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This was inspired by our song, The Dragon. It's meaner, nastier, and full of fire.
artist: Draconian
The demoversion of this song, recorded in 2002, got mucg better than the final albumversion in 2003, therefore
artist: The Sins
title: Day I Die
Explosive track off the brand new release, "The Last One Kills"
artist: Ashtar
This is a heavier song with solid distortion guitars, but pervated with beautiful passages of intertwined flut
www.myspace.com/anemonia - Live @ Kola Note 20 aout - august 20th
artist: Soul Dirt
title: Karma
Somehow things always make their way back... #1 in Goth Metal, #3 in Metal
Dedicated to Alexis and Francoise Van Eeckhout.
artist: Evadne
sad and painful passages fulls of dark atmospheres and melancholic chantssad and painful passages fulls of dar
artist: Metalrob4662
Heavy Rhythm Staccato Guitar with Synth backround, then a quiet passage, which kicks into a solo. Very short b
artist: Poitin
title: Pagan Pride
Trad Scottish meets goth metal- Poitin/Mortal Destiny collaboration
title: Illusions
Illusions, illusions... not always things are as they seems...not evenfeelings
artist: Dremora
Female Fronted Symphonic Metal from America akin to Nightwish. THIS IS A LOW QUALITY SAMPLE! Visit us at:
title: Dead Silence
With endless sorrow in our hearts We pass the point of no return
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JAXX!!!: so my old band Dead Impulse had an AMAZING FUCKING SHOW at this club called JAXX in Springfield VA. I want to say it was the best show they've ever played. there was more moshing in their 30 minute set than I've ever seen from 100 people in my entire life. It was truly amazing and I would like to thank our dear friend Frank the tank and his band Beyond The Call for supplying hookah before the show....
twisted entertainment
Great chILL "In Your Spine" review @ Tempelores magazine: chILL – In Your Spine Releasedate: 01-02-2010; Label: Twisted Entertainment By: Sabine van Gameren chILL is a metal band from Finland. Their very first formation was in 1995, but not until 2006 there was a steady line up. In 2008 the band released their debut album “Controlled Chaos” and anno 2010 the promo “In Your Spine” sees light. In my review of their album “Controlled Chaos” (link) I commented this band on the fact that they were quite experimenting and not finding that surprise element in their music yet. This promo contains two songs so it is hard to judge how much this has cha...
the alien radio
ANTYKATHERA ,the new song, "BENEATH THE ICE": ANTYKATHERA ,the new song, "BENEATH THE ICE" is ice cold,eerie melodies, and sweet sounding guitars this song will put a crack head at ease!!!!!!
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