Gummy Beatz
Owl Hours (Future/JuicyJ/Drake)
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artist: Bulb
One of two clips/song ideas i wrote whilst in Mauritius, the arrangement will probably change as will some of
artist: Iron Dragon
Mystic Prophecy / Dream Evil Inspired the sort of style of the song. I was recorded for the album 'OPEN THE G
artist: Sindustry
title: Up In Flames
Sindustry with Roger Singleton on lead guitar. Still looking for a male metal singer in Grand Rapids, MI for
artist: Kevin Sage
Slow, Sabbath-esque tones that morph into a Robin Trowerish solos and outro
artist: Guitarboy
Drums-Rick Brunetti, Bass-Bobby 'Radar' Martin, Guitars-Guitarboy * Written by Guitarboy * Produced and Maste
title: ZOOT A WEEZ
Tripped-out psychedelic instrumental with feedback, fusing elements of Hendrix with Zappa.
artist: Gotham Road
title: Bits of Skin
Dark, heavy, melodic
artist: 404
High-energy straight-ahead rock n' roll
artist: Toxic Virgin
title: Broken Wings
The opener of the current album "Circle of Power"
artist: Chattbox
Lyrics and music written by Shane Chatterton © 2005 Chattbox Productions
artist: Saturated
title: Anger
Er.. what can I say.. I was angry when I wrote it..
title: Exile
A darker sounding song... Hopefully I captured the emotions of being driven away and screaming about the pain
title: V. Tomorrow
Part 5 of the Hodgkins story. This one features my opera-trained baby sister Maria on the co-lead vocals.
artist: Str8jackit
This sh*** is sick!!!!
artist: Valingen
title: Rise
A steady hard driven, riff laden, hook loaded rocker.
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