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artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy-Guitars, Bass Produced by Baker Scott
artist: Bulb
A clip showcasing a clean patch i made with the Axefx II with the 2.0c update.The main riff is actually from t
artist: Sindustry
title: Up In Flames
Sindustry with Roger Singleton on lead guitar. Still looking for a male metal singer in Grand Rapids, MI for
artist: Iron Dragon
Mystic Prophecy / Dream Evil Inspired the sort of style of the song. I was recorded for the album 'OPEN THE G
artist: Kevin Sage
Slow, Sabbath-esque tones that morph into a Robin Trowerish solos and outro
artist: GwB
title: Turnbuckle
It's about wrasslin', stringbean!
title: ZOOT A WEEZ
Tripped-out psychedelic instrumental with feedback, fusing elements of Hendrix with Zappa.
title: Stand
artist: My Liturgy
title: Excerpt 1
Dark Progressive Metal. This is an excerpt taken from the 11:25 min epic track 'Shadows Of The Eucharist' from
artist: Cycle of 3
Internal struggle.
title: 5:15
Steve Lieberman played guitars, basses, alto trombone, bass trombone, tenor trombone, melodica, beatmachines
title: Thrash Thing
Fast thrash tune with a Slayer-esque breakdown/solo part. Also first time using some synths (only during the
artist: Ragnar III
With Mr. McKenna once again on vocals, a new sun rises.
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Sad Tear: Sad tear (part I°) There was once..and there is not now more. ". the time was beautiful in which he believed to the fables" it said. The words flowed along her mouth and they went out out as a river in flood; she didn't even succeed in fully gathering the meaning of that that was saying. Nevertheless it was convinced of this. "The fables are good for the persons in love and I deluded him. " every sentence was lapidary, as a stele on which the history of the world was written. As soon as the discourse took foot, inside of her something revolutionary rose: the doubt. The doubt i...
HI. I welcome myself to Soundclick....: Wazzup Folks! I'm new on soundclick, and i like the concept of this 'musical social network'. It's a welcome break from orkut, facebook, hi5, et al. I'm not by any account a great singer, guitarist or keyboardist, but i try... At least i dont suck at it. I'll start uploading some of my music in a month or two. I hope you'll be back then to listen/comment. Also, please feel free to add me in your friends list, or suggest good songs for me to hear... Any genre... any artist... Looking forward to continue 'SoundClicking' in the future... Cheers, Akhil...
Angelika and Demons
The Crow: Yesterday I managed to buy this great gothic movie on DVD and was really impressed with it's style, dark aura and humanity... I do understand why it is called one of the best, a real masterpiece, it made me cry in the end, with the final words about eternal love... The movie inspired me to write a new song, which is called The Crow.
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