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This version is a duet featuring Mistress Of Sound & American Lesley Jane. Music and addtional choir vocals by
artist: jerry morris
Song is about the real meaning of CHRISTmas, and how some are trying to change that.
A Christmas classic, done Housepants-style.
artist: GHW
Nyckelharpa, octave mandola, and mandocello wish you a merry Christmas!
A song of Christmas Love for the Coconut Blues Club "Christmas Showcase" starting December 23, 2013 @ CBC on S
artist: Gray Martin
A Christmas song written by me, my mother, and sister. My sis, Ash, provided the vocals.
artist: Jonsson
Anne.: Intro and backing choir, Gry: Vocal main part, Finn.: Guitarsolo, Joergen.: Bass
artist: wbiro
Slow Urban Pop, Hip Hop Christmas styled track! That celebrates the incarnation of the son of God coming
artist: Matt Tyson
Traditional Christmas song done in a 60's power pop style
Words and Music: Guillermo Albelo “Our Christmas Dayâ€쳌 and “My Song Is For Christmasâ€쳌. I have two
artist: Patrick Odel
title: Angels
Classic Revised by Patrick Odel
title: The Elf Lean
The craziest crunk dance you ever seen!
A song about elderly people alone at Cchristmas.
artist: The Cracks
Just a simple Christmas carol using Yamaha keyboard presets.
artist: 2002 (US)
Romantic symphonies, piano, strings, acoustic guitar, flutes, harp and soft chimes tumble gracefully from the
title: Greensleeves
Just Tom's beautiful guitar.
artist: Tony Bardon
Celebrate Christmas by listening to the story of Jesus Birth as told in St. Luke's Gospel
artist: Paduc
title: Joyeux Noel
Traditionnal arrangement
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Instrumentals :: Beats General
TOP 50 BeatPort Seller Is NOW ON SOUNDCLICK. Miami Winter Music Conference participant. Piano is just my style baby. PRODUCTION OTHERS CANT AFFORD!!!
Downtown Music
Touch 'N You (FREE DL)
Lease this beat untagged and hi-quality for only 19.99. Buy 2 get 1 free! GET YOUR PREMIUM LEASE INC. TRACKOUTS for only 49.99. Email me at downtownstuff@gmail.com
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Devorah Love
Power Pop
"Stupid Games"
When You can't seem to live with someone and you can't imagine life without them. (Yeah it's really stupid and actually pretty annoying, but that never matters.)
Rick Gross
Contemporary Christian
"Worthy Is He"
"Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks" Daniel 9.25
Devorah Love
Power Pop
"Stupid Games"
When You can't seem to live with someone and you can't imagine life without them. (Yeah it's really stupid and actually pretty annoying, but that never matters.)
Pop General
"Gospel Plus: Ruthie Carroll"
" Renaissance Wave Radio " is a spiritual audio movement...Musikreativ offers you music that lives and breathes, excursions of the heart for the heart!
Rick Gross
Contemporary Gospel
Isaiah 35.10 "And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads, they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away."
You shall know hereafter....: ?7Jesus answered and said to Peter, What I do you know not now; but you shall know hereafter. John 13:7 Friends, sometimes in life certain things happen to us, we don't always know why at first, but no matter what the circumstances are, Jesus is by our side, helping us to grow and to mature into Holiness. Jesus is saying to us. "what I do you know not now, but you shall know hereafter" Sometimes circumstances are going to be not what we woulld like it to be, but Jesus wants us to have faith and keep believing that there is something waiting for us, for it is God who is the finisher of our ...
Finally: Hello to all I've finally uploaded another 6 of my songs which I pick by random through the collection I have been recording for the last couple of years. In my collection are songs that I've written from the late 70's and still writing today but not as much as I used to. Anyway I hope you guys like what you hear. I have also been listening here and there and the quality of material around hits home how incredibly hard it is to make it in the music biz. But at the end of the day if you like it who cares as long as you give it a proper shot....
erniepaul izereckt
If ya' don't love ta' laugh go somewhere else ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: MY SITE IS ALL ABOUT THE SPICE OF LIFE WHICH IS LAUGHTER (I throw in a little music to calm the HORNY BEAST that dwells in all of us) Even though we don't always like to admit it we humans are 99.9999999999999999999% putrified HORN-DOG!!!!!Of which I am proud to proclaim a leadership quality THANK YOU VERY MUCH,N' A BIG TCB TO ALL!!!!
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