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artist: bigheadood
Ibanez 7321 with X2N7 bridge pickup.
Recorded live in the studio with my TSL 100 and Wolfgang
artist: David Johan
title: The Long One
First song i ever wrote!
artist: Corey Acord
This is an arrangement I did for Europe's "Final Countdown"
artist: Wicker(irl)
Just the first 2 mins of the song.
artist: Sani
Friend from Croatian music forum did the vocals..Up The Irons!
artist: Kevin Sage
title: Aces High
As recorded by my band, Powerslave. Visit us on the web at: or here at Soundclick
A cover of a fantastic Iron Maiden Classic, Where Eagles DARE!!!
Was fcuking around with recording.....totally BSed the solo, mwahaha, give it a listen
artist: Caelifer
cover from metallica's cool song, we f*** up in the end though
artist: Metalslave
I still need somebody to sing on it, but in the meantime, here's everything else.
artist: ElTrapoABM
My New Cover of this Metal Anthem, Redone And Rock¬°¬°
artist: Ian Fain
Great Van Halen cover. One of my favorite VH songs.
artist: Omnistatic
It's the rock legend of zelda.... triforce and stuff.
artist: mxblackout
The Backing track came from an issue of total guitar. Recorded through the usb out of my podXT live
This is an older recording of GORILLAS GONE MAD!!!!!!!
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James Marciniec- New CD Etched in Stone- Complete: Hello, Finally put Together Songs for a New Cd Called Etched in Stone. I have limited first run copies with some Covers on it. The Regular Version Is all Originals. In the Process Of Possible i-Tune Distrubution and Actual Cd with cool Jacket Pressings. Have a Great Summer!! JIM Marciniec
AMUC: Baptism is next, but..: The AMUC track for Baptism will be posted shortly, but there may be a problem. It runs over ten minutes long, and I'm not sure if I can squeak it in under the maximum file size that Soundclick allows for its songs. I might have to (shudder) edit it down a little bit. Blah.
Black Shamrock Music
You're hired!: Happy to welcome malley and A.T. to DEATHMOBILE. This should be an interesting summer to say the least!
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