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artist: German Bense
video of this song: Letra e Musica GERMAN BENSE Voz, Violao, Piano
artist: Klaatu (CT)
This one is a old composition of mine, already published in this site.What makes this really be interesting th
#1 on's Alternative Emo & #1 on Acoustic Vocals & #2 on Rock Unplugged & #2 on Lain Jazz & #2 O
Instrumental featuring Talkamine Santa Fe,Roland fp-5 Synthetics
Best alternative to a chill pill
Featuring Tony Marsh on Guitar
Tweak teams up with Christina and Glen for this song. Glen sent me the lyrics in April, I put it to a bossa-l
A Gentle Kiss...Two Hearts Beating Fast...The Time Stands Still...No Future Or Past...
This tune is a relaxed bossa nova.
artist: Le Bassiste
title: Trombeta
A nice Bossa to dance on with your love, who does'nt like that!
A Holiday Bossa song (LP 6:00) for the Coconut Blues Club Christmas Showcase starting December 23, 2013 at CBC
title: Sem Asas
Goa's amazing hidden talent
title: Moonlight
Cool Bossa Nova Jazz
Relaxed Bossa Nova - Music, arrangement and mix Master Peo.
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Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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epifania: story of ma life..part1 Current mood: crushed Category: wit out purpose Life it hurts 2 see ya hurt i tot id b over it.. not apparently , all ta tings u did, all ta sh** u said, still playin in ma mind, can tell ya i forgot, why not? cuz lov can never b forgoten... she hurt u bad, like u broke ma heart,.. feels bad, don it? i knew karma would come back around i nver wished u no harm,.. buh lies can charm... u never took ta time, she never even cared... u hurt ma pride, buh she f*** ed up ur mind... let me tell u, u didnt apre...
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Harry's back asi q recojete palomon: Ya tu sabe tamos ready pal q kiera tirarse o unirse... Off Duty coming soon rompiendo la compe.... donde los play y downloads se frizan jajajaja
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