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artist: ATP
title: A Wish Away
One more from ATP new recording..
Music by Yoshie Kubota/ Lyric by Bochonin/ Art work & Photo by Tombow Kobayashi (http://www.geocities.jp/veg
artist: MORIT
Take a walk everyday. It's not cold rather warm in this afternoon. Spring has come soon.
Track one of SC Record's debut single; Let's Go On A Vacation.
ORDER (LUV U BETTER)http://cdbaby.com/cd/rnbsmoove
artist: jin kyung
title: Please
This is a slow Japanese song
Another english version of a jpop song I've written. Again, I'm thankful to Fantasiimaker for singing it for m
artist: hkavril
this song inspired by Ong Sa Deaw it's Thai pop song.and I wanted to sing like J-Pop as Utada Hikaru........
An honest love song. Listen to it as if this song were meant for you.
melodic, harmonic, vocals, keyboards, guitars, percussion
artist: Harry Edgar
title: you'r life
For all wanna be pop stars.Cant sing cant dance will go a long way ?
artist: Mu-GEN
It is finally here! Mu-GEN introduces our first release Music Generation Instrumental by: Mu-Gen Lyric
artist: Hana-Bi
title: Suteki Da Ne
Final Fantasy X.
artist: Rzar
Angel Eyes, Japanese. Mixing sucks, timing's off, singing is bleh. Enjoy!
artist: KuraiYuuki
Okay...This isn't really any better than the first one I did...And I really need to work on some new songs...I
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Pop General
Lease $30, For Exclusive Rights Email Us at WEARETHEALLSPARK@GMAIL.COM
The Gassmen
Pop Rock
"I'll Never Sleep Again"
Recorded in 1982 at The Refinery
Euro Pop
"Far Distant Dreams (Never Fade Away)"
From the album "Machine Language" out now on Zero One Records
Studio: Working hard at the moment on the album. Jerry Sharpe is back with us to add his glorious bass. Dave, Dave and Rick are still on the case. Hopefully the album will be finished by Christmas
You are my whole life It is true love that I for you feel. The feelings of my past, I have long-flushed away. I have chosen you to man. Your love is the only thing that counts for me. You tell me that you love me, my conscience tells me that you forgive all my mistakes. If you´re sad, I know it is because of me. If you tell me that you miss me, I know that you never forget me. If you´re saying to me, I´m not exchangeable for you, You know, I just do it honestly. If you tell me you want me no more lose .... Yes! Then I say to you, my treasure: It will never hap...
How fast do we rotate: Sometimes I have to sit back and ask myself, how fast do we rotate in life? How fast does time truly revolve around us? As the days go by so quickly now, I feel it won't be long before Monday is meeting the rear end of Friday. Just like all the seasons seem to be merging into one, I feel at times it won't be long before the whole week seems like its merged into one day. Time sure is precious, as we do not know the true length of it. We go about each day doing our daily chores, aiming for the goals we have set each other, yet if we take a moment out, so much time can be lost and never regain...
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