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artist: Markku
and now for something completely different, a samba on my nylon string guitar
Amare Profondamente' Latin for to fall in love with.....or to love deeply
artist: wilkyway
title: La Fiesta
Sometimes we all forget just what really counts
Brazilian Samba Dancing
artist: pbradialista
Dos anos 30 a meados dos anos 60, foram compostos, editados e gravados mais de 15 mil sambas e marchinhas som
artist: ritmiko
title: Brasil
Brasilian instruments such Ago -go,pandeiro,atabaque,triangle,surdo,cabasa bongos
artist: Bataclan FC
A ritualistic song, candomblé beat with Sopapo, a original south brazilian drum.
title: Ele-Boo
fine latin elevator backer from offshore angler for LPF, 2 Pauls, 2 Sets of Kloppmann PAF&P90
title: Samba Brazil
Brazillian samba from Goa!
title: Crise
"Crise" is a cancao. Producao, Arranjos, Teclados: Marcos Cardoso.
artist: AliciaL
title: Scuba Nova
Jammin' on some Samba-Reggae beats... Olodum-style, live at Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR.
artist: Legran
'Brazil' 2008©Legran ISWC T-0425394804 (Authorized Version). Arranged & Composed by RamonT Berenguer for 'LATI
artist: German Bense
Para toda a gente violenta que possa sentirse identificada
Instrumentals :: Old School
*(Free D/L on* Live Guitar! Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal! Contact: for exclusive rights. 100 BPM Collaboration with Empayah
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sola, solita: no duermo desde q no estas aqui no me olvido d ti otra noche q la paso sola con la mirada perdida este dolor no me deja en paz y duelo cuando el amor no me das tu eres lo q necesito pero hoy yo me despido no aguanto el no tenerte y se voy a perderte el tiempo pasa y me encuentro sola en casa la soledad me esta matando regresa pronto q me estoy aogando lo mejor es partir pero no se adonde ir porq dices q no hay sentimiento y todo se lo ha llevado el viento calla tus palabras porq con ellas me matas ...
Two new songs: Please come and rate them, i am sure that i will do the same on your songs. One is called (Tears Of Love) other is (PSY RAP BEATS) Thank you all wish u all a Merry Xmas and a happy new year.
Claes Norden
July 2010 - New release: Falling into her arms. : This new song is maybe a little too low in key for my voice range but I didn't want to change it instrumentally so I made it to be sung very softly. In the refrain it's coming loose a little bit more and all in all I think it's a catchy piece. Any comment is appreciated.
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