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artist: Tony Gayle
Written for - embedded on site.
CREDITS: Mike Marshall (AKA VMP (USA)): Bass Guitar, Vocals on Verse 2, Amerigo.*Jude Law (AKA Ekaterina): Pia
Created and recorded on a rainy night in New York...Vibes Melody, Soprano Sax Blues Solo with Bass, Organ, Ele
title: No More Time
For the CBC Challenge - TIME. We live in the past and dream of the future, but if we could travel through tim
artist: ababeonlegs
Short ballad consisting voice, piano and drums from a work in progress 'hallowed be Domani'
video at a west texan
artist: AmokOpera
title: Overture
This overture begins the opera. There's only 3 songs in here at the moment but all of them will eventually be
This is a song of love, respect, and gratitude. Music ,writing,production,soundwork,all music and vocals by Le
artist: Nadia Cripps
Sister Copyright © 2009 by Michelle Chapman (lyrics) and Nadia Cripps (music) Gemma E (voice), Nadia Crip
Arreglo de Johann de Meij del musical 'Chess' de Andersson y Ulvaeus.
Another song I sang when I went to London workshop. I hope you enjoy it.
artist: kumara ray
original song written by Ranjit Ray
Michael's song "Living Without Love" spends over 26 weeks at number 1 on SoundClicks charts. Received a 10 out
I just wrote this new song with the help of Smidi from Tonos and his music. I really enjoyed singing this! I h
artist: Saccocaster
19 Check out my website...
artist: kenlyen
Music: Kenneth Lyen, Lyrics: Desmond Moey Singers: Selly Marina, Jacklyn Toh, Asher Gad
artist: RoR-MC
title: rubberhat
have to walk around idle for weeks to get one
artist: Renee Walker
A Rock Musical
artist: Timeship
Aria of Violetta from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi. Classical opera singing with symphonic electronica and mo
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Devorah Love
Power Pop
"Stupid Games"
When You can't seem to live with someone and you can't imagine life without them. (Yeah it's really stupid and actually pretty annoying, but that never matters.)
Rick Gross
Contemporary Christian
"Worthy Is He"
"Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks" Daniel 9.25
Devorah Love
Power Pop
"Stupid Games"
When You can't seem to live with someone and you can't imagine life without them. (Yeah it's really stupid and actually pretty annoying, but that never matters.)
Pop General
"Gospel Plus: Ruthie Carroll"
" Renaissance Wave Radio " is a spiritual audio movement...Musikreativ offers you music that lives and breathes, excursions of the heart for the heart!
Rick Gross
Contemporary Gospel
Isaiah 35.10 "And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads, they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away."
Un amico e cosi..: È facile allontanarsi sai Se come te anche lui ha i suoi guai Ma quando avrai bisogno sara qui Un amico e cosi Non chiedera ne il come ne il perche Ti ascoltera e si batera per te E poi tranquillo ti sorridera Un amico e cosi E ricordati che finche tu vivrai Se un amico e con te non ti perderai In strade sbagliate percorse da chi Non ha nella vita un amico cosi Non ha bisogno di parole mai Con uno sguardo solo capira' Che dopo un no lui ti dira di si Un amico e cosi E ricordati che finche tu vorrai Per sempre al tuo fianco lo troverai Vicino a te mai stanco perche Un ami...
The Plain, the Mount, the Summit Christians Part 1: HI Friends! Hope you are all doing great and that your dreams are coming true. Everyday I have my challenges, desires, etc. there is something raging war against my soul, this force that would like me not to succeed in the beautiful ways of the Lord. God is my strength! Friends, I made a decision a few year ago, that I'm going all the way with Jesus. I want to know more of the life that is in Christ. Everyday is another glimpse into God's kingdom, it's like God gives me spiritual food to keep me going. God is amazing in His steadfast love. I want more of God, God is good and so wonderf...
Fat Chance
Brusin' for a Crusin': So we board the ship and go to our room on Deck 2. I am thinking that is near the top - because the top level has to be deck 1, right? No, Deck 1 is near sea level. Silly me. We leave the room with our eye on the buffet, which is on Deck 12, or 11 decks above where we are now. This being the first day, the elevators are packed. For some reason I not only think I am still 18 but also in incredible shape, so I tell the wife I will take the stairs and meet her on Deck 12. Yeah, right. Deck 2 to Deck, 3 no problem; practically running. Deck 4 feeling a little winded; now I'm walking. ...
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