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title: DOUBLE X
Victor Salazar on drums
title: OVER LIE'S
artist: Sindustry
To hear more tracks featuring Sinnister: This is a free death met
Slowgrind - death/metal band hailing out of Edinburg/Mission Texas. One of the most brutal death metal bands t
artist: Metalrob4662
Very DArk Sounding riffs and vocals
artist: L.C. Luther
title: Vengeance
Just a one time take. I didn't put that much time into it, but it till ended up sounding quite good. I made a
artist: Poidaobi
A tone test with the 5150. 4 Rhythm Tracks using Lead Channel no Boost. VST Piano used to replace Acoustic I
artist: MickeM
New version! Still cursed with the fate of never ever being able to play awesomely... Well it's kinda awesome.
Evil dark possessed vocals combined with black metallic guitars,raging classical piano,and keyboard Satanic am
artist: Vrykolakas
promo traxx for Vrykolakas 2nd album 'unleashing Vrykolakas Upon Mankind'
artist: Xaars Deciet
Black/deathmetal with a touch of doom
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Smooth - Keep Up
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rock candy
Destroying The World: They think they're so smart-Look!See what we've done? We're almost there, soon we'll touch the sun Do you see it just takes your breath away But what if I like breathing this way We take it all out, put nothing back in Then wonder why we're in the shape we're in But, it's everybody else, there's nothing I can do Besides if they do it, then why not me, too? We're destroying the world. Well, how do you do, what can you do for me? Try to lock it up but it always breaks free Does anyone remember the Golden Rule? Of course they do, see- their bags are full Are there people reall...
New Song : Saline for Solace (Demo): Check it out. It's the first demo by Saints of the Fallen. Drums need a lot of work. And the solo is a little messy. And it needs lead vocals. It does have however : Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums & Backing Vocals. The genre of the band is Dark Alternative and this song is Goth Metal. The lyrics have been posted along with the song. So check it out and leave your comments and rate it please! Thank you in advance [go there]     [post a comment]
Poem for my wife. 4/17/2008: For My Kealoha: You are the Light in my Eyes, Stars in my Skies, the Smile on my Face, & the Love “Inside” my Inner Space!!! I Love You Always & Forever, All the Way, Each & Every Single Day!!! I’ll be there for You Whenever You Need , That’s Why I got Down on Bended Knee!!! I Look @ You & What Do I See? A GREAT & WONDERFUL LOVE , THAT’S RETURNED TO & FOR ME!!! ALWAYS & FOREVER YOURS , ...
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