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artist: STEVE HAZE
title: Spin
The stadium-rock-style first track on Steve Haze's new album THIS DARKENED DREAM. Listen and download f
artist: Sindustry
Written and composed by rosechic84 (Sara Rose Anderson) and Sindustry (Jim Meeker). Rosechic84: vocals, string
artist: Dyalock
title: A Cargo
This song is about the loads that we carry through our lives and how we sometimes have to carry each other.
Instrumental Available for lease and purchase
artist: Alan D David
title: Mystery Man
An original song in the style of 90's Pop Rock Think Sade.
artist: MyndsEye
title: Gimme Gimme
Another fun song for John and I. Lot's of cool guitar movements...tight horn arrangement... great hook. It's g
This is a song written about people living in the street! many cool people out there simply have no job. Yet t
artist: Victor Snow
Slipping Away All lyrics, music, and production by Victor Snow
artist: John Holgate
An upbeat indi/pop rock number.
artist: Marie Miller
title: Fly Me Again
FULL Track from My First CD 'Fast Lane' Out These Summer! (Highest position was 2 in Pop Rock)
title: On the News
Our lives get so busy that we don't hear the television in the background telling us that the oceans are dying
This track is produced, mixed, and mastering by Cameron Giddings. Be sure and Email camerongiddings@gmail.com
title: PUMP
super cool synths and a rockity rockin' melody.
artist: Cosmos II
title: Love Light
Another cosmic love song from Cosmos II
artist: Hit-City
Funky Pop ROCK!!! - performed by B.HOOD featuring Lil'Perfekt - produced by B.HOOD for Hit-City Music, Inc. -
artist: Simonesongs
Happy, upbeat song about revelation, fun and being content :)
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Urban :: Smooth R&B
Lead Vox- Thomas Hunter BG Vox - Chris Allen
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The Gassmen
Pop Rock
"I'll Never Sleep Again"
Recorded in 1982 at The Refinery
Doc Jazz
Pop Rock
"My Shoe"
Song dedicated to the Iraqi shoethrowing hero Muntathar el Zeidi! Guitar funkrock, with words that say it like it is...
I Look To You..: As I lay me down Heaven hear me now Im lost without a cause After giving it my all Winter storms have come And darkened my sun After all that I've been through Who on earth can I turn to I look to you After all my strength is gone In you I can be strong I look to you And when melodies are gone In you I hear a song I look to you After losing my breath There's no more fighting left Sinking to rise no more Searching for that open door And every road that I've taken Lead to my regret And I don't know if Im gonna make it Nothing to do but lift my head I look...
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
10.09.10: hi to all, todae is hari raya in sg. all the malays break fast (as i break fast , two separate words.) hmmm it so happened that it is on a fridae. my parents went back to malaysia. i stayed to study but apparently the efficency is not just not enuff. im still distracted but at least i started on sth. i kip thinknig but i did not do much todae but i aint moving... i nid a push. blogging at this late hour shows that my house is real empty. not a single soul. i realised i opened my mouth to tok less than 10 times todae. omg. i pulled it off. lols....hopw tmw i can study wif her around. a ...
ALL ABOUT BILLY HUFSEY: MY FRIEND BILLY HUFSEY HAVE YOU SEEN "BILLY HUFSEY" RECENTLY??? WOW....WHAT A HUNK...CHECK OUT BILLY'S MYSPACE PAGE, I DID AND I LOVE IT. HE HAS A NEW CD COMING OUT AND A SHOW ON VH1 SOON. THE MUSIC IS GREAT ALL WRITTEN BY BILLY. SEND HIM A FRIEND REQUEST AND GET ALL THE SCOOP ON HIM.... TELL HIM THAT MARIA SENT HERE IS A LITTLE BIO ON HIM... Music is my passion," says Billy Hufsey who has dazzled stage, screen and television with his incredible talent as a musician, singer and actor. "Billy's entertainment career began with music and led him to developing many other talents.. "No...
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