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artist: The Bedbugs
Outstanding Progressive Rock - Rush/Floyd influenced. The Amazing Andy Rake on guitar.
artist: spinaceto
Composed & Performed by Spinaceto. Submission for the Halloween CBC-Challenge October 2013
artist: Kossek-BR
title: Willows
Just out there....
title: Ask Myself
Late spring 2012 offering from Distant Towers. A toe-tappin rocker!
artist: Iron Will
The first and ONLY time we did this, (yes, I winged it.) A live, direct-to-two-track recording. Guitar, drums
artist: Schmaltz
title: Yea Right
Odd little instrumental with some spoken word.Demonstrates some amount of compositional & instrumental complex
Crooked Smile (Radio Edit) by Summer of Samantha. Recorded and Produced by Nick Ryan
Greeting Death with a smile and a positive attitude
artist: Bob Holzner
Massive guitars, multi-layers of keyboards, and lead drums abound in this multi-timing progressive rock song.
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Progressive Rock
"The Force Of Gravity"
OA is a progressive rock band fusing elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic, classical, blues, jazz and industrial to form a unique sound.
Progressive Rock
Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
Progressive Rock
"House of Cards"
Brand new track. Mellotrondriven prog rock with lots of acoustic elements. If you liked our "Boys in the Sandbox", you'll have to check this one out.
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Untitled Jam Band: Audio Rage. Grunge Punks 66! Musicians in community college at City College and pursuing a music college education because we are musicians in a Garage Band playing PUNK music. I haven't gotten my college diploma yet, and I go to City College and CSU East Bay college/university where I take this music sh** seriously. I know some friends and peeps at school who are musicians and play the electric guitar, but I want to do music outside my solo project and one man band Band of Asians. Music that is FUN to play with musician friends in a Garage Band of brothers and sisters. Keeping music PURE th...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Metal > Punk: When I was in high school and college, I always got along better with metalheads than I did with punk rockers. There were some punks who called me a poser just because I listened to bands like Blink 182 and I was into blonde chicks. I didn't care if they were punk or not, as long as I liked the music. When it came to me and the metalheads, I never was given sh** just because I loved the band Tesla. As far as punk and metal goes, I can relate more to metal....
jeffrey michael miller
The Recipe For Life !!: I asked God for ingredients to end all human strife And he wrote down these words he called the recipe for life He said sprinkle on humility A pinch of prayer and praise Stir in some compassion Filled with good and righteous ways A teaspoon filled with faithfulness Some guidance from above A tablespoon of tenderness A cup that's filled with love He said mix it all together for the benefit of man And pass in on to others just as often as you can Go tell it to the husband and go tell it to the wife Share with them the message of the recipe for life I asked God for ingredien...
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