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artist: Rosleck
title: Restless
Cover of Within Temptations Restless
Original Artist: Different Touch Covered by: Baezid Farabi Khan Guitars, bass, vocals and drums by: Baezid F
artist: LeoBurgg
Don't you know that you're toxic? Leo- Guitar, Screams, Production, Mixing. Scott-Guitar, Overdubs, Vocals,
"Faint" off of Linkin Park's Meteoroa album.
artist: Nitsuj
An excerpt of a TESTAMENT classic off the 'First Strike Still Deadly' album. Its one of the few albums whose
artist: DRUOX
title: What is Love
A metal version of this song. =D
artist: Plankis
Did a cover from Ocarina of Time. Gerudo Valley was my favourite place because of this song. Oh, such memories
artist: pixfix
Using an ENGL with Celestion V30 speakers and a Shure SM57 close miced impulse.
artist: Wildoomus
The Dutch national anthem Wilhelmus... in a doom / death metal version
Music is done by Da Schehf and the vocals are by colonist pOOp
'BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN' guitarist, Justin Catrow, doing a cover of the 'ARCH ENEMY' song 'Marching On A Dead End
New Mix: 1/14/08 - Bass was a little too hot.
Cover of Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark
A true Priest classic given our own loving treatment - remixed on Robert's bus!
artist: sKewD
An Avenged Sevenfold cover my friend Josh and I decided to do. This version is instrumental but he is working
artist: LuisM
title: The Ripper
Judas Priest Cover
title: Zelda Medley
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31.01.2010 Winterbach: Jawoll wir tuns mal wieder und dann gleich als Vorband fuer Living Colour ( ! Das ist fast nich zum Aushalten ! Dennoch: Am 31.01.2010 20 Uhr in Winterbach / Lehenbachhalle Also wir freuen uns !
--The Program--: I've added another fantastic composition to the Vector Knights music page. It's called "The Program." Get with it.
Back to Haunt You: Two blogs in the same day? Not quite, it's quite exactly one minute until... Yea, it's midnight now. Ha! No, I don't know why I titled the blog entry as such. It just seemed like a good idea at th time and I'm not going back to change it because it reeks of intrigue and makes me sound as if I had some kind of topic in mind when I started writing this. Mind you, if I ever did all traces of it are gone by now. In case you'd like to know I'm listening to "freak music" right now. Specifically Switchblade Symphony Radio at which is a place you should visit- go it'll do yo...
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