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artist: Moon'sFire
Es una maqueta de la intro de Preludio obsesivo de Walter Giardino. Desde Luego, hay errores groseros que teng
This song is rediculous,,,,RacerX is rediculous! I tried... haha// chopchop!
Rough mix of our upcoming cover of Periphery's Icarus Lives.
artist: Fate Wheel
Our Version of Halo's theme song.
artist: REXMAN316
Remix of Rammstein's Du Hast
Just something I was working on in my spare time while playing with samples and keyboard effects.. Didn't get
artist: Devastus
Sword Master (NES) intro song remixed.
Yet another Scorpions cover. I promise this will be the last. Mind you I recorded all the guitar parts about 3
artist: Mindhive
This is the second cover I recorded. I'm always coming across string covers of electric guitar songs, so I tho
this is the final version. believe me. It's a lady gaga cover. fuuuuuu
Original Artist: Different Touch Covered by: Baezid Farabi Khan Guitars, bass, vocals and drums by: Baezid F
artist: Smeros
One of my favorites true Heavy Metal songs, with outstanding vocals, guitars, rythm and lyrics. Enjoy!
Short mixtest of Tesseract's Concealing fate part II
artist: LeoBurgg
More Black Dahlia Murder. Leo- All Vocals, All Instruments: Bass, Guitars, Drums.
After months of owning the guitar, I think I have finally tweaked my way to an awesome tone. Here's a quick cl
artist: ALAN K
title: War Pigs
My MIDI cover version of Faith No Mores version of Black Sabbaths song War Pigs.
Cover of Survivor's 1983 classic Eye of the Tiger
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Heavy Metal
"Get Out"
Progressive metal from Bergen, Norway. "... this is in fact what Metallica would have sounded like had they taken any risks in the last 15 years ..." PlanetCat. Progressive Rock Track of the Week (5Nov07) and Metal Track of the Day on Garageband.com.
Kelly McKee
Heavy Metal
"Cities' Metamorphosis"
Should men, by the natural rights of man, ever be subject to being thrown into an Romanesque arena, where they must fight for the very survival of their kind, in a democratic republic? (14.36min)
Fractured Spine
Doom Metal
Atmospheric, melodic deathdoom metal from Hameenlinna, Finland.
Angelika and Demons
If you like the music: Now, if you like what you hear and wish to support the project, take a banner and post it to your page! More banners are here: http://members.soundclick.com/shareImg/78268 Thank you! Kisses Angelika
DIABOLIC Live @ The Crowbar Ybor City Tampa Florida 4/17/2010 : Salem Rose Music Publishing has announced its publishing cooperation with DIABOLIC. The Tampa, Florida-basedoutfit has a long and credible standing within the death metal underground with their origins dating back to 1996 when drummer Aantar Coates formed the band. Since then, the group has released five albums under the Diabolic name with their latest, Excisions of Exorcisms, to be released April 20th. "Diabolic is pleased to announce that we have forged a new alliance with Salem Rose Music!" exclaims guitarist Kelly McLauchlin. "From Marco's experience working at the top metal record lab...
Black Shamrock Music
Auditions: In the interest of touring to support the next CD (tentative release date 10/31/09), we're auditioning bassists and drummers with whom to record said CD. This is easier said than done - there seems to be a dearth of skilled drummers in this city. You can find posers, wannabees, and amateurs by the thousands, but try finding one guy who can play anything from 70's funk to modern Death Metal and you've got your work cut out for you. If or when this guy is found, odds are he's either an asshole or committed to another project full-time. Really hoping we stumble upon a woodshedding Genius o' t...
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