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artist: Evan Paul
A very powerful love song, lyrics by Dorianna Ric, music and production by Evan Paul Kozaris and Stephanie on
artist: Maria Daines
For our dear friend Mary Alice Pollard ~ Rest in Peace xx
artist: C Norden
Easy song with a standard arrangement of keyboard, bass, drums, strings.
artist: Cosmos II
title: Spring Dance
A fast waltz in honor of the 2010 warm early spring in the northeastern US
artist: AngelCry
This tune is a requiem of to the people who died of the Great Hanshin Earthquake And it is the song which it
Dedicated to Bozo Schuldt
written in France during the Muslim protests over the 2012 video that perhaps showed the Prophet in a bad ligh
artist: dawnsinclair
Beautiful, delicate love song, collaboration with the incredible Dawn Diamond. Lyrics Dawns Sinclair, Music,
title: Exhale
An exercise in harmony.
Produced by Bernd Oettinger Fuer das Kinderbuch "Ich bin da kleiner Baer" von Karin Ammerer
Most of us have had vivid dreams that fill all the senses. If they are of people we know, they can even change
A haunting song about not being alive and missing loved ones. Two small children add to the eerie feel with th
artist: Klaatu (CT)
The quotation of the song Penny Lane of "The Beatles" inspired me to compose this music, and I hope that you e
artist: Trick T Olly
This is an Ottawa song about skating on the Rideau Canal. On Aug. 5 1982, I wrote the first part of this song
This song was written for my wife Amy shortly after we wed... Blend of emotional/spiritual lyrics and an attem
artist: Fat Chance
Simple pop song about lost love. This song seems to strike a chord for many listeners. # 1 on the AAA charts A
The intro depicts an eerie little lane which then blossoms into bittersweet melodies, lyrics and arrangements
artist: Sam's band
a song about how things will get better
artist: DreamSinger
title: No Apologies
A song of power and beauty honoring my 52nd birthday and older women everywhere.
artist: Mark Hewer
The first Mike Burn/Mark Hewer collaboration.
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Hip Hop
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
I've followed my whole existence. It was easy because I never had to do anything for myself. I admit now that I miss it. But there's no one to follow now. You're gone. Now I realize I should have told you of my thoughts instead of listening to yours. I should have told you what it is I thought I felt for you. Now I have to do what I want, and that is to get you back. I promise. I'll tell you everything...
New & on the rise!!: - Check out Radio About Portia A new sound, A new face Portia (Seattle, WA) is here to change the face of Pop/R&B Music. This phenomenal vocalist has a commercial sound that is instantly recognizable, and a style that is a seamless fusion of R&B, Pop, Neo-Soul, and Hip-Hop music. Her voice is as distinctive as her look; this 6’1” model “woos” her listeners with unique and edgy song concepts, jazzy vocal tricks, and complex vocal harmonies. Portia has been writing songs since 12, and her current songwriting talent is nothing less than incredible. Although P...
Insurance policy to heaven: Hi Friends, hope everyone is having a wonderful day. My day is going good, thanks be to God. I was just thinking, there are millions and millions of dollars being spent each year on insurance. Insurance for the car, life insurance, medical insurance, fire insurance, and the list goes on. In some places it is mandatory that you have car insurance, or you won't be able to get your license to drive or own a house, etc. Our culture is dwelling in fear towards people who are "sue crazy." You gently bump a car and the next thing you know, someone is sueing you for $50,000. The insurance compan...
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