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i need producers/composers: hey everybody, i have a lot of music that i'm working on and i could really use some help. i don't have the best knowledge on music in the production kind of way so that's why i need help. producers, composers, singers, and anybody looking for lyrics please respond. i write: hip- hop, reggaeton, country, acoustic, and pop.
Teddy Gramoz Beat's: Check out my Baby Page his a Producer /Engineering/Artist he has new banging beats for Sale on his page for custom beats conduct him at
KICK THE CAN: This is the overused phrase of the last SIX YEARS! nobama has refused to submit a budget, breaking the law 6 years running, and our cowardly ELECTED officials refuse to hold him to the law. We have to obey the laws. They do not! Kick the can...they all want to do that so they will be retired with that MAGNIFICENT GOVERNMENT PENSION. OR TWO before My America, my country, finally drops down to 3rd world status. It will happen, and it is happening now! Gas is over $3.25 a gallon and BACON IS 9.00 DOLLARS A POUND. NINE F'N DOLLAR A POUND FOR BACON!!!!! BACON IS FOOD........IT IS FOOD PEOPLE.......
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