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for my 5th Chanukah with leukemia, this year-terminal a song of hope. from 'Terminator V617-F'.
artist: Open Road
Acoustic based Christmas song
A Beautiful Mother’s Day Country Song Honoring Precious Mom’s
This song won the 'Country Christmas Songwriting Contest' on Soundclick - December, 2008
The spirit of a Christmas Morning
title: Secret Santa
Sometimes it is a very bad thing that Santa knows what you've been doing.
What makes Christmas special.... Produced and arranged by Tammy Swindell. Vocals , lyrics and guitar by Kurt.
artist: Tony Quinn
I'll Be Home This Christmas Is About A Soldiers Last Letter And Thoughts To His Loved One But Unfortunately He
artist: Trick T Olly
All Finishes At a New Beginning! This is a song I started one New Years Eve. Happy New Year 2008 and many more
artist: August Mosco
A Christmas fundraiser.
Merry Christmas to everyone! This song is especially for all the fans. Thank you all for the support and love
Music composed by Jean-Paul Grois; Lyrics and Vocals by Tash; Produced by Sean Hurley; Guitars by Brad Heagler
A very beautiful version of an original song...
humourous rock song for Halloween with a Misfits style
Third Eye Side Band - Last Christmas
Climbed to #1 on the Christmas/Seasonal Charts! Climbed to #5 on the Pop Charts!
The Santa Clause Rock Lyrics by Howard Scott Pearlman Music by Robert Thomson Vocals by Brock Goodwin
A Christmas song I wrote. Sung by Marri Nallos
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BARz (MeekMill/YoungM.A)
East Coast
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
eun ha
The Wonderful World of Korean Indie Rock: Well, alone in my head I wallowed until I realized, with a quick internet search, whoa, Korean Indie Rock not only exists.. by the looks of it, it thrives, and quietly explodes with talent. For example, how can you not fall into instant infatuation with a band named Sweater? Happy, delightful, wonderful sounds. Mellow, wistful, soft songs that pull at my heart. To enjoy. To enjoy. To enjoy. There is so much. Check out the simple, amazing, wonderful beauty of this music video: Small Acacia Band’s ‘So Goodbye’. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJe8TUNhsIE]...
Oh, God is good in spite of me!: I spoke with a friend recently who confirmed by her story what God has been saying in my spirit. After speaking with her, I went back to my manuscript and began chugging away editing and polishing. So therapeutic. God is so much more than my little mind can imagine, He works in my life even when I am in despair. His faithfulness doesn't depend on mine and he keeps his promises even when I'm not feeling his presence. As my pastor said this Sunday, "Truth is the engine, feelings are the caboose." Feeling close to God is great, but the absence of that feeling doesn't mean that He is...
princesa talulot
my new year.: i was glued to the changing of times. it apparenly showed something positive. it gave me a light effect and gave me a sense of pursuit. despite the adversity of the situation, i was uprooted in an unproductive soil and was planted in another set of humus. i drank all the nutrients i need from this new soil. i succumbed the change and that change led me to produce new fruits, new discovery, new leaves of hope. i feel good, i feel fine. this is i guess my ne beginning, my new year....
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