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artist: Cryterion
An explosive instrumental theme with softer melodic verses, blended together with a driving latin beat. For th
'Avatar' song I wrote about the recording industry.William Anderson vox, Jimmy Shields keys,backing vox, Vic D
artist: Paul Nery
title: Bright Cloud
This track was #1 at the New Age charts for some months.
My current favorite. Rocker with a some catchy mood and tonal variations. The lyrics are partly personal and p
artist: Drumnjon
A March CBC Celtic Challenge - A Collaboration Between Carlo D'Anna and Drumnjon..... highest in charts: #
Bill Of Anubis Spire Meets Jerry of Electric Shadow and....Bang Anubis To Zero is here!
Guitar driven passage....into the Madness we view each and every day. Les Paul hooked up to The Boss Gt 6 proc
artist: Austn
title: I Believe
non genre song Xpressing what I think we need 2 believe N...???
artist: IN LIMBO
From Interstices 2013 LP
artist: Nessus
title: song5
Mellow spacey instrumental. Use a lot of volume tricks on the guitar.
artist: OA
Old school metal with progressive elements. Geoff Blair (guitars/keys/prog.), Luke James (bass guitars)
artist: Tim Sanders
Dark and Hard Progressive Rock
artist: Glennbo
title: Family
(Glennbo-Instruments)(Polymod-Keyboards)(Joey Who???-Guitar)
title: Openly
#1 on's Free Jazz & #4 on J-Pop Charts. The rock sequel to my earlier "chior boy" version on Op
Greeting Death with a smile and a positive attitude
Track 1 from "Road To Who Knows Where", released 10/02. Progressive/Pop/Rock/Vocals. Play on words
title: Riddles
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Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Progressive Rock
"The Force Of Gravity"
OA is a progressive rock band fusing elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic, classical, blues, jazz and industrial to form a unique sound.
Progressive Rock
Progressive Rock
"House of Cards"
Brand new track. Mellotrondriven prog rock with lots of acoustic elements. If you liked our "Boys in the Sandbox", you'll have to check this one out.
Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
I don't see why people won't put their music online.: The Internet and YouTube are great ways to get a band or artist out there and to connect with an audience. Without it, no one would even have heard any band that's struggling in bars or hearing actual music by anyone. I don't like how Prince is being so anal about getting his music online. He doesn't want his videos and songs on YouTube, doesn't want to sell his albums on iTunes, etc etc. I love Prince, but he is being so anal about the Internet when it comes to his music that he's not willing to adapt to new ways to get heard. Before we had MTV and radio when it came to getting ourselves ...
Pray at all times, for all things, and you may be amazed!: We just had an incident with our septic. It needed to be pumped, and we didn't have the money for it. It happened to be mentioned by our pastor, on Sun, that we were having problems. Friends came and said they wanted to help us. We helped them a couple of years ago, when they needed it, and they wanted to repay the favor. They don't know it, but they gave us twice what it cost to get the septic pumped, and we were able to go get some much needed groceries, too. The septic tank also needed a part, and all of it was paid for by these friends. God knew that I needed to have my faith in goo...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Patrick Lew's bio.: Born: November 15, 1985 Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese Birthplace: San Francisco, California (billed from Taipei, Taiwan) Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Vocals Hobbies: Writing music, watching TV and movies, sightseeing, education, spending time with his girlfriend Faith and friends. Patrick started playing guitar and attempting to write his own songs at 13 years of age and grew up in San Francisco, California. His musical influences are Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, The White Stripes, Tesla, AFI, The Faces, and Green...
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