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artist: Javi Perera
That's my personal cover for this great song.
artist: DRUOX
title: What is Love
A metal version of this song. =D
artist: Lyxx
Recorded in August 2008 in Manhattan NYC. Lyxx are Andrew David (Guitar), Adam Tempkin (Guitar), Russ Tyler (B
title: wasted years
thanks to Gibson5413 for the backing track... you've done a great job...
artist: Greg Pope
Test useing superior 2.0
A big thanks to all the folk here at Soundclick who've listened to this and got it to #1 - it's really appreci
title: Darth Vegeta
A blend of the Vegeta Theme from the DragonBall Z soundtrack, the Imperial March from Star Wars, and a guitar
Music is done by Da Schehf and the vocals are by colonist pOOp
artist: Bad Andy
title: Paranoid
Early metal written by Ozzy and company.
title: The Hobbit
Revision of my cover for Blind Guardian's 'The Bard's Song - The Hobbit.'
'BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN' guitarist, Justin Catrow, doing a cover of the 'ARCH ENEMY' song 'Marching On A Dead End
artist: LuisM
title: The Ripper
Judas Priest Cover
title: Zelda Medley
artist: MeinHerz
Cover de éste genial tema de Avalanch (El Ángel caído, 2001)
A Deicide cover that I got a friend named Elf of chaos from to do the vocals for.
artist: Rya1
A song by Bodom for a change?
artist: Faiq
Cover song
Cover of Metallica's one - with shooter on vox and Elvis on lead
artist: Frozen Mist
The first Frozen Mist cover song from the melodic death metal band Serpentia. Awesome f-u-c-kin' band I might
artist: Corey Acord
This is an arrangement I did for Europe's "Final Countdown"
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New Song Up: New song freshly recorded in the studio Dirty Little Dozen we recorded it a few weeks ago.Give us your feedback please.We recorded it with our friend skinny in his studio Blue Logic Studio,was f*** ing awesome we had a blast cant wait to record again we will be recording Besides One again cuz it was recorded with the old members.Out With the old in With the New.Anyways we are looking forward to hearing your comments so please comment on anything we post vids (which will be coming soon) mp3s just so we know what you like and what you dont like. Thank for your time EVILUTION...
AMUC: Baptism (Format Sea): The second track from AMUC's Dead In Water has been uploaded to Soundclick. This one runs over ten minutes long, and just BARELY squeaked by under the maximum file size that Soundclick allows. It's the second part of a multi-song suite entitled Format Sea that starts off the album. (The self-titled track is the first.) Did I mention it's a free download?
More links for Unleashing Vengeance: I've decided to blog during the day too here... Gonna talk about unleashing vengeance some more... We have a small twitter following online. Not a lot of followers, less than 300, but still pretty decent for an indie band. We have 400+ soundcloud followers on our soundcloud site. We recently uploaded new music to that site so check it out. (The links to both sites are below) twitter: soundcloud:
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