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artist: Bulb
One of two clips/song ideas i wrote whilst in Mauritius, the arrangement will probably change as will some of
artist: DreamSphere
title: CARNAGE
Remix of an old Dark Dreams track from 2006. This version is faster, sounds sharper, and benefits from a new d
artist: Guitarboy
Drums-Rick Brunetti, Bass-Bobby 'Radar' Martin, Guitars-Guitarboy * Written by Guitarboy * Produced and Maste
artist: Iron Dragon
Mystic Prophecy / Dream Evil Inspired the sort of style of the song. I was recorded for the album 'OPEN THE G
artist: Sindustry
title: Up In Flames
Sindustry with Roger Singleton on lead guitar. Still looking for a male metal singer in Grand Rapids, MI for
title: Get Out
New version
artist: My Liturgy
A dark sinister instrumental with a doomy sounding atmosphere.
artist: Skot Stover
This song is about a person who has felt like he was being treated like crap and he's nearing the breaking poi
title: ZOOT A WEEZ
Tripped-out psychedelic instrumental with feedback, fusing elements of Hendrix with Zappa.
artist: Kevin Sage
Slow, Sabbath-esque tones that morph into a Robin Trowerish solos and outro
title: Roland
sample on new music
artist: F Marry Kill
D. vocals/programming Ward. guitars John Gilbert. bass
artist: Toxic Virgin
title: Broken Wings
The opener of the current album "Circle of Power"
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New Demo!: We are almost finnished with our new demo. We are mixing the final song now, You can listen to the 3 finiished songs on our page, or: www.solitude-online.com or www.myspace.com/solitudeswe
November Night's Chill: So November's here! Too bad Halloween only lasts one night! *sigh* This is my first blog entry (on this site) I have not checked my myspace in a little while, my profile died, in a sense. My birthday's coming up on the 17th. Seventeen on the seventeenth. I ponder a lot. I imagine it bores people, reading my wandering thoughts as they go on and on... Well, I'm doing what I hate that people do- assuming- I'm assuming I bore people and I'm on the brink of insanity. ...
damian ichabod
Psychotic Fury Disbanded!!!! But....: Psychotic Fury has been disbanded due to health problems related to doing regular screaming type vocals. In it's absence I have reformed my Progressive Doom metal/Melodeath sideproject "Caustic Euphony" which you can find here" http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_comments.cfm?bandID=692556
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