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artist: Paul Nery
title: Bright Cloud
This track was #1 at the New Age charts for some months.
Rocker with a some catchy mood and tonal variations. The lyrics are partly personal and partly global.
Prog. rock piece in the spirit of old Yes/Genesis with acoustic and orchestra middle section and a metal touch
The predator is not successful for being heartless, but rather because it knows the yearnings of the heart.
artist: QOQUAQ
title: Long Gone
This is the one to hear.
artist: Pygmy Beat
A little bit of the overcoat brigade before the shoegazers took on the anorak. Solo by Gerry Steele, drums by
artist: Backwedge
A mix which is a tribute to all the great Prog-rock bands...
artist: GINBOW
title: live music
Concert live a rouen, ms pas de chant (no songs)
Christian Progressive Rock inspired by the story of the pool of Bethesda and the healing power of Jesus!
recorded at the freakeasy, norwich 24.09.05
artist: Oestrogenix
We are going to redo this one, but as it has sat on my computer gavering dust and electrons I thought I better
Me on guitars and drums. A few flaws here and there.
artist: Austn
title: I Believe
non genre song Xpressing what I think we need 2 believe N...???
artist: Moonlit Rain
18th.September,1970. The day we lost an amazing talent, and were cheated of treasures that we'll never know.
artist: Mad Habit
title: Stranded
Stranded was Hard Rock "Track of the Day" on in November, 2003.
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Classic Rock
"The Sky"
The Stealth Mosquitoes
Surf Rock
"Crystal 7X"
Tasmanian rock band blending a range of styles making dynamic music influenced by the space and ambience of Tasmania.Check out our music, some cool photo's, and if you're in Tasmania come for a surf with Mike and Steve.
Rick Gross
Christian Rock
"It's Gonna Rain"
Rick Gross,, inc., all rights reserved "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40.3
Paper Rock Scissors
Folk Rock
"But No One Sees Them"
A blend of traditional roots music folk blues and rock. The new album Places is inspired by the groups travels around the world.
Lex Zaleta
Folk Rock
"This Cup 2010"
MrSampson Integration: A little more of the ol' computer elbow grease, and I've gotten some integration into this and the RACK websites going. From now on, when you want to check out how to get a gig, there will be a Map24 box next to the address to help you plan your route.I've still got a little work to do on the layout, but I wanted to get this feature in as soon as possible, because a few gigs are starting to come up that may involve a little driving.Of course, the Sambinha website will be next!Check it out
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    eg music
    Best Company: This time at SoundClick I feel much happier, I admit my visits are not as regular as should be. Not going to talk about any of my works, I am simply happy because I had more friends here, most of them are artists & to me they are human treasures. I just imagined if it is at all possible that these lovely people could gather in one place in real life. I think it will be one of the most precious human gathering on earth. Thanks to each friend who made me happy by accepting or requesting friendship. Best wishes to all of you....
    Taiwanese Guitar Man
    Me and Faith are breaking up. :(: Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be okay. I know me and Faith broke up tonight, but I am hoping something will work out for me eventually. I known Faith for 6 1/2 years, and now she is leaving me because of a stupid mistake I made a year ago which she just found out. And she won't take me back either. But it's official. Me and Faith are not together anymore. I'm gonna stay single and wait for everything to heal. Me and Faith were together on and off like a switch for 6 1/2 years, and there was a lot of sh** that went on since then. But she given up on me and is now acting ver...
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