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artist: Major Snagg
title: Misery
A favourite from The Beatles Please Please Me album . . .their 1st. LP. I enjoyed singing and playing this cla
artist: Glen Bayless
A song about appearing perfectly "okay" on the outside, but, inside - being completely torn apart.
artist: Decima
title: Sophia
The song talks about the ailments that 'Sophia' felt after breaking up with her boyfriend. But with all the su
A powerful, rocky lamentation that tugs at the heart strings
artist: the wadds
up tempo rocker inspired by the girl across town
Recorded March 26th, 2007 ~ Climbed to #1 Power Pop Charts, #27 Pop Charts
artist: Marie Miller
My NEW single 2007 from My First CD 'Fast Lane' Out These Summer! (Highest Chart position was 2 in Power Pop)
artist: Henrik Fevre
title: Heaven
A positive song against suicide!
title: Red Planet
zombina's favourite zombina song!
Is the grass always greener?
Words & Music by Brent Freeman Blair
artist: Yavanna
title: Floodlight
This is a song for PEACE IN THE WORLD. I think it is more important today than ever before. Dona nobis pacem!
artist: Javelyn
title: Stay
Slighted love...Music video now available on www.javelyn.net/movingpictures.shtml
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy - Guitars, Wendy Haley - Vocals, Steve McCrum - Keyboards & Arrangement * Written by Wendy Haley, Do
A collaboration again with the wonderful composer Lana J. Albert - a ballad with sweeping pianos and soaring l
artist: roAE
This one has singing! It is a secret don't tell anyone.
artist: Penny's Scar
Haunting and Mysterious
artist: Sungod
title: With You
February 10, 2011 - Music, Lyrics, and Instrumentation by Steve Nylander. With Charles Evans on Lead Guitar in
artist: Ray Gilman
Guitar driven Power Pop
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Instrumentals :: Pop
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Devorah Love
Power Pop
"Stupid Games"
When You can't seem to live with someone and you can't imagine life without them. (Yeah it's really stupid and actually pretty annoying, but that never matters.)
Grip Wrench
Perseverance : Perseverance - my new album soon to be re-lease and will be available in all leading outlet world wide.
Into The Light: Actually this is just for the heck of it. I have other blogs but am not a real prolific writer at this time. So every now and then I put up a picture and a few words.
Bullies Pt.2: The way you treat others comes back around to you someday. That's karma. If you ask "Why's this happening to me ?" and you can't remember what you did to deserve it, it must've been something in your previous life. So don't go around blithely bad-mouthing people or doing bad things. I heard once yhat everythinhg you say, do, and think are all permanentally carved into the record of your life. It all gets recorded like a video. Murder and crime are the worst. Who knows how they might come back to you ? Scary. It's better not to kill anything at all. Not even animals. Even cows and chickens are ...
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