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Classical gone Progressive Rock! Special thanks to 'Vryc' for the drum solo, which, in and of itself, is wort
artist: Faunaserene
Jon did this pic and called it Painted Drums.....I thought he needed a pick me up so I created this track and
title: Pink Noise
Having some fun with the TriplePlay guitar synth in anticipation of Pink Floyds new album 'The Endless River'
Rocker with a some catchy mood and tonal variations. The lyrics are partly personal and partly global.
title: Openly
#1 on's Free Jazz & #4 on J-Pop Charts. The rock sequel to my earlier "chior boy" version on Op
Bill Of Anubis Spire Meets Jerry of Electric Shadow and....Bang Anubis To Zero is here!
A song entirely written, arranged, and performed by !hype
title: DATUM
Facts are merely little words, derived by some corroboration. (queue the tribal war drums and biichhin' ani
artist: Ehsan Imani
A Top 10 song in the SoundClick 10 years celebrating contest
artist: Frank Axtell
title: Hey You
2007 Lyrics and Music by FrankAxtell All Rights Reserved.
Guitar driven passage....into the Madness we view each and every day. Les Paul hooked up to The Boss Gt 6 proc
instrumental, Progressive, rock, soundscape, rock, fusion, psychedelic rock, indie, original, strong, brave, p
title: Homo Sum
Not exactly another boy meets girl song... 6/4 verses sung in Latin alternating with 10/4 guitar soloes for ch
From the CD entitled 'Glenn Palmer Howard And Friends'. Billy Greer of 'Kansas' and 'Seventh Key' lends his vo
artist: Deny
fresh ideas from a young mind...
Dedicated to the memory of Daddy Cliff, a father to many young hippie and musician and to Granny. The happenin
artist: Oestrogenix
We are going to redo this one, but as it has sat on my computer gavering dust and electrons I thought I better
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Progressive Rock
"Fading To Black"
Written, recorded July 14,2014
Progressive Rock
"Into Oblivion"
OA is a progressive rock band fusing elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic, classical, blues, jazz and industrial to form a unique sound.
Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
Progressive Rock
"St. Job's Orphanage Bedtime Prayer"
Signature track of the band, and one of the most often downloaded Prog Rock songs on Soundclick.
Part 5: Bells and Wistles, more to do's, the end..?: Ok, so now I have a great looking axe, that sounds awesome, and plays awesome. So what next? Well, I got a couple more tricks up my sleeve. Call me shallow, but I had to get rid of the "LTD" on the headstock. I know, given my basement rock star status, it's stupid. But, I've even received cross looks when I show up with my REAL ESP from so called 'professionals', with their Relic American strats, or their Old Stock Les Pauls...until I wipe the stage with their years of 'training', but lackluster feel and overall lack of effective practice. Showing up with their thousands of dollars gear,...
Good Tues morning all you fantastic musicians out there! : This turned out to be a very cold morning here! It's in the single digits! Way too cold for me, so I am sitting here in front of the coal stove, keeping warm. Thankfully there is no nasty wind like we've had recently to whip the cold right out of the house. We had 2 days of over 50 degrees, and the snow was almost gone. Then, we got 5 to 6 more inches of snow and this cold. I guess winter isn't over yet. We actually saw bluebirds out there looking at bluebird houses the other day!!...
I Get it: I get it I Understand, why the land was so important . You could go there and rant and rave all you wanted. Now you come to taunt me. I'm so tired of your'e ***T! I get it. I know you get your'e jollies off upsetting me. See, since I have gotten of those prescriptions,ya think ya can give me lip about nothing and then get away with it. I get it. You think your'e ***T dont stink and all you are is a kink in my neck.heck,you thinkyou can threaten me with the cop shop. Why go there,I didn't pop you? I get it. How do I know your'e not out there having hops with your...
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