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Production and arrangement Rod Marcum, Co -production Bob Forbes, , Robert Hall Vocals Bob Forbes Drums,windch
First single from "Covers," originally by Ariel Rivera.
artist: DreamVoice
Newest record requested by Facebook plp :)
artist: T Blue
title: Mary Lou
Song from Ronnie Hawkins written in 1956
Original song made famous by Beverley graven
Words and Music By Warren Michaels
artist: Sakurax
title: Every Heart
An ending theme from the hit anime Inuyasha, originally performed by BoA. ^_^
(Cyndi Lauper cover) One of my two entries for the February 2011 CBC Challenge. Karaoke BT with my lead vocals
artist: Amai
title: miss you
This is another song by Tohoshinki~ I FINALLY RECORDED THIS PROPERLY... I've been recording this many times
title: My Will
1st ending theme to Inuyasha. full song
artist: stein
Cover The Beatles Made in my home studio some years ago. Vocal Stein & Terese
artist: Wink Vaughn
Titanium Cover By Yours Truely
artist: ABRIMAAL
A cover version of the most famous Depeche Mode's song. No samples from the original version were used.
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Cover Songs
"(Right Now) This Time (Mix1) feat Sarah Doe"
Solo Euro, Trance, Dance & Ballad artist sometimes using session vocalists.
Berna Lilly
Days of 4 Lives: What?? You say it's my birthday? What do I want? Oooooh boy! I wanna be a STAR for a day! I want my friends to ALL dress up and come to my birthday party. Their mom's can come too, and we will eat CAKE! Don't invite Brad and Penny though. When you lifted me over the fence yesterday to play with them, they ditched me. Yeah, they said it was "hide and seek"; but then they never came and looked for me. I waited a real long time, and then I saw Penny up the street playing with the other girls. Why did they do that, Mommy? Nancy McManus can wear her real grass Hula skirt. Maybe she...
eun ha
Twilight dance for lost lovers: Clara and I wrote 'Gone (Twilight dance for lost lovers)' a couple years ago. Next weekend we are going to finish the darn thing. And by finish I mean record it onto a four track cassette. Yep. It is a magical tune.
New Song - 1492 The Voyage of Columbus: I am proud to present "1492 The Voyage of Columbus". Written by Kurt Lewis Neufer and a Progressive Rock story song about the Christopher Columbus and his voyage. Joining Kurt in the song are Mike Marshall (AKA VMP(USA)) who sang vocals, played the bass guitar and played the part Amerigo. Jude Law (AKA Eketarina, Coconut Blues Club) who played the piano and sang vocals. Ken Sacco (AKA Sacco) who played the lead guitar solo. Kurt played the Narrator, Admiral Columbus, played 6 string guitar & hand drums and sang vocals and played, and the production and mastering. My special thanks to Mike, J...
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