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Hip Hop
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Song where the main character in the musical learns that he will find 'the way home' both metaphorically and i
Another song I sang when I went to London workshop. I hope you enjoy it.
artist: Davyd Chong
This is the orchestral love overture of the theme song for 'MERDEKA: The Rock Musical', which was performed at
artist: SergeyPopov
This song peoples will be like in all countries of the world, but most I think people willl be like it Europe
artist: LeRhay
my 21st # 1 Song . Hit # 1 on May 23 2006
Climbing to #1 on the Musicals Chart 4-17-06. This is the night that magic can happen. So if love can happen,
artist: aden06
title: @1
artist: Joel Irwin
Not all relationships can last - sometimes they are better off as just friendships.
[1-15-06] From Wicked. Three different parts of the song ;D I was just playing around at 1:30 am.. o.O
Incomplete Demo, without voice, just celesta, double bass, and drums.
artist: Jay Molleson
Taken from a live concert in Kingston - the Grand Theatre. 2004
artist: Cindy Bonham
Theme ballad from Musical. Waiting for someone to call - when you're too stubborn to - seems endless torture.
artist: Danny Bowman
title: Loved By You
Feels so good...
artist: Nick Hutson
Piano and vocals: Nick Hutson.
artist: Flush 2
Flush 2 song melting rap and singing performance.
artist: Allana CT
title: SiNOPSiS
Have you heard theres a new sensation? Dancing right across the nation! Have YOU heard?
This version was kindly made by the Mexborough Male Voice Choir UK who I feel did an excellent job.
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"Saturn - Clouds"
Weightlessly above Saturn, clouds of the Great Red Spot pass beneath the space station...
An Orgasm For My Soul: This is something I wrote on another site about how I was feeling recently and thought I'd share it on here with you. I'm doing much better now. haha! Also, I will be using this blog to write about pretty much any and everything that comes to my mind that I want to share. I hope you enjoy reading! "I haven't been able to figure out what has been bothering me these days. I have been having this feeling of irritation and pistation that I couldn't seem to put my finger on. The kind that makes you feel li...
I Always Wanted To Be A Singer and RecordingArtist: I started listening to music when I was a child. Sitting on the floor with my record player in a box, spinning 45's. I fell in love with music, lyrics and expressing feelings through singing. I sang all night and all day for 10+ years. I taught myself how to sing. I listened to Anita Baker, Michael McDonald, Barry White, The Jackson Five, Rene and Angela, Jean Carne, and the great 70's soft rock tunes. I knew when I grew up I wanted to be a singer and I am. But what a lot of people don't know is I had a horrible case of stage fright when I started which I had to work hard to overcome. I di...
Jeffrey Phung
NEW TRACK: Kitto Eien ni: SoundClick Links: 1. Kitto Eien ni (English Version) 2. Kitto Eien ni (Japanese Version) So, when I first heard Crystal Kay's "Kitto Eien ni," I was completely like, "OMG, this song is awesome!" 'cause, you know, it's just a really beautiful and moving song, and it was the kind of song that I was like, "This would be really awesome to do in English." So I wanted to write English lyrics, but I wanted to make sure I could like sing the song decently since Crystal Kay is an incredibly like powerful vocalist and I knew I couldn't sing it like that. So I recorded the Japanese version as sort o...
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