*HIT* .:: Drank In Me ::. (Houston Sh**)
Dirty South
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artist: Dave Berry
title: Coming Storm
A sort of Neil Young type rocker about getting out of the way sometimes.
title: Scar Tissue
I REFUSE to let this this song die!
artist: Wango
My mood the other day
artist: Tritanium
Song about U.S. troops going back to Iraq. Planning on re-doing the vocals.
title: BugEyed Girl
a kinky fetish you never thought of before!
This is a 2nd version of the original. Vocals/Music by The Dwaas Band, Dawn O'Connell, Melody- Lyrics- Kimberl
title: Metal Mood
Just a jam in Garage Band
It is what it says it is.
song is dedicated to Bush...just my thoughts on him all music played by Rick C a.k.a ghost
Started working on this one again, was never happy with the Bass guitar. Was able to borrow a Rickenbaker 4001
artist: arellSpencer
Rock tribute to my better half
artist: I-GaS
It talks about life... Reality or illusion created by someone else? Maybe the media?
artist: buskermania
title: drum attics
1980's...well...it's plainly not a real song, but they (Soundclick) tell me I have to upload something to acti
The Remix About the current race to the White House
I originally recorded this song with The Soul Brothers of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This represents a
artist: dogbite
my garage band
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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*HIT* .:: Drank In Me ::. (Houston Sh**)
Dirty South
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Garage Rock
"GARBAGE MAN (1993)"
In 1991,13 yrs before becoming the Gangsta Rabbi,Steve Lieberman put out 38cassetes of raw hardcore, using only bass,vocal&beats.Here is some of it
Audio Rage Symphony (Part 3): They shopped at a variety of music stores looking for musical and studio recording GEAR and equipment to purchase to create that sound. When the rest of Patrick's bandmates didn't feel it was appropriate for the MUSIC. Patrick was consulted by Zack that if a ROCK BAND has a democracy. the musicians shouldn't spend TIME giving him Electronic Dramas (the glossary to describe ONE musician feeling isolated with his bandmates playing musical instruments in his Garage Band) which those stories and blogs were widely circulated on Band of Asians/Audio Rage music pages and the newspapers. After a show ...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
One-man bands are still awesome, haters!: Who says one-man bands and solo musicians aren't fashionable? That's bull sh** , because with today's technology a single musician can use a laptop and multi-task guitars and stuff to make a one-man band sound awesome! Yeah playing in bands is cool too. But ya can do a lot of sh** as a one-man band too nowadays. As a musician, doing things alone is very easy in the studio considering technology nowadays. But however, you need a full band for live performances. A digital lineup of sounds and things would be too costly and time consuming to put together. One man bands work well if you doin...
Revolution 2008: Hey World, I got a new album coming with a new sound and better equipment..it should be finished by the end of this week..i've been working hard on it for some months now and i should give the world what they've been asking for................Yeah!
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