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humourous rock song for Halloween with a Misfits style
A very stupid Christmas Song written, produced and performed by Edward A Gowens BMI
Two songs at once. My wife sings beautifully on this one. Very emotional. Difficult to sing without breakin
Who would have thought that the Ancient of Days would be found as a baby, asleep on the hay....
title: Christmas
Song for Christmas Day; dedicated to Anita F.
Merry Christmas to everyone! This song is especially for all the fans. Thank you all for the support and love
This song won the 'Country Christmas Songwriting Contest' on Soundclick - December, 2008
'This Christmas'....could I have what I need?
title: O Holy Night
Ahh just in time for the holidays, this beautiful Christmas standard gets the Scott treatment - hope you enjoy
title: Winter Dance
This is a small dance interlude written for a production of Cinderella. The dance is a swirl of snowflakes ac
artist: Roy Cooper
Sung by 'Christian Holiday' (of course that's just his Christmas name) 'The Magic of Christmas' is a beautiful
There is something special about "DOIN' HALLOWEEN SCARY-FACE"...for one surreal night, we can pretend to be wh
title: First Snow
An impressionistic piece on Christmas snow falling.
My take on Silent Night by Franz Gruber, who composed it on Christmas Eve, 1818, in the schoolhouse of Arnsdor
My New Christmas EP is Out Now! 5 Original Christmas Songs and 1 Traditional Favorite with my own added twist
artist: New Light
Recorded live 2007-12-24
artist: Firewisp
A song about the first snow of winter.
This song is written by Brian Cookson and music composed by Heather Duncan
artist: Stephanie M
I created this mix of a well-known Christmas carol some years ago, but it was lost when my earlier computer ha
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Instrumentals :: Beats General
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01 Omo to sure ; But that aint it
Euro Pop
Charles Fifteenth Feat Anier Produced by Kings.
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Devorah Love
Power Pop
"Stupid Games"
When You can't seem to live with someone and you can't imagine life without them. (Yeah it's really stupid and actually pretty annoying, but that never matters.)
The Well is Deep
Contemporary Christian
"Come Out In The Open"
Come and drink from "The Well That Is Deep. " I welcome all the weary travelers that are here and that will come ! " ...An Invitation From The Lord...The Holy God of Israel, His Son Yah'shua, Christ Jesus and His Spirit Ruach Kadosh...!
Doc Jazz
Pop Rock
"My Shoe"
Song dedicated to the Iraqi shoethrowing hero Muntathar el Zeidi! Guitar funkrock, with words that say it like it is...
Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Pop General
Lease $30, For Exclusive Rights Email Us at WEARETHEALLSPARK@GMAIL.COM
Making Friends: I am one of the finalists in the Soundclick Holiday Cover Contest, and one thing I've learned during the last few days is that when people are gathered together with this only goal in sight ; Who will be the winner - then suddenly friendships appears across all oceans.The last week I have read, written, chatted and emailed with at least half the participance from the finale - and even though we are just as different as people as our music are (classic, reggae, pop, metal, tekno, jazz, world..... etc.) - somehow this music thing brought us together. It might be crazy - yes, BUT as we all in her...
Song Of The Angels
NEW Song : My latest song, "Revelation," an instrumental, prophetic song created entirely with software to which, I added lots of special effects is available for listening and "free download" on my "MIzrah Tirzah" band page. My plans are to write and record lyrics with it very soon. More details about the song will be available later when I have more time to write them up. Thanks for listening! Blessings, Song...
My Birthday: Well..today is the day! It's my birthday yaay! Really that is all I want to say..I'm just happy for some reason. Today is within the full moon and it's an exact replica of the day I was born with the exception of the year and the full moon. I was born on the 3rd Tuesday of May in 1975..and today is the 3rd Tuesday of May. I find that very cool. I am going to do something "special" today at the time I was born..that will definetely pack a magical punch in the energy aspect of my birthday huh? haha! Anyway..I hope all are having a great day today. [go there]     [1 comment]
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