charts. What about a "minstral" song? Why, here's one now.
title: Clear As Day
An Acoustic Folk/Rock song ** All about the music and the highs and lows of creating it**
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Paper Rock Scissors
Folk Rock
"But No One Sees Them"
A blend of traditional roots music folk blues and rock. The new album Places is inspired by the groups travels around the world.
Lex Zaleta
Folk Rock
"This Cup 2010"
Senseless: I talk when my mouth is taped I sleep when I'm eating I catch the air so I can breath Leave me hanging, doesn't even kill me. I stood up so I can't be notice I write down my thoughts on the ground I whisper loudly so no one could hear Crying throughout the night, doesn't even work at all. I was killed by an ant I was bitten by a butterfly Poisoned with distilled water Yet still, nothing makes me more miserable I don't understand why I should be worried About you walking out that door It is so senseless Because the door was locked outside I know I'm crazy But you can't ...
Ambient Electronica Podcast with Enigma & Paul Schwartz: Our latest podcast Ambient Electronica Sanctuary is available now on iTunes iTunes Podcast Free Take sanctuary in an oasis of soothing relaxing rhythmic melodic ambient new age electronica music featuring ambient artists Paul Schwartz, Enigma, Stuart Mitchell & more from Radio Free Tunes. Podcast Episode 1 Playlist Kit Watkins - Phoebus Dream Stuart Mitchell - Gliese 777 Ab Paul Schwartz - Agnus Dei Enigma - Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix) Ambientt Electronica Sanctuary Introduction Paul Schwartz - Somnium Kit Watkins - Moon Watching Me Joaquin Taboada - Lluvia ...
Making music the easy way: How many times have you tried creating a new song and run out of ideas? Writer's block? How many times have you started recording your songs and wished you had access to professional musicians without paying the high prices that come with the package? How many times did you wish you could play a certain instrument so you could add that extra oomph to one of your songs? Well, no need to fret. Unless you're a guitar player. LOL Now there is a way to overcome all of the above situations easily. How? Well, just hop on over to my new music blog and follow the links in the first entry on the pag...
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