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This was inspired by our song, The Dragon. It's meaner, nastier, and full of fire.
artist: Draconian
The demoversion of this song, recorded in 2002, got mucg better than the final albumversion in 2003, therefore
the story of my visit to the Afterlife while in a coma to save me from dying of leukemia-induced pneumonia. th
title: Last Emotion
A more up-tempo song. Female vocals on the outro were performed by the beautiful Talitha O'Rourke.
title: Zekey Zombie
This song was used in the movie "Graveyard".It was originally on the "Horror on St.Lime's Hill" CD.
artist: Sea of Rains
title: Monologue
The version included in the CD "Sadness and Civilization"
Heavy f***ing Metal
This is the 6th song in Sojourn Of Faith. It's still demo, but got all the parts, in a nearly complete state.
artist: Others
The dead return to eat your brains…
title: Voices
From the EP Voices (2007), the first cd featuring the new vocalist Kemmi.
title: Initiation
the initiation never ends part of it is loyalty
artist: Dremora
Female Fronted Symphonic Metal from America akin to Nightwish. THIS IS A LOW QUALITY SAMPLE! Visit us at:
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JAXX!!!: so my old band Dead Impulse had an AMAZING FUCKING SHOW at this club called JAXX in Springfield VA. I want to say it was the best show they've ever played. there was more moshing in their 30 minute set than I've ever seen from 100 people in my entire life. It was truly amazing and I would like to thank our dear friend Frank the tank and his band Beyond The Call for supplying hookah before the show....
Folie a deux: When I first saw you on the wrong side of the tracks, there was something in your eyes said I should have your back. Maybe it's my empathy for the damned. Can't help it baby, it's just who I am. CHORUS: It takes a madman like me to dig a monster like you, but madness is the name of that tune, Jennifer. It takes a monster like me to dig the madness that's you, and I'd gladly dance to the tune of you, Jennifer. Let's take this damn thing for a ride. You be my Bonnie, baby, you know I'm your Clyde (right turn, Clyde.) I know you'd like to see them bringing out their dead. W...
Metall Kopf Tussi immer!!!!!!
Ohne Dich geht aus zu mein Freundin..: Ich werde in die Tannen gehen Dahin wo ich sie zuletzt gesehen Doch der Abend wirft ein Tuch aufs Land und auf die Wege hinterm Waldesrand Und der Wald er steht so schwarz und leer Weh mir, oh weh Und die Voegel singen nicht mehr Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein Ohne dich Mit dir bin ich auch allein Ohne dich Ohne dich zaehl ich die Stunden ohne dich Mit dir stehen die Sekunden Lohnen nicht Auf den Aesten in den Graeben ist es nun still und ohne Leben Und das Atmen faellt mir ach so schwer Weh mir, oh weh Und die Voegel singen nicht mehr Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein Oh...
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