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Original Artist: Different Touch Covered by: Baezid Farabi Khan Guitars, bass, vocals and drums by: Baezid F
More Scorpions (Rough mix)
artist: Nitsuj
My first and also the last attempt in miking up the Mark IV for lead guitar tones. Just can't handle the loud
artist: Anikillion
This a cover of "Master of Puppets" from "Metallica". It's some kind of different, cause of the voice. Hope yo
My metal cover/remix of the Team Fortress 2 theme song. Line 6 Vetta II/ Superior
Found a backing track and used my Blackstar HT-5 line out to record my guitar tracks.
artist: Damage Inc
Recorded live at Paladinos on May 24th, 2008
artist: VeRy MeTaL
A Priest classic destined to become a VeRy MeTaL classic \m/
title: 29. Mitch
Week 29 - Hate Crew Deathroll - Intro & Solo
artist: DRUOX
title: What is Love
A metal version of this song. =D
A big thanks to all the folk here at Soundclick who've listened to this and got it to #1 - it's really appreci
Thrusting trouser rock from long ago!
title: Darth Vegeta
A blend of the Vegeta Theme from the DragonBall Z soundtrack, the Imperial March from Star Wars, and a guitar
Music is done by Da Schehf and the vocals are by colonist pOOp
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Therapy Session
Hip Hop
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Power Metal
"Parallel Universe 2017 by Guitarboy"
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come back: Is she coming back - I don't think so It seemed pretty final when she walked out the door She always said she would leave But I believe it this time 'Cause when she left, the suitcase she had was mine Yeah, we had a problem - everybody does But I'm the only thing that our problem was I did too much, but not enough in hopes that we would last Moved too far ahead, and left her in the past And now she's gone I couldn't see she was the one But I'm so much smarter now I've got to win her back somehow Maybe she'll come back if I promise to change There is so much in my life I'll ...
Angelika and Demons
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!: Dear friends, wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let all your dreams will come true! We have a real New Year Tree at home this time, I adore the smell. It's a very very beautiful. And I have got lovely gifsts, one of them is a professional sound card M-Audio Audiophile 2496 for my home studio. Hope your gifts are great too. Kisses Angelika
Potion13 has 1 MILLION plays on!: We're thrill about it! Over a million play on This is awsome!! Thanks to all the listeners!! and the host!! We appreciate it a lot!!! Cheers, Danielle, Potion13
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