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Production and arrangement Rod Marcum, Co -production Bob Forbes, , Robert Hall Vocals Bob Forbes Drums,windch
Original song made famous by Leonie Meijer & Jeroen van der Boom
written by Carol King; a huge hit for James Taylor!
Words and Music By Warren Michaels
First single from "Covers," originally by Ariel Rivera.
artist: Sakurax
title: Every Heart
An ending theme from the hit anime Inuyasha, originally performed by BoA. ^_^
artist: AhJeong
title: Seppun
Originally sung by Nakashima Mika, this is AhJeong's rendition of 'Seppun', one of her personal favourites. It
artist: Amai
title: miss you
This is another song by Tohoshinki~ I FINALLY RECORDED THIS PROPERLY... I've been recording this many times
artist: Shika Megumi
title: Eternal Snow
The third ending to the anime Full Moon wo Sagash***e. Originally by Changin' My Life.
artist: Phu Cuong
'Tong hua' by Phu Cuong
it's a theme song that I often hear while watching Inuyasha. Those of you familiar with this show will know wh
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Instrumentals :: Smooth
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Cover Songs
"(Right Now) This Time (Mix1) feat Sarah Doe"
Solo Euro, Trance, Dance & Ballad artist sometimes using session vocalists.
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
13.12.08 part 2 : your father's honda driving off. you left 1st w/o even telling me anything!! not even a sms? wth.......... fine, ''maybe you are in a rush.?" i tot. all i need is a word from a compliment or encouragement from you. and all those mistakes might not have happened in the solo. but i heard none. nothing at all. and it was that night, i walked home alone feeling the loneliest (is it spelt like that?). how i wish that none of these is true, i took my hp, put on my headsets, and started blasting my ears wif music. i kept telling myself, ''fine forget it. now stop thinking if it." but on the...
One day at a time: HI Friends, Hope everyone is doing great! I'm doing well. I was shopping at the store Friday and I put the food in the back of my truck. Then I drove to my next destination, and as I was getting out of my car, I looked for my purse. It was not in my usual spot. My heart was trying not to think the worse. I thought to myself maybe I left in the back of the truck with the food. Well, to my amazement, it wasn't in the back with the food, it was sitting on the outside, on the edge of my bumper. I thanked God and was completely relieved that I didn't have to call the credit card companie...
Artifice: Thinking a lot lately about artifice, while growing day by day. This is my personal definition for this word. "Art if like ice". Definitely, Art has been regarding as a supreme appearance of beauty; it was presented by itself or artist that deserves much much high value than an ice. For my thinking, I don't believe each art which deserves high value. If it doesn't mean anything, just a piece of a rock or a normal chair, becoming popular because the artist's trick for manipulating his fame. Do you really understand what I am saying? Never mind, I am talking to my self. Apparently, I belie...
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