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artist: Bodders
Heres my GCSE coursework piece that I recorded with my m8's uncle Chris
artist: Steelwind
She promised to never leave me, but now she has. I don't want a new lover.
Ever had someone tell you what to do when you don't want to hear it...You want to hear this. Bombarding beats
title: The March
First track off the FretDance album
artist: Deniltre
title: Catch
Our song 'Catch', not yet recorded with vocals, but here's a small taster of what's to come. Very poor quality
artist: Xoo
Mid-80's Hawkwind meets early 70's Genesis round at Arthur Brown's place. With a children's picture book.
artist: Moonlit Rain
18th.September,1970. The day we lost an amazing talent, and were cheated of treasures that we'll never know.
artist: Jellyman
The Great Eclipse - early studio version
artist: Open Source
Spectral Mondaymornings, hommage to the music of Steve Hackett and Genesis.
artist: Zona Franca
Our most known song, taken from the original vinyl single.Music: Paul Nery. Lyrics: Paul Nery/Leo Zilli/W.Cala
artist: Jay Alaniz
title: Que Sera
This is an alternate arrangement of Que Sera.. Progressive
Incredible musicianship/ vocals in true Images of Eden style.
artist: B C (2)
Expanding my mind for the price of my soul...
artist: AUTOMOD
title: how far down
working on a better master....will be up soon
artist: Pagasys
Written for the CD "the war in our backyard" being released October 27,2004 to benefit victims of domestic vio
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The Unbeatables
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Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
Progressive Rock
"House of Cards"
Brand new track. Mellotrondriven prog rock with lots of acoustic elements. If you liked our "Boys in the Sandbox", you'll have to check this one out.
Progressive Rock
Casia-1 (lyricist)
Casia's Song Selected For Webisode "The Extent": Casia's music collaboration "Mysterious" has been selected for use on a webisode called "The Extent", a new dramatic mystery series written and directed by Jason Nassr. You can watch a youtube trailer here: The series began August 5, 2009, and will continue for three seasons with 15 episodes per season. It is being promoted as a cross between "Lost" and "War of the Worlds". It is currently available for free download from Youtube. A DVD/Bluray edition will be available for purchase at a later date. The producers are currently w...
Casia-1 (lyricist)
CASIA-Lyricist - 2nd Place Winner in Lyric Contest: Hi Everyone. I'm just letting you know that I've won Second Place in the Muse's lyric contest for the month of May for my lyric "Another Day In Taipei". This song is available for collaboration. Male Artist. Another Day in Taipei (Snake Alley Market – a real place) (Intro) I’ve just met the girl of my dreams Selling knock-off designer jeans In Snake Alley Market (Ch) It’s just another day…Another day in Taipei It’s just another day…In Snake Alley Market (v1) The buzzing starts when the sun goes down She’s holdin’ my hand; showin’ me around Long black hair and a lovely s...
So many times in life we go about our way just hoping that someday you will find someone who truely loves you like no one else and who needs you in their life just as much as you need them in yours. I'm veery lucky to have my wonderful fiance and im proud to say i am very blessed in life. I may not have much, but Ken is all i need and the rest we can get through together along the way!!
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