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My life in stealth mode, never wanted the attention just blend in stealth....
artist: Drondamus
Some Doom Metal to open the Album
Music: Timj Lyrics and Vocals : Travis Watkins
The first song from the forth-coming De Profvndis Clamati release, the 'In Between Passionate Minnuendos' Ep,
artist: Jimi Sweeney
title: Withdraw
Sludgy doom metal. Mellotron, distorted guitars, deep bass and thudding drums. Clean vocals, with my voice of
artist: Psycho Metal
A Original Psycho Metal Song.. All Instruments and Vocals By Psycho Metal
artist: HOLY x MESS
Rehearsal Jam 11/19/14...
artist: Doomtrain
The end of the human race ! Inspired by the game DOOM The new song/video titled "CYBERDEMON" has Roger's frie
artist: Metalrob4662
My Epic Halloween Song for this Halloween season, All instruments and vocals by me..enjoy Happy Halloween ( F
artist: ChristAXX
title: His Cell
Christian Doom Metal
artist: johnjohn808
Although while growing up, I was highly influenced by early doom bands such as Celtic Frost, and Trouble, I n
doomdeath. melodic, sad, and dark. Tis the season for Oblivion Winters.
Melodic Doom Metal lovesong. Sad little ballad...
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Hip Hop
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[BLACKSKULL THE BAND COVERS]: Covers links Videos! The band has come out with a pictorial video for iris cover! Watch it on youtube! BLACKSKULL COVER GOO GOO DOLLS IRIS-[Acoustic OZZY] The band has come out with a pictorial video for their Nirvana Cover (Come as you are). And last, they have released a brand new cover-Empiriyum (A Pastoral Theme). Hope the songs appeal to you. Links Posted below: Empiriyum-A Pastoral Theme:- Nirvana-Come as you are:-
Newest Update: Well we dropped one in the metal charts. That's unfortunate. But we are still number 1 in thrash metal. That's the good news. We are at least the best thrash on soundclick now... The new song that became number 1 in metal, all of the sudden appeared or jumped up several positions to do it in one day. Suspicious isn't it? Things like that should not happen in the charts. I mean we got 65+ plays for our song in the charts today. So this new band got more? I don't believe it it was done fairly. But I don't know for sure. Still at a decent chart position though. I'll take it... If we sudde...
warrior king
Guitar Practice: Guitar Practice08/08/08Shoot man Ozzfest was today,I did'nt go.well there is always next year.Guitar practice 1st on my electric played some slayer "South Of Heaven" riff and licks pretty cool then I put some La Bella strings on my acoustic that took a while , my acoustic is from spain,standard tuning then played some ccol stuff mainly minor chord progressions ...I haven't changed these strings for almost a thats so crazy,isn't it?Yeah!Oh almost forgot finally got my Zakk Wylpe pedal back jammed on that alot as well practiced most of the day so its cool,later....
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