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Prod. By the beat making wonder & DinamicoBeatz
artist: DJ Shaw-t
Free song by Los Xplosivos ft. DeXperience - Party and Bull$#;). For more check and follow on Twit
title: AHORA
AHORA which means NOW is a song of a romantic love that is no more. There is longing. Una canción evocando un
A#1 hit in 2 days! A Spanish Bachata style love song (with English lyrics) for my Latino fans. Reach the
#1 on's Bossa Nova & #2 on Latin Jazz Charts. Striking blends of guitar power with marimba "tin
Written and played on keyboard by Jack Blanchard.
artist: Oscar Silva
A man and a woman meet and fall in love at first sight. They joined the same day and so it went, from that mom
artist: BrendaMau
Brenda Mau ,Diana,Alba Lucia. - If You Could Read
title: Fool For You
Love is just for fools, they say.It must be true if we are still willing to fall for it.
Joyful song about southern Spain. The intro tells how the song was largely written in a dream while there.
(c) by Syntopia Music & Apparition Album: Sands Of Time
Salsa. Canta: Rody Carrasco. Homenaje a Frankie Ruiz. Trujillo Perú. Orq. Buenaventura Master Salsa.
artist: Los Menores
title: Dale may
artist: olga tanon
title: ghghghg
A story about of the magic of a Flamenco dancer... The painting 'El Jaleo' is by John Singer Sargent - Ameri
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Noiz Gate Productions
"Tiempos De Ayer (Reggaeton)"
I go by the name of Napo Leon.I'm a producerwriter from the east coast USA specializing in Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Trap and Electro House. Check out
Radio: Does ANYBODY out there listen to music on the radio? Are you tired of hearing Pink Floyd every hour and every 45 minutes on weekends? Google Seeing/Moby Grape.
ebco: Hi all you people that are not there/here. I have other songs on "Garageband" .com that are too large for anywhere else. On that site I am ebco.....Elephants butt company! Who, of all you college kids still likes obama-mama-mo-mama-banana-nana no-mama... obama? He drinks, smokes, lies, and is stealing your wallet!
F'ing I.R.S.: Today I got 2 more letters from the irs telling me that they owe me 1,650.00. That’s 3 letters in 5 days. Talk about being confused. Two months ago they wanted $6,000.00 FROM ME! YOU STUPED b*** ES!!!! I’ll bet they waste 6 million $$$$ on unnecessary letters per year. They forced me to pay to get my taxes done and send them the same documents 3 times. If I was not a registered Sane person I would not have been messed with to the extent that they couldn't see the documents the first 2 times. Dumocrat stooges! The fact may be that I am a registered Republican! That is not above Nobamas dirty t...
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