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artist: Nessus
title: Trollicorn
Just a great space jam for listening. some changes and turnarounds and great tones dialed up.
title: Manifesto
Hard hitting rock symphonica.
artist: The Smivets
title: This Blood
Prog rock with a hard edge. Is it OK to wear a bullet belt with a cape?
The war is over? Cartoon Network announcing that the FusionFall game service has ended.
artist: Sam Crain
a groove with organ, guitarz and percussion. hope you like it.
artist: rockcycle
title: Magic Moment
No hockey today-Prog Rock jam instead
artist: Vancouverois
title: Echoesy
A floydish collab based on Echoes
title: The Ride
just a fun crusin' song
artist: Ray Gilman
Written, Produced, and Performed by Ray Gilman. Copyright 2009. BMI
artist: Progtronic
title: Limits
From the album: Progtronic - Reason Demo's
This is my twelfth song from FAWM 2009. Finally I got back to my home base, soul jazz backed up by a Hammond
artist: Jon Solo
title: Pride
Pride comes before a fall..
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Studio B Artists
Progressive Rock
"Deadlocked 1/2 (full version)"
Progressive rock studio group fusing elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic, classical, blues, jazz and industrial to form a unique sound.
Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
decaying orbit
Store, Collaborations, Recording...: Decaying Orbit's full catalog is now available here on SoundClick at our Store. The catalog includes the 'Lunatics In The Morgue'(ep) as well as 'Born To Decay' & 'Noizez From The Morgue' our first two full length releases. Decaying Orbit also recently teamed up with Nandoo and have released two collaboratory songs from his HorrorCore collection"Torched Souls" & "The Nightmare Before Dawn", drop by and check 'em out on our band page, drop us a line & let us know what you think. Mike Ash is now back in the studio to record the follow up to his album 'The Heart Of Mara is Distraction'(20...
p.o.p.ular music : guess what i got another controversial opinion. what is art? why is the mona lisa better art than dogs shooting pool. Popular Opinion. what is the difference between a hit tune and one that never makes it into the top thousand. Opinion. in the case of the paintings somebody put up his work at someones gallery and a bunch of other artists came in and decided that they liked it or they did'nt. and the fate of the art is sealed. one way or the other. same with music! some producer some where listens to new music looking for a good investments he will say wow that sound is perfectly salable and ...
eg music
Best Company: This time at SoundClick I feel much happier, I admit my visits are not as regular as should be. Not going to talk about any of my works, I am simply happy because I had more friends here, most of them are artists & to me they are human treasures. I just imagined if it is at all possible that these lovely people could gather in one place in real life. I think it will be one of the most precious human gathering on earth. Thanks to each friend who made me happy by accepting or requesting friendship. Best wishes to all of you....
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