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artist: Sindustry
To hear more tracks featuring Sinnister: www.soundclick.com/sinnisterthedarkchylde. This is a free death met
title: DOUBLE X
Victor Salazar on drums
A furious Death Metal track about sexual offences against the mindless
title: OVER LIE'S
Atmospheric metal with a crapload of synths and samples, clean vocals combined with grunts and screams.. W
artist: thinkpad20
Just getting it up there for certain people to hear... obvious this needs a bit of fleshing out.
artist: ChristAXX
Christian Death Metal
Pharaoh's Empire. Part IV The Bloodline of The Pharaoh. 11 minutes long of madness
artist: Metalrob4662
Very DArk Sounding riffs and vocals
title: New Delirium
New technical brutal death metal song from Hedonistic Exility (Ukraine). Something pretty old turned into some
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Angelika and Demons
1408 (by King) - humour and horror: I was curious to watch the movie because adore Steven King and because have written a script close by topic to it (“Hotel California” – hope one day I’ll translate it into English). Wanted to compare my script and the movie. Well, at first I was a little disappointed because it started as a comedy and a main hero (a writer of horror stories) looked like a typical comic personage. I was afraid that this will not be a horror movie at all (which I expected to see) but just an easy comedy. No, it was just a beginning and later I enjoyed it, because there was a really good horror too. I’d say it’s...
Angelika and Demons
New radio stations are playing Angelika & Demons: Please check out the stations, all of them are great, sure you'll find something to your taste. Angelika & Demons + Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis? Yes, it is real! Radio Rock UK - The Best Music You Ever Heard 1970s' British Rock and Progressive and New Progressive Music Oxford, United Kingdom Radio Rock UK broadcasts a mixture of British classic rock and progressive music from the 1970s with some 60s and a little 80s. Radio Rock UK plays the tracks that other stations no longer play: the forgotten tracks and the long twenty minute or even thirty minute tracks. This station loo...
ENGINEERS: graduate school is not for you (if you don’t mean it): Recently I was asked a question regarding going to graduate school. The Indian friend asked the following: “listen my frnd has appeard 4 GRE he wants to noe wh subject vll be gud to do his masters??? he has done his engineering in ELECTRONICS...so.. he vll be cmin down to ur COUNTRY DER..” My reply goes out to Indians and all recently graduated engineers. That’s a tough question to answer. Your friend needs to focus on getting his P.E. you do not need a masters for that. Masters should be to pursue your passions in study. As an undergraduate I took masters level classes and one...
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