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artist: Black 13
Variations on a familiar theme
A big thanks to all the folk here at Soundclick who've listened to this and got it to #1 - it's really appreci
cover of one of Dream Theater's most well known songs.
title: Darth Vegeta
A blend of the Vegeta Theme from the DragonBall Z soundtrack, the Imperial March from Star Wars, and a guitar
artist: Wildoomus
The Dutch national anthem Wilhelmus... in a doom / death metal version
An epic cinematic take on the classic gothic fantasy.
Music is done by Da Schehf and the vocals are by colonist pOOp
artist: Anindya Bose
title: Paranoid
Black Sabbath song.My favourite so I did it in a casual way.
'BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN' guitarist, Justin Catrow, doing a cover of the 'ARCH ENEMY' song 'Marching On A Dead End
title: Powerslave
Cover of Iron Maiden song
artist: fruitloop
title: Powerslave
Iron Maiden cover from the album 'Powerslave'.
Party like a rockstar - shop boys metal cover vocals later..
A song that I'm working on and needs a little work.
A Deicide cover that I got a friend named Elf of chaos from to do the vocals for.
Thousand Years Of Oppression cover Me(guitar) computer(drums&bass)
artist: Rya1
A song by Bodom for a change?
artist: Ozan Gerger
title: Trooper
This is a Maiden cover and the song is the Trooper
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Open minded or not? : Open minded or not? There are times that I would like to think that I am, but the reality is that I am not always “open-mined”. This -I would dare say- is something that I have constantly wrestled with. A good example is my experience with music and being in a band. When working with other people, there are many other opinions to take into consideration even if you do not agree with them. In my case, I have become so wrapped up in my own ideas that I completely disregarded the creativity of others. At times, I really didn’t see it in that respect, and completely ignored the ideas of others. It...
I do NOT care about Beyonce's MTV video!!! Arrggh.: What is it with all these horrid advertisements they've been spamming all over Soundclick lately? While I understand Soundclick relies on banner advertising to pay its bills, it doesn't make these any less irritating. Quite frankly - I really despise MTV with a passion. It's just part of the same corporate machine that sues everything with a pulse for copyright trangressions. The RIAA deserves a painful death. The large record labels deserve it as well. Ditto for Disclaimer: When I say painful death, I mean 'eradication as a corporate entity'. Obviously I'm not talking ...
Butch Vig manages to take everything I love and turn it into sh** . What is it about major labels that kills art? I don't know how he does it. Maybe I'm overreacting and I just don't know any better, but I just heard Against Me!'s new CD and I think I died a little bit.
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