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AgaZzi Cojuangco - With One Look - As If We Never Said Goodbye
artist: Alfredo Leon
This track is a dedication to President Barack Obama. It is impacting, emotional, and hopefully motivational.
artist: PJ Curtis
PJ Curtis - The Impossible Dream ( From Man Of La Mancha ) - Hats Off To Broadway
artist: Katie Mauti
From the musical Sweeney Todd
A disney like theme waltz for mouse I mean Mice 2008
(a FukiSuki release from Paying the Rent: Highlights from the Broadway Musical RENT) singers: Zelina, Androma
artist: Neuer Anfang
title: High Times
Clean guitars, bass and drums. Named by our buddy Seyha Vonn.
title: Back To You
Powa Rock Ballad
Chanson d'anniversaire
from Rene Villanueva's musical, SANDAANG PANAGINIP; composition by Teresa Barrozo (based on the theme of Sanda
artist: Dave Kedward
The opening song from 'All About Life', it's a rock-pop musical number from 1999. Here performed by Dave Allar
artist: LeRhay
my 21st # 1 Song . Hit # 1 on May 23 2006
artist: doctor di
From the Musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'
artist: aden06
title: @1
artist: Apassionata
Flamenco guitar with dance beats. Very mysterious!
Incomplete Demo, without voice, just celesta, double bass, and drums.
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ALLROUNDA Productions
Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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Devorah Love
Power Pop
"Stupid Games"
When You can't seem to live with someone and you can't imagine life without them. (Yeah it's really stupid and actually pretty annoying, but that never matters.)
The Well is Deep
Contemporary Christian
"Come Out In The Open"
Come and drink from "The Well That Is Deep. " I welcome all the weary travelers that are here and that will come ! " ...An Invitation From The Lord...The Holy God of Israel, His Son Yah'shua, Christ Jesus and His Spirit Ruach Kadosh...!
Doc Jazz
Pop Rock
"My Shoe"
Song dedicated to the Iraqi shoethrowing hero Muntathar el Zeidi! Guitar funkrock, with words that say it like it is...
Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Pop General
Lease $30, For Exclusive Rights Email Us at WEARETHEALLSPARK@GMAIL.COM
Collabs: I will be posting a couple blogs from time to time, with lyrics to songs. Should anyone be interested in using any of them & collaborating, just get in touch. Bless
I got a top 20 hit....... Thanks all: Hiya to all here on Soundclick, also to all the listeners and visitors from outside across the networks. Although I've had a few number 1's under my belt here, its still great and a cool feeling to have a song chart in the top 20, so many thanks to all for past, current and future listens and support. The current track in question is "Since You Left Me", it's one of those relationship songs that many can relate to, so I guess that has help immensely in the streams. I'm currently putting a little video together for this track. Much respect and all the best to you all. Have a fantastic wee...
Can't Believe I Just Saw This Guy On Conan: Have you ever watched and promoted someone's lame video just by chance because it illustrated the point you wanted to make? Well, that's what happened to me. I like to hang out on twitter. In fact, I'm there almost every day. Last week, I came across this article about Facebook v. twitter and why one may kill off the other. The guy who claimed it might happen even went so far as to make his own video. So I figured, why not? I'll post the silly video on my own blog (not The Spewker - I actually pen another blog that's still in its infancy and not ready to debut), voicing disagreement for my ...
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