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artist: Rainflower
Rainflower are Richie Rich and Saint from the UK, now living in Switzerland. The duo are a Producer/Songwriter
artist: Sindustry
Written and composed by rosechic84 (Sara Rose Anderson) and Sindustry (Jim Meeker). Rosechic84: vocals, string
artist: MyndsEye
title: Gimme Gimme
Another fun song for John and I. Lot's of cool guitar movements...tight horn arrangement... great hook. It's g
artist: Victor Snow
Slipping Away All lyrics, music, and production by Victor Snow
title: Estas Muerto
Intro melodica, pop.
A footstomping, quirky piece of indie pop
artist: Cosmos II
title: Love Light
Another cosmic love song from Cosmos II
artist: Haven Head
Song about the times and women who give in to guys who "only want to dance" and not have serious relatioinship
artist: 70x7
title: Childhood
A light and warm-hearted pop song that explores childhood and the impact of parenting on the path of the child
artist: Marie Miller
title: Fly Me Again
FULL Track from My First CD 'Fast Lane' Out These Summer! (Highest position was 2 in Pop Rock)
Search for a long lost love.
Truly Madly Deeply
This is a song written about people living in the street! many cool people out there simply have no job. Yet t
artist: John Holgate
An upbeat indi/pop rock number.
artist: Drumnjon
A STRONG MESSAGE FROM A STRONG SONG!This is a song co-written by Melancholysoulgirl and her daughter when she
artist: Tongue Tied
title: Ghost of You
Paul H: Lead Vocals, Rhythm guitar, Bass Bob R: Rhythm Guitar, Backup vocals, percussion Duane Zelle: Lead
artist: Bulb
I wanted to write a pop/rock song. This is different i know, but i felt like doing something way different.
artist: Devorah Love
Self pity sucks. If I cry will you go away?
Sorta a different track sorta a pop beat with some killer guitar by Benz, sort of a jam track part of a four s
artist: Victor Leone
''Reggae Station'' (The King Of Pop-Reggae)
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The Gassmen
Pop Rock
Io and Dexter take on the evil Vermiana. Better check the bizantrazene. This could get nasty.
Doc Jazz
Pop Rock
"My Shoe"
Song dedicated to the Iraqi shoethrowing hero Muntathar el Zeidi! Guitar funkrock, with words that say it like it is...
Bang Bang Fireworks: So come on then, did you all have a night of fireworks, drinks and music over the last couple of days???? Guess I was being a bit boring as I used the time to catch up on things that needed doing, which I'd neglected for a good few months. So for me it was time well spent. Anyway I could hear and see from my window flashes and bangs here and there lol. Well hope you all had a great weekend however you spent it. Enjoy the week ahead. Bless...
Love is no sin: I ask myself every day where you are, Because love is no sin. My heart is be with you. My heart is you All forgiven. In my thoughts You´re close. Suddenly there were also memories again. The love came back Every year Piece by piece People in this world are bad, because they have not the right: Hope and Love to destroy, if two people belong to each other
Pop/R&B Artist Male or Female WANTED!!!: CHeck This NEW DEMO OUT! Called "What Really Matters" Men and Women have totally different priorities, wants, desires, and needs in a relationship. I'm here to talk about it. Let's GO!!!!
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