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title: Metal Mood
Just a jam in Garage Band
title: Del Solo
Fast moving with an abrupt ending
title: Photogenic
artist: Shadestream
Fun Garage Rock
This song can be heard on 35,000 TouchTunes digital jukebxes and will also be on Rowe and Rock-Ola.
artist: T Reed Band
title: MySpace Page
Wanted an unusual way to welcome people to my MySpace page.
The Remix About the current race to the White House
artist: Wade Havens
title: Get Lost
A fun little rock song!
Feat. Bishop Jay-Tee (rap verse) Free promo song from our soon to be release CD 'Out of Control' hear samples
artist: dogbite
my garage band
artist: Renee Walker
title: Disarray
I guess, I was pretty pissed off.
A #1 Beatles-influenced Brit Pop Song Performed By Jay Dyall and BEATLESEX.
A hypothetical situation in which a group of raging zombies randomly take over a music store, find some instru
A romantic love song...a change is as good as a holiday, they say.
artist: Jim Saco
title: Hear Me Now
Sixties garage rock masterpiece, complete with electric clavinet, played through distortion box and wah wah pe
artist: The Beatless
title: WonderCum
Do you feel 'ill at ease' because you can't 'splash it out like those guys in the videos' that look 'so cool a
artist: Mad Mike Too
A song about Soundclick, for the contest.
artist: Allblues
A public domain prison song done in amplified style with me on vocals and amplified harmonica and Blues Tom on
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
--- Hook by ALICIA RENEE --- contact for hooks: - Buy the Hi-Quality version without Tags NOW! :::.... LEASE: $44.90 USD | PREMIUM: $64.90 USD | EXCLUSIVE: $999.90 USD ....::: Contact:
The TrendsetterZ
THE INTRO (Prod. by Kustom of The TrendsetterZ)
The Hottest HipHop Instrumentals Online. Period. New beats every 48 hours. - Mobile users visit to purchase.
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Garage Rock
"GARBAGE MAN (1993)"
In 1991,13 yrs before becoming the Gangsta Rabbi,Steve Lieberman put out 38cassetes of raw hardcore, using only bass,vocal&beats.Here is some of it
jeffrey michael miller
All About That !!: I'm all about expanding on the things I got Dating cover girls and models that are scorching hot I'm all about the quest to be at number one And you can rest assured I'm all about that son I'm all about my plans to get me far ahead Working hours late at night while you're asleep in bed Looking over all the blueprints of the things you did And you can rest assured I'm all about that kid I'm all about the good life and the luxory Leaving everyone behind that never cared for me I'm fresher than the freshness of the morning dew And you can rest assured I'm all about that boo I'm ...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
I just played my first gig in public in 2 years!: I just played my first gig in 2 years. A surprise! I was a little late at finding out at CSUEB about an Open Mic Event inside the library around 5pm last night. I figured, my music is getting somewhere after 9 years of being the Underrated Sound Machine making this Sleaze Rock music. I also noticed I haven't played a gig since October 2007 when a member of Band of Asians, which was almost 2 years ago since I last stepped foot onstage to play my material in public. So I finished all my Sociology courses at University around 2:40pm and went to CSUEB's Excel Department, which is the educati...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
How to get a 1992 rock sound in your recordings. Thanks Delta!: I just posted a topic in the SoundClick recording music forum about something I've been curious to know about as I love most music from the year 1992. Big thanks and credit to Delta on for helping me out on this RECORDING TIP! You have a few options. There's two flavors 92 comes in when it comes to rock, you can either be dirty (grunge) or you can be more poppy and clean. In either way, I'd imagine you now how to properly distort your guitars so we'll shy away from that and talk techniques. In '92, we're talking lots of tape, and 24 tracks to get it all done (for the most...
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