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title: desafinado
Thought I,d have a bash at this
artist: wilkyway
title: La Fiesta
artist: Dale Veach
Sometimes we all forget just what really counts
Amare Profondamente' Latin for to fall in love with.....or to love deeply
artist: Legran
'Brazil' 2008©Legran ISWC T-0425394804 (Authorized Version). Arranged & Composed by RamonT Berenguer for 'LATI
artist: Maurizio
Latin instrumental. Guitar with band.
title: Ele-Boo
fine latin elevator backer from offshore angler for LPF, 2 Pauls, 2 Sets of Kloppmann PAF&P90
title: Gypsy Moon
Resonator guitar / slide (x2), mandolin, 12-string acoustic, clave, tambourine and a cuica (played as a drum i
title: Marie Isabel
Portuguese Samba
artist: pvsunita
shamanic dance with wakka wakka ...lets do it!!!
artist: Graeme Jaye
title: WIP 6
This is a work in progress. Currently, this is the instrumental demo version. I'm working on the lyrics and
title: Crise
"Crise" is a cancao. Producao, Arranjos, Teclados: Marcos Cardoso.
artist: AliciaL
title: Scuba Nova
Jammin' on some Samba-Reggae beats... Olodum-style, live at Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR.
artist: Bataclan FC
A ritualistic song, candomblé beat with Sopapo, a original south brazilian drum.
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La Terapia
La Terapia Welcome To The Alley The Album 2012: Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana. La musica urbana recibe un nuevo exponente que promete la diferencia en el genero, se trata del joven Thawry Peguero Ortiz, quien presenta credenciales en el ambiente artistico con el nombre de La Terapia. Desde su inicio, La Terapia crecio escuchando musica de los exponentes boricua Lito, Polaco y Tempo, de donde surgio su inspiracion para iniciar su carrera artistica con la introduccion de una innovadora propuesta musical en el citado genero. Su propuesta musical se destaca y caracteriza porque conjuga diferentes ritmos, tales como el mambo, Hip Hop...
Area 51 MuZiik
Nuevo temas Coming Soon:: Nuevo temas Coming Soon: -Me Estas Tentando Mas -Pierdo El Control -Gata Transformer -Voodoo Queen
They tell us things are getting better, Really !!!!!!!!: A reflection on modern life ! DAY'S OF PAIN Are we any nearer to a world of equality Or are we heading closer to a real catastrophe It all makes sense to me - don't you agree We'll all be poor as church mice - living by the sea Well just you wait and sea ! Lonely streets of emptyness - we knew it couldn't last Weary feet and hunger cries - victims of the past Shackled to a worthless soil - oh let me find my way Turn on the light of deprivation - thats scattered all around And we're winding through elusive waves To reach the ocean floor On silver rivers and silver strea...
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