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Heavy Metal
"Get Out"
Progressive metal from Bergen, Norway. "... this is in fact what Metallica would have sounded like had they taken any risks in the last 15 years ..." PlanetCat. Progressive Rock Track of the Week (5Nov07) and Metal Track of the Day on
Fractured Spine
Doom Metal
Atmospheric, melodic deathdoom metal from Hameenlinna, Finland.
A sample of `Subway-collapsed tunnel`: A space letting more light through, and down which blood and piss and brown scum and sea-water trickled in no hurry, like a spring oozing from a hillside, a living crevice... maybe fifty feet deep and at the bottom of it he saw parts of security guards. the lady perhaps alive, seeming to wriggle with life but maybe just shaken by the twitching around her, The man split open, you could see the yellow fat through the ruptured belly, a mock layer cake of exposed fat and intestinal tissue garnished by a splintered rib......
relliK fOllA
The first song is up!: Go easy guys.. I just put up the first rough draft of the first song for my project, It's lightly mixed but ultimately not the sound I want for the project.. also there's no vocals or solo in it yet as both haven't been written.. enjoy!
fragile baby doll
The Past 9 Months: Well i had the best friends i have ever made right there. and then i u and moved didnt i. i miss them all sooo much especially karl!!! he is and always will be!!! i cry everytime i think of him his music means soooo much to me you should check it out. i will share it with you. but remember he is my bes friend and i wont share him!!!
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