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made it thru another blizzard: It took me all day yesterday to dig out of this blizzard, still have some to go. I was using a snow thrower but when it petered out on me the rest had to be done with a shovel. There were 4 ft. drifts I had to use the shovel on. The winds were howling, the snow drifting with temps at -15°F with -40°F wind chills. Thanks to hollofill™ insulated underwear I didn't even feel the cold.
Maybe Time For A Break: I think after a couple of more tunes to complete, I'm going to take a break. Since July I've written and recorded 20 jazz tunes on the guitar. I find myself needing to do other things for a change besides sitting,playing and recording. I used to go fishing and do plenty of outdoor activity. This year I haven't been out once. I don't want this thing becoming an obsession as if it wasn't already and I need to break away from it. The problem with being a musician is that there's always the next tune to write, arrange and record. You just want to see what's around the next bend or on the other ...
on a lighter side: need to catch up on sleep? No problem! Now you too can sleep up to 20 hrs anywhere anytime without the side effects of drugs. Hell I fell a sleep standing up (not recommended). Need to shed a few pounds in a hurry? Not a problem. Lose 2-5 pounds or more only in a couple of days. Guaranteed! Why food never tasted so bad and stuffing your face won't be a problem anymore for the duration. Tired of those sweet, sugary drinks, coffee or alcohol? Now a glass of water never tasted so a matter of fact you will want another and then another. For a low low, low, low introductory pric...
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