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Dramatic, yet poignant, musical theatre song/scene duet with vocals by BEN FLEETWOOD SMYTH and KIT ORTON.
Another song I sang when I went to London workshop. I hope you enjoy it.
Extract of 'La Republique'(PLATON,390 av JC).In France, lawer's studies begin with:'Les Philosophes Grecs'. Ma
artist: Jay Molleson
Taken from a live concert in Kingston - the Grand Theatre. 2004
Finally "Akhiyan" is hea.We must Appreciate Rafay'z job cuz its only Rafay who played rythm, Bass,n yea da lea
title: Memory
Memory" From The Broadway Show Cat's-- which became a global hit, recorded in more than a dozen languages.
title: My Baby
This special song is about the feelings and the heart of losing a little one. The songs was inspired by Joaqui
title: Dies Irae
It's old church song, will redo if you don't like
As Your children gather in peace All the angels sing in Heaven
title: The Rose
a love song from the movie whith the same name!
artist: Muziques
COVER - Mike and Leslie - Home I'll Be
artist: LVOS
title: Sun Rising
An environmental song reflecting on how mankind continues to abuse mother earth
artist: Sasilia
Kandal ft. Me
artist: uk-siren
A stunning rock/pop ballad performed by a female vocalist. The song is in the style of Whitney Houston/Celine
Cute, optimisting and uplifting Disney-style ballad with a romantic and spiritual theme, for anyone who l
artist: jeLLi
title: showdown
artist: Rachel Stone
The hypnotic, sensuous siren call of a woman who is anything but "dried up."
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Exalted King Of Kings Eternal: Working on a song I wrote several years ago, still working on some of the imperfections and vocals but this is what I have so far. "Exalted King Of Kings Eternal"
Clickers Club
Next Clickers Club Player: We are starting a new player on June 1st. You can include any 2 songs of your choice - old or new. Maybe you have a new release that you can't wait to let us know about, or perhaps you'd like to dust the cobwebs off an old song and give it an extra boost. Send us a PM with your links. Collaborations count as a separate artist
Evangelist. Hensley S.Castillo
I've put on the new nature of righteousness. I have in my spirit the incorruptible life of God. This new life is in every cell of my blood, every bone of my body, and in every fiber of my being! Today, I walk in the reality of the new life of righteousness which I've received in Christ I have an excellent mind; the Spirit of God in me has given me extraordinary amplitude of comprehension; therefore I'm circumspect, and pay attention to details in every endeavour; the end of which is an excellent finish all the time. I'm fully persuaded that greater is He that's in me than he that's...
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