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Prod. By the beat making wonder & DinamicoBeatz
artist: DJ Shaw-t
Free song by Los Xplosivos ft. DeXperience - Party and Bull$#;). For more check DjShawt.com and follow on Twit
title: AHORA
AHORA which means NOW is a song of a romantic love that is no more. There is longing. Una canción evocando un
#1 on Soundclick.com's Bossa Nova & #2 on Latin Jazz Charts. Striking blends of guitar power with marimba "tin
The boys and I decided to do this one spur of the moment for Christmas. Fly To Heaven, Jose Feliciano.
title: Fool For You
Love is just for fools, they say.It must be true if we are still willing to fall for it.
artist: RhondaLane
This is a sad but beautiful Pop Ballad track is sung by Rhonda Lane who has a very catchy voice...
A #1 Hit Performed by Mistress of Sound for the Jay Dyall Project.
"In a stranger's arms" is the official fifth single of "The Kingdom" out November 16. It was uploaded on Septe
artist: Doug Buche
about dancing to many types of music
artist: KaraDestino
#KaraDestino #theCoolFolx #ClubKiller #DanceFloorKiller Agarre la musica caliente #GRATIS...Y la nueva cancion
STAY ALIVE MY LOVE FIDEL CASTRO!!!! I recorded this song a few years back , when I was just learning how to u
free download add us www.myspace.com/rpmusicinc
Joyful song about southern Spain. The intro tells how the song was largely written in a dream while there.
artist: eldoggy
title: mi reina
esta es una baladita del grupo negros q' yo decidi duplicar
Balada romántica de mi primer disco, escrita por Lali Carrizo, una de las letras mas bonitas que he cantado, u
artist: Cardenas
A guitar gently weeping-!
artist: Sandy P
This one talks about being in love with someone that doesn´t love you back...
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The Cratez
Instrumentals :: Gangsta
http://thecratez.com | purchase your beats now | 2 beats $25 | 5 beats $50 | 10 beats $75 | thecratez@gmail.com
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MT Records
New Song - Se Muere El Amor : MT records le trae su nueva cansion de promosion de su prosima producion Consecuencia , The One And LNP - Se muere El amor espero que les guste y gracias .... MT Records brings you its new Song Promoting their next production called Consecuencia , The One And L.N.P - Se nos muere el amor , I hope you like it and Thank You.
Bears win!: The Bears beat the Packers in Wisconsin. This has not happened since 2007. Both teams were missing their starting QB's and both teams have been ROCKED by injuries. The Bears won and I am good with that. There were at least 3 flags that should have been thrown but were not. There was also at least one call that was wrong, the replay's proved it but the refs did nothing. That is football though, it is not perfect and no amount of new rules will make it perfect. The only improvement needed now is a gps chip under the laces in the middle of the ball to help the refs spot the ball on disputed spots...
Fa rozen: Hi to both of you, It got down to 28 Tuesday A.M. The grass still lives! All the weeds are dead. My lawn is no longer green. I counted on those weeds to be green. The Banana trees look dead but they will come back in the spring. It just adds to the look of death, kind of like Cleveland! But 78 degrees tomorrow and my babe is with me in paradise! Dinah! When my pc crashed I lost you're email. I do have a joke for you, Barry...
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