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Sometimes we all forget just what really counts
artist: Maurizio
Latin instrumental. Guitar with band.
artist: Legran
'Brazil' 2008©Legran ISWC T-0425394804 (Authorized Version). Arranged & Composed by RamonT Berenguer for 'LATI
title: Ele-Boo
fine latin elevator backer from offshore angler for LPF, 2 Pauls, 2 Sets of Kloppmann PAF&P90
A great classic with some extra percussion keeping up with the girl's walk.
artist: Mi Pana1
Este es una Respuesta de Tirarea pa los Haters El beat es creaciòn de .(Reggaeton Beats Dot Com Free D) Con El
artist: wilkyway
title: La Fiesta
Dempo college festival theme song composed by Cicero Fernandes.
title: Marie Isabel
Portuguese Samba
artist: TopazThyme
A medium fast samba, with punchy "horn" lines! Written many years ago, I tried the "spirit" that the Samba is.
artist: JJe
title: Amazonas
A digital samba for the internet age.
artist: Graeme Jaye
title: WIP 6
This is a work in progress. Currently, this is the instrumental demo version. I'm working on the lyrics and
Samba medley from Goa!
artist: pbradialista
Dos anos 30 a meados dos anos 60, foram compostos, editados e gravados mais de 15 mil sambas e marchinhas som
artist: ritmiko
title: Brasil
Brasilian instruments such Ago -go,pandeiro,atabaque,triangle,surdo,cabasa bongos
Amare Profondamente' Latin for to fall in love with.....or to love deeply
artist: Bataclan FC
A ritualistic song, candomblé beat with Sopapo, a original south brazilian drum.
The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: R&B
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The Chicago Smurfs: The Cubs have given up early this year. Some people blame it on injuries; don’t fall for that. The Cubs are the masters of the 7 pitch inning. 7 pitches 3 outs! Some of the new guys are hustling but they swing at every pitch. There are coaches that COULD flash the take sign. Thus the saying, take one for the team, but they let them flail at every pitch. The team has 3 guys paying attention and the rest “cashing a check”. Mike Ditka with a big hammer MIGHT be able to stop the madness. 103 and counting. 104 now Yeah 106 years b*** es!...
Oh the pain!: There a few ways to get out of a batting slump. The Cubs way; swing as hard as you can at every pitch every day! How is that working so far (102 and one half years into it). 105 years now!!!! Or the rational way. Bunt, Fake bunt, 1/2 swing to the opposite field. Or try to hit the pitcher with the ball. The cubs pay a million or so to have coaches that do not know this. These are proven facts! Swinging for the homer, by a lifetime .125 batter is not the correct choice! Why am I smarter than all the cubs in history? Goodbye Quade, who can't pronounce his own name! If reincarnation is in fact...
The Edisons: The Edisons ar at Danny's this weekend. Friday and Saturday! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! Rumor has it they might play a Beatle song..
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