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title: PUPPY
mid-levelprog punk thrasher featuring lead bass/ but plenty of flutes,happy flutes,trombones and exotic/reache
artist: Doomtrain
The story of modern life !
Active, proactive and reactive.
Some thoughts on the holiday season.
artist: VMP (USA)
Astronomusic's Zozimo Rech and Adrianne Simioni lending their brilliance to one of our early tunes.
title: Impact
Tayfun Bilgin; Fretless Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Dr.Programming, Vocals, Lyrics and Music. Recorded at Hom
instrumental, Progressive, rock, soundscape, rock, fusion, psychedelic rock, indie, original, strong, brave, p
artist: Cryterion
An explosive instrumental theme with softer melodic verses, blended together with a driving latin beat. For th
artist: Vinny K
NEW VERSION of Happy As Sin off of The Trail album by Vinny K. This is the "rock song" version with drums, bas
artist: OA
Groove oriented hard rock with varying tempos. Geoff Blair (guitars/keys/drums), Luke James (bass guitars)
This is a gem written by Mitch Eales, based on the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".jazzy and atmospher
Rocker with a some catchy mood and tonal variations. The lyrics are partly personal and partly global.
artist: The Smivets
title: This Blood
Prog rock with a hard edge. Is it OK to wear a bullet belt with a cape?
A #1 song about a girl who restrains her love and built a wall around her heart to avoid the possible chance o
recorded at my home in Athens, GA '99
artist: Ron Gragg
Progressive Rock instrumental with an old scool heavy Rock feel.
artist: Metalrob4662
A Dedication to NASA I'm playing all instruments, some RUSH elements in the song
artist: Vazquez
title: Mo' Xmas
and Happy Heineken to all....
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Eternal Imaginarium
Instrumentals :: Rock
$19.99 for the non-exclusive Lease!! $34.99 for the non-exclusive Lease wave format!! $64.99 for the non-exclusive Premium Lease!! $399,99 for exclusive rights!!! Contact:
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Progressive Rock
"St. Job's Orphanage Bedtime Prayer"
Signature track of the band, and one of the most often downloaded Prog Rock songs on Soundclick.
Paul Nery
Progressive Rock
"Come Stay With Me"
Paul Nery won the Internet Online Music Awards (IOMA) 2006 as "Best InstrumentalSoundtrack" !
Progressive Rock
"Into Oblivion"
OA is a progressive rock band fusing elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic, classical, blues, jazz and industrial to form a unique sound.
Lighten the load: is what the Lord is telling me! Let it go- let go of it. We are having a church yard sale on Fri and Sat- and I have been hunting down stuff to send to it. All the proceeds will go to the building fund. So, I am thrilled to be letting go- but every time I think I am done- the Lord points out another place I haven't looked! Sure enough, I found stuff on the porch to donate! OK Lord, I am being obedient and getting rid of lots of stuff!! Thank You for helping me remember and giving me a heart to let go!!...
david a briggs
Back to Rhythm & Blues: Yep, I've come over all Rhythm & Blues again for a while. So here are a few 'new' tunes. Now I've got those off my chest, I can turn my mind to getting out of the sixties and try to do something with the great music that emerged from 1978 onwards. A pivotal starting point for a new beginning. So I've been listening to a bit of early XTC, and The Skids
Another day: Been looking around and I am amazed at the talent I find out there. Great sounds. I really do like that JamaGama band. I also been looking around and found an artist who's vocals are strong Marie Miller, great sounds.
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