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artist: DJ Shaw-t
Free song by Los Xplosivos ft. DeXperience - Party and Bull$#;). For more check and follow on Twit
(c) by Syntopia Music & Apparition Album: Sands Of Time
Prod. By the beat making wonder & DinamicoBeatz
artist: Sandy P
This one talks about being in love with someone that doesn´t love you back...
artist: Doug Buche
about dancing to many types of music
artist: Lefty (UK)
title: Cuckoo
A song about how we are all plagued by indecision and mental illness
artist: jerry morris
title: Love You So
He's swearing his love to her and the world.
Bill Camarota keyboards, Jay Blum keyboards & guitar, drum programming Michael Rodgers
Composed: Cizco & Pito Pas Produced By: Dj Zec "El Magnifico" Beat By: Tupac "Smile" DOWNLOAD SONG HQ
title: Fool For You
Love is just for fools, they say.It must be true if we are still willing to fall for it.
Show de covers latinos pop para eventos empresariales y sociales. Juan Cruz (voz/imitador) - Daniel Di Bel
Salsa. Canta Luchito Muñoz. Homenaje a Frankie Ruiz. Trujillo - Perú
Written by MV
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Mid West
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LiL Medics Beats
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HIP HOP'S PREDESTINATION WAS TO SERVE AS A POLITICAL MOVEMENT:: "Well, a lot of people within government and big business are nervous of Hip Hop and Hip Hop artists, because they speak their minds. They talk about what they see and what they feel and what they know. They reflect what's around them" Afrika Bambaataa
I am not the droid you are looking for: I was at a meeting yesterday, a person thought that THIS was a good time to belittle me. It was not a good time. It is never a good time. WHY would a person attack another? I have a lightning quick mind and a razor sharp tongue. I could have shut this person up and made “it” cry for “it’s” mother. I left the meeting instead as I do not want to be responsible for ANY hard feelings. You will not always catch me in such a mood. Consider yourself a tolerated fool. This happened again. How long will I check my temper? You have already worn your welcome.... go home Please, go home and rethink you...
Wow: I have lived in Florida for twenty years. Major beach time, Key West, Jamaica, Sanibel, Clearwater, Bahamas, ETECETERA! Why retire here when you can live here?????
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