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artist: Maurizio
Not really a Tango, is it? Name sounded cool and the picture....
A beautiful acoustic guitar duet...... Dedicated to my friend Terri Benning whose kind words inspired me to c
artist: Legran
2008©Legran ISWC T-0425366659 (Authorized Version). Arranged & Composed by RamonT Berenguer for 'LATIN COMPLET
artist: Klementiya
Tango - secret, which dance two. Borches has named a tango 'vertical expression of horizontal desire'.
artist: Jean Custeau
Traditional tango lead by accordion performed by Didier Dumoutier & violin performed by Isabelle Lessard, back
title: Cowboy Tango
Kind of a dig at a cowboy band playing a tango. Hey, it could happen.
artist: Bert Alink
title: Sensuel
I'm afraid I did cut a bit too much of the end.
The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: R&B
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wuzza ppl: gracias por visitar mi pagina deja tu opinion sobre mi musica aki o mandame un e-mail
free at last!!: It has been at least TEN YEARS since I have played a pink Floyd song. Like Aerosmith, they were/are a staple of the NASTY CORPORATE PLAY IT EVERY 45 MINUTES rock stations. The biggest offender in Tampa has finally seen the light/heard the word. They switched to all talk. Most of the talkers suck. Better than "walk this way" every 45 minutes, sweet home aBalama, free bird, southern man BLAH X 3. I now, TODAY, finally want to hear a Floyd song! Wish me luck as I am going in!!!!...
Pass the tartar sauce: Donna was gutted liks a fish on Dec 8th. From her breasts to the good china and then down both legs. She is walking around better and starting today.... b*** ing! That is a good sign..
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