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artist: Austn
title: TZR_XXX
Tune 'bout that 'Girl' we have set our eyes and druthers on...Is she a TZR or a pleaser???? we shall find out!
artist: Glen Bayless
A song about appearing perfectly "okay" on the outside, but, inside - being completely torn apart.
artist: Procks
feel the new Magic
title: We Are There
A Laid Back Beatlesque Slice of Organic Indie-Pop
artist: Burayidi
title: Victorious
Pop, HipHop, New, Platinum, R&B, Rap, General, Contemporary, Urban, Soul, Smooth, Funk, Funky
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy - Guitars, Wendy Haley - Vocals, Steve McCrum - Keyboards & Arrangement * Written by Wendy Haley, Do
artist: Ziggophon
title: What Is Love
Collab with Holger Luth
title: Vampire Days
cant sleep, cannot stay awake, i'm crawling into a coffin box
artist: Renee Walker
I actually, dreamt...yes, DREAMT this song. I was in like, a club in Florida with my BFF from New Jersey&said,
artist: the wadds
up tempo rocker inspired by the girl across town
artist: Marie Miller
My NEW single 2007 from My First CD 'Fast Lane' Out These Summer! (Highest Chart position was 2 in Power Pop)
Recorded March 26th, 2007 ~ Climbed to #1 Power Pop Charts, #27 Pop Charts
Heartfelt lyrics,rockin acoustic with slide &ac. lead.
artist: Alex Cook
Electro-Pop "classic".
artist: The Razzles
title: Rocket Sled
A song about finding direction
artist: Javelyn
Upbeat, dance tune.
artist: Callisto
title: Back To Me
Second song written for the forthcoming album. another uptempo one
Drivetime With Attitude - Laura J revs up some no-nonsense power chords into overdrive with a blistering lead
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Hope for rain
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Euro Pop
"Far Distant Dreams (Never Fade Away)"
From the album "Machine Language" out now on Zero One Records
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You shall know hereafter....: ?7Jesus answered and said to Peter, What I do you know not now; but you shall know hereafter. John 13:7 Friends, sometimes in life certain things happen to us, we don't always know why at first, but no matter what the circumstances are, Jesus is by our side, helping us to grow and to mature into Holiness. Jesus is saying to us. "what I do you know not now, but you shall know hereafter" Sometimes circumstances are going to be not what we woulld like it to be, but Jesus wants us to have faith and keep believing that there is something waiting for us, for it is God who is the finisher of our ...
God is Good!: Hi! Hope everyone is doing well. God is good!!! Several years ago I was a lost child heading on the road to destruction. God's hand reached out from heaven and saved me, through Jesus Christ. My gratitiude and love to God, for His strength and mercy upon my soul will be forever! My hope is constantly in Christ. The darkness wants nothing to do with the Light of love. There's a higher realization that God wants us all to experience, even for the person who has messed up time and time again. There is hope for everyone, you can ask Jesus to come into your heart, admit the things that have ...
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