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artist: Sindustry
title: Up In Flames
Sindustry with Roger Singleton on lead guitar. Still looking for a male metal singer in Grand Rapids, MI for
artist: Bulb
One of two clips/song ideas i wrote whilst in Mauritius, the arrangement will probably change as will some of
artist: Iron Dragon
Mystic Prophecy / Dream Evil Inspired the sort of style of the song. I was recorded for the album 'OPEN THE G
artist: Kevin Sage
Slow, Sabbath-esque tones that morph into a Robin Trowerish solos and outro
title: ZOOT A WEEZ
Tripped-out psychedelic instrumental with feedback, fusing elements of Hendrix with Zappa.
title: Thrash Thing
Fast thrash tune with a Slayer-esque breakdown/solo part. Also first time using some synths (only during the
artist: 404
High-energy straight-ahead rock n' roll
artist: Guitarboy
Drums-Rick Brunetti, Bass-Bobby 'Radar' Martin, Guitars-Guitarboy * Written by Guitarboy * Produced and Maste
artist: Ragnar III
With Mr. McKenna once again on vocals, a new sun rises.
artist: Valingen
title: Rise
A steady hard driven, riff laden, hook loaded rocker.
artist: ENERCHY
Very heavy, very humble :)
artist: KILTER
title: Hereditas
Vocals, guitars, bass by James Faulkner. Drums and arrangement by Dave Wade. Final recording and mix by Rich G
FINALLY ... fully finished version of NIACIN (WITH VOCALS!!). Free to download and listen! SPREAD THE WORD! Fr
title: Mea Culpa
7 string fuelled metal. Heavy All That Remains and Meshuggah influence.
artist: Foreshadow
a 5-minute extract from the second song taken from 'EP'. Mesmerizing Funeral Doom Art from Poland.
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Heavy Metal
"Get Out"
Progressive metal from Bergen, Norway. "... this is in fact what Metallica would have sounded like had they taken any risks in the last 15 years ..." PlanetCat. Progressive Rock Track of the Week (5Nov07) and Metal Track of the Day on
El tercer paso a punto de darse.....: The first step pass, it opens a new world to us..... the first word helps us to close the circle..... the senses take form and as the time pass we are no longer astonish..... we have won and we have lost and..... we continue walking the mistaken way?..... the beast watchs one night of sorceresses..... a new battle is begining..... Hi Everybody! We told you that the third show of Sacronas approaches, after realising the debut and the Asbury, we go to the third step in which hope thet is the beginning of an adventurous future, we hope to meet you and share the music that is the vehic...
dirty ass
New demo upcoming!: We have 4 new songs allmost ready, i think they will be ready before this summer (2009). I will post it here Soundclick, until then, KEEP IT METAL, MOTHERf***ERS!!!! (again...)
extreme hate frequency
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