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title: R.I.P.
Four years in the making, this song .... MIGHT finally be done. There are many differences from the original,
artist: Corey Acord
title: Spiral Sea
Prog Metal Epic
artist: Shep730
title: Mk IV rhy 2
My fender stratocaster into my mk IV on rhy2..EVM 200watt 1x12 mesa cab
artist: Eisis (SP)
Godin Nylon Guitar + Axe-FX. This is just to show how a Nylon Guitar sounds through the Axe-FX. (Fender Blues
artist: ORION nj
title: Lawmaker
HEAVY, this one was featured in a radio program called Spotlight 107 on the old WRNW station and was a big cro
title: Not Alone
'NOT ALONE' is receiving airplay from KTU-radio and is also being played on 500 radio stations around the USA.
artist: Big AL (US)
title: Evil
Song in progress
!st mix. A part of the Tunacock saga.
artist: Seldzar
The result of an evening in a small room with alcohol and good times.
'I'd rather change than have things stay the same...'
Arranged and produced by Jimmy Cempron | Performed by The Jaycees
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Gregg Koval
Rock :: Rock n Roll
A cute story about moving into a haunted house. Perfect for Hallowe'en.
The TrendsetterZ
*New* - 7-UP (Digital Beatz of TTZ)
Beats General
2 Leases for $34.95 || 3 for $39.95 || 5 for $49.95 | MOBILE USERS visit to purchase!! || Contact Number: 702.727.1178
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Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
Progressive Rock
"Into Oblivion"
OA is a progressive rock band fusing elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic, classical, blues, jazz and industrial to form a unique sound.
Progressive Rock
"Fading To Black"
Written, recorded July 14,2014
Progressive Rock
"St. Job's Orphanage Bedtime Prayer"
Signature track of the band, and one of the most often downloaded Prog Rock songs on Soundclick.
Patrick Lew - Then and Now (Part 2): Sometime around 2002, Silent Minister played the "Battle of the Bands" music tournament of local bands and musicians competing to WIN the grand prize of $25,000, new musical gear, FREE time in a local recording studio to create their music and resources by record companies to get discovered. The situation became a little bit sticky as Silent Minister played music for that live event onstage for roughly 15 minutes by just improvising random SOUNDS on their musical instruments, and a friend brought a Walgreens tape recorder to bootleg their concert and their sloppy live musical performance at "B...
Moon: Oh moon who's circles the earth Holding her gently and ready to serve Keeping time for life and the tides Like a true friend she can light up a night How many people before me, gaze upon the same moon Helping their dreams and creating the mood Ellipses, eclipes, crops raised and earth quakes She takes us for a ride on these tectonic plates Creating new lands and pushing them high We should be thankful for our friend, the moon in the sky J Nastie Sea City Dolls....
Wed morning: The Lord has sent a little more rain- THANK YOU!! I have another song that's almost ready to be posted. His goodness just keeps showing me that following Him is the way to go! Keep the faith and trust that He knows more than I do! LOL!!!
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