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Rough Draft of upcoming CD Single
Composed by: Eden S. Hooker Music by: Jonathan Curington
artist: Ng Wah Lok
Written in 1981 when church was planted with 30 people to reflect spirit of prayer. Music by Wah Lok, Lyrics b
artist: MMissary
title: One Child
What the birth of One Child would mean.
artist: rymanready
This is a simple song about almighty God that tries to describe His greatness but He is impossible to encompas
This song is inspired by the Psalms which are a songwriter's dream come true! There's a lot of great material
title: With You
A simple song about being with Jesus.
title: Lay it down
A song born out of my gratefulness for all I have been given and the unconditional love that never gives up on
artist: New Light
A fun live recording of a traditional holiday carol arranged by Donny McCorquodale & Charlotte Cherrry. Enjoy
artist: Cruz del Sur
Bienvenidos a la Casa del SeƱor (Welcome to the House of the Lord)
title: Cindi's Song
A smooth, pop-latin instrumental in honor of a band member's wife. Featuring a subtle yet strong guitar with a
Words and Music by Jason Mitchener and Stephen Robert Cass // Vocals: Kaly / Guitars: Steve Cass / Bass: Kerry
artist: Dan Bressler
title: El Shaddai
My version of "El Shaddai" using the Roland Fantom S88 synthesizer. Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed
artist: Ashla
title: I'm-N-Love
This song shows what true love really is.
This song is about that special someone that you have been waiting and praying for to come along in your life,
artist: firesong
Acoustic ballad about the prodigal son
The Hart's First CD, the Glory CD is over 48 min long, so we broke it down into three parts; This is the begin
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ALLROUNDA Productions
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
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The Well is Deep
Contemporary Christian
"Come Out In The Open"
Come and drink from "The Well That Is Deep. " I welcome all the weary travelers that are here and that will come ! " ...An Invitation From The Lord...The Holy God of Israel, His Son Yah'shua, Christ Jesus and His Spirit Ruach Kadosh...!
Contemporary Christian
"The Stone Was Moved.mp3"
NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!: NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! "Called To Run" - by Rhonie Jordan Closely escaping death by unintentional poisoning as an infant, out on her own, Rhonie was left for dead after a hit-and-run accident and held at gunpoint during a home invasion. She became a born-again, spirit-filled Christian in 1979, endeavoring to discover spiritual reality and truth as opposed to the ritualized, traditional religion she grew up with. Applying Biblical principles to her life, Rhonie began to witness miracles as she was healed of diabetes, high blood pressure, clinical depression and three herniated discs in h...
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
the amazing race...: today we had a amazing race to commerate racial harmony yeah, ti was "amazing" first, i had to dig into a big box full of ice to dig out for clues. then my hand went numb, thorning with pain soon after. then containers of worms for clues. alive and kicking worms!!!!!!! in e end,we got nothing NOTHING. well, trst todae as a test 2 test my courage. at least i went all out to dig for the clues in WORMS!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha........
Oh, God is good in spite of me!: I spoke with a friend recently who confirmed by her story what God has been saying in my spirit. After speaking with her, I went back to my manuscript and began chugging away editing and polishing. So therapeutic. God is so much more than my little mind can imagine, He works in my life even when I am in despair. His faithfulness doesn't depend on mine and he keeps his promises even when I'm not feeling his presence. As my pastor said this Sunday, "Truth is the engine, feelings are the caboose." Feeling close to God is great, but the absence of that feeling doesn't mean that He is...
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