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Production and arrangement Rod Marcum, Co -production Bob Forbes, , Robert Hall Vocals Bob Forbes Drums,windch
artist: Tomco
title: Stay
This is my interpretation and live solo performance of Rhianna's Stay..
artist: FRMUSIC
All instruments & vocals by F.Rossano. Recorded & mixed by F.Rossano.
artist: Matt Tyson
The fantastic Baggies were in the studio down the hall. We caught up with them and did this version of their t
artist: Nayami
title: G.U.Y
Original by Lady Gaga and Zedd
First single from "Covers," originally by Ariel Rivera.
artist: ABRIMAAL
A cover version of the most famous Depeche Mode's song. No samples from the original version were used.
(Cyndi Lauper cover) One of my two entries for the February 2011 CBC Challenge. Karaoke BT with my lead vocals
This is a cover of the song by Katy Perry, it has a little bit of Brave by Sara Bareilles.
artist: Amai
title: miss you
This is another song by Tohoshinki~ I FINALLY RECORDED THIS PROPERLY... I've been recording this many times
title: My Will
1st ending theme to Inuyasha. full song
artist: Sakurax
title: Every Heart
An ending theme from the hit anime Inuyasha, originally performed by BoA. ^_^
artist: SeCrEcY
Arlen and Glenn ....sounds just like the real thing!!!
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Cover Songs
"(Right Now) This Time (Mix1) feat Sarah Doe"
Solo Euro, Trance, Dance & Ballad artist sometimes using session vocalists.
Evangelist. Hensley S.Castillo
Knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit : The Holy Spirit is a part of the Holy Trinity with the Father and Son. In the Old Testament the Hebrew word RUWACH, pronounced roo'-akh, was used when talking about the Spirit. This word literally means WIND, even the wind associated with a BREATHE! In the New Testament the Greek word Pneuma, pronounced pnyoo'-mah, was used which means the BREATHE or a BREEZE! We can literally think of the Holy Spirit as the "Breathe of God!" Most Christians today understand Jesus the Son, and God the Father as two very distinct Persons within the Godhead; however, there has been much confusion o...
Arturo G
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Our New Zealand Kiwi: The "kiwi" (shown) is a flightless New Zealand bird. The kiwi (bird) is unusual in at least two respects. First, it is the only bird in the world that has its nostrils at the end of its beak. Second, the female kiwi has the largest egg, in proportion to its body size, of any bird in the world (except possibly for the hummingbird). Kiwi are about the same size as chickens, but their eggs are almost as big as those of ostriches! Kiwi birds have been designated as New Zealand "honorary mammals". The only real native mammals in New Zealand are two kinds of forest-dwelling bats. Biologists and the...
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