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video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh_rpV7gnXg a west texan
artist: ELE BAND
A first preview of my debut CD album 'ALL THESE STAGES'. Release date 03-OCT-2016 !!! on all known portals as
Extract of 'La Republique'(PLATON,390 av JC).In France, lawer's studies begin with:'Les Philosophes Grecs'. Ma
CREDITS: Mike Marshall (AKA VMP (USA)): Bass Guitar, Vocals on Verse 2, Amerigo.*Jude Law (AKA Ekaterina): Pia
A song of lost love and regret. Vocals and all music hand played by Danielle Dana Rivers aka Lekzee Patrick.
This is a song of love, respect, and gratitude. Music ,writing,production,soundwork,all music and vocals by Le
A collaboration with Miguel Braz aka MikeJazz, Miguel's version of Lucio Dalla's Caruso based on Neal Schon ve
artist: AmokOpera
Our hero thinks he's "made it" but then it all starts to fall apart.... Many thanks to Steve Nylander for ba
artist: ababeonlegs
Short ballad consisting voice, piano and drums from a work in progress 'hallowed be Domani'
artist: Lynn Maudlin
Ruth and Naomi singing, from "House of Bread" by Lynn Maudlin, copyright 2001
artist: David Bazo
A piece for lead voice and piano, the song tells one of the most tragic episodes of the queen of Spain, Juana
artist: Alfredo Leon
This track is a dedication to President Barack Obama. It is impacting, emotional, and hopefully motivational.
RETRO - gentle bassy pump drive on the left side of the UK road
Title song from a musical that speaks for the victims of HIV/AIDS in Africa. VOCALS by FILIP VON UEXKULL
artist: Apassionata
Flamenco guitar with dance beats. Very mysterious!
From "The Phantom of the Opera." Taken from the ANGEL OF MUSIC EP.
artist: Muziques
cover - Mike and Leslie - Fare Thee Well
artist: LVOS
title: Sun Rising
An environmental song reflecting on how mankind continues to abuse mother earth
artist: jeLLi
title: showdown
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
"Don't Run Before You Can Walk": This is a saying I've heard many times before, that we must not run before we can walk. This may well be true and be very wise, but at times when you are fueled by passion, eagerness, adrenalin and that urge to be somewhere in your life, to be at a point that is someway ahead, before you are actually ready to be at that point, then yes, you try to run before you can walk. In some cases this is good and you are able to cope with this tremendous pace and stay on your feet, though in other cases you may find that you trip up along the way, more than once, as you are unable to keep that steady ...
mysterious gals: hi we are the mysterious gals! we are the newest teen hip-hop teen gril group from the philippines who will make new kind of music in this industry. we are still starting so i hope you still enjoy our tracks. we only have 4 by now by we will record again for another beautiful track for you to listen.. hope you enjoy in.. love lots.. we dream to represent the philippines in korea or in usa.
princesa talulot
make my insanities leave (through the beating of your hues): yes i am addicted to you you fill my lonely evening your image mustered along my window pane i don't know if you're willing to, lend that visions you once shared with me be hanged in this tapestry of dreams concealed and locked in your own world i am addicted with your hurls and hues of bottom blues candidly appearing before my twilight moon could you not extend the lenght of your silence with an unknown hand? as the carrousel swirled around this merry-go-round and before i knacked down pitifully vomitting all my tasteful dreams let me not encourage you to b...
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