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artist: Wango
My mood the other day
artist: Craig Wolff
co-written with Mike Siegel; demo by Mike
title: Crazy
Party song. Good to listen to while drinking.
artist: Daniel Zink
micro phaser then Dirty Booty Germanium Overdrive then YATS (CJOD Lite) then Drunken Dragon (eternity clone) b
It is what it says it is.
song is dedicated to Bush...just my thoughts on him all music played by Rick C a.k.a ghost
artist: arellSpencer
Rock tribute to my better half
title: Sink Me Low
Dig Me Deep, Sink Me Low, Say Goodnight.
artist: buskermania
title: drum attics
1980''s plainly not a real song, but they (Soundclick) tell me I have to upload something to acti
artist: Jeremy Hall
my first attempt at a theme song for a local sports show. forgive the length, I wanted to give the customer th
The Remix About the current race to the White House
artist: Winged
much better version of a verry cool song...
artist: Wade Havens
title: Get Lost
A fun little rock song!
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Garage Rock
"GARBAGE MAN (1993)"
In 1991,13 yrs before becoming the Gangsta Rabbi,Steve Lieberman put out 38cassetes of raw hardcore, using only bass,vocal&beats.Here is some of it
eg music
Sphinx Tale in Top 10 on Symphonic chart: Thanks to all listeners, Sphinx Tale has entered the Top 10 on the Symphonic chart at SoundClick. It's my first symphonic upload to the classical charts. According to friends suggestions, the music sounds more like a movie soundtrack. Well, they have also advised that a bigger orchestra should perform it. I am really glad to hear such comments from our friend artists here. I think without their advice I could feel really lonely. Thanks a lot to every listener who gave their precious time for a serious listen....
IS there a GOD ?? Then Prove it : How often does this thought cross your mind, "INNER DEMONS" As science marches on it's looking more and more likely that Heaven is the creation of a fertile imagination so many years ago.
Hello: Im still not recording even though Im still writing songs here and there. Another thing is I am completely out of touch with whats on the charts, new singers, new bands and etc. I haven't been listening to the music channels on tv for around 3 or four years now and if I do hear something it seems I am not missing much these days anyway. So much music around that it seems to be saturated but that's the way it is with music these days thanks to the wonders of technology....
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