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artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy-Guitars, Bass Produced by Baker Scott
artist: Bulb
A clip showcasing a clean patch i made with the Axefx II with the 2.0c update.The main riff is actually from t
artist: Sindustry
title: Up In Flames
Sindustry with Roger Singleton on lead guitar. Still looking for a male metal singer in Grand Rapids, MI for
artist: My Liturgy
title: Excerpt 1
Dark Progressive Metal. This is an excerpt taken from the 11:25 min epic track 'Shadows Of The Eucharist' from
artist: GwB
title: Turnbuckle
It's about wrasslin', stringbean!
artist: Iron Dragon
Mystic Prophecy / Dream Evil Inspired the sort of style of the song. I was recorded for the album 'OPEN THE G
title: ZOOT A WEEZ
Tripped-out psychedelic instrumental with feedback, fusing elements of Hendrix with Zappa.
A song by the CD"Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Mix Vol.15" At hand into the Top music stores ca.Oc
title: Strange Vibe
Kind of a progressive metal twist on the The Immigrant Song. A warm up that turned into a freak jam out! Rolli
Extended metal mix of Jeremy Wooten's song "Snippet".
title: Let me go
I feel tired as f*** after this, the fadeouts a little wierd, meh, I used an old mixing method here with lots
artist: Kevin Sage
Slow, Sabbath-esque tones that morph into a Robin Trowerish solos and outro
More metal for the kiddies.
artist: Gotham Road
title: Bits of Skin
Dark, heavy, melodic
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Therapy Session
Hip Hop
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Newest Update: Ok... So number 1 in thrash didn't last long. I didn't expect it to. But humanity, a violent race made it into number 3 for thrash tonight... That's good... It kind of sucks we couldn't become number 1 in metal with corporate sleezebag. I am trying that with another track which is much better. That song will be kept secret. It's not even uploaded yet. But number 3 in thrash aint too bad... We'll see how we do tommorrow night. Stay tuned metalheads \m/...
twisted entertainment
Great chILL "In Your Spine" review @ Tempelores magazine: chILL – In Your Spine Releasedate: 01-02-2010; Label: Twisted Entertainment By: Sabine van Gameren chILL is a metal band from Finland. Their very first formation was in 1995, but not until 2006 there was a steady line up. In 2008 the band released their debut album “Controlled Chaos” and anno 2010 the promo “In Your Spine” sees light. In my review of their album “Controlled Chaos” (link) I commented this band on the fact that they were quite experimenting and not finding that surprise element in their music yet. This promo contains two songs so it is hard to judge how much this has cha...
finally, i got to upload some of my animal buddies. could not figure out the damn picture taking device, now its all chewed up. will need a new one.
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