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artist: Frank Axtell
title: Hey You
2007 Lyrics and Music by FrankAxtell All Rights Reserved.
With headphones, you can gauge how big & empty the inside of your head is. Matthew Scott -- Organ, synthesize
I've always been a big Genesis fan, from the Gabriel era and beyond. The OASYS combination used on this one r
title: DATUM
Facts are merely little words, derived by some corroboration. (queue the tribal war drums and biichhin' ani
artist: Bellegante
title: Make A Play
What's going on around us all, Time to stick together and Make a Play.
harmonic and wide, still a bit rockin', universal vibration bazed, more menthally.. nothing mortal in subconsc
artist: Eddy Lemaire
title: Allons
Song for Earth, People, wich are living in Chaos and Surrealistic Universe. Inspirated by ecology and science.
artist: Ehsan Imani
A Top 10 song in the SoundClick 10 years celebrating contest
This is my entry into the Cubase remix song contest (final version). I
artist: Deny
fresh ideas from a young mind...
The war is over? Cartoon Network announcing that the FusionFall game service has ended.
title: Cold
Rough Mix. Still a work in progress.
artist: Bulb
title: Legatta
Song for a rock project im working on
artist: GINBOW
title: live music
Concert live a rouen, ms pas de chant (no songs)
artist: Oestrogenix
We are going to redo this one, but as it has sat on my computer gavering dust and electrons I thought I better
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain. Vivian Greene
A song that tells its own story...
artist: Nick Snaden
Classic rock song built around a simple piano riff, building up to a loud crescendo at the end.
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Instrumentals :: Classical
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Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
Progressive Rock
"The Chimera"
OA is a progressive rock band fusing elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic, classical, blues, jazz and industrial to form a unique sound.
Progressive Rock
"St. Patrick's Day"
Brandnew track. Fast celtic rock incl. acoustic and electric arrangements. Check it out and tell us what you think.
Back again: I'll be uploading some more tracks. I also want to thank those who have listen to my songs and i hope you enjoyed them and again thanks for your support. After checking out the talent young and old on Soundclick it gives you a good feeling to be involved. Thanks again and all the best to Everyone
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
PLB Studio Sessions Archives : PLB Studio Archives Blog: Around 2005/06, I was in the studio initially composing a really weird avant-garde track called "Atheist Girl." The title of the number came from someone's screen name I found on a website called back in the day. Initially, the track had weird disjointed lyrics and a Dubstep beat alongside ripping wall of guitars. I was supposed to slap the piece of music on the album "Revenge" with Band of Asians/PLB. However, I figured we had enough angry songs and people would totally misinterpret the track or even, get really offended by it. And the tapes for the piec...
maria daines
We met The Scary Guy Today!!!!!!!!: This man is amazing, he travels the world teaching human beings how to teach LOVE, please visit his website -
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