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artist: Magica Negra
Reggaeton Cubano with double meaning lyrics
artist: Santero
Salsaton ft Magia Negra
artist: Perla Negra
Old Cuba Instrumental
artist: El Wilfred
El Wilfred y Guanabas Remix Espero Que Les Guste
If J.S. BACH lived in the Island, then maybe he would have come up with the piece.
artist: Musan Dera
title: Chacuba
"Streets of Savanna Heady bongos get me trippin in the intro, great cha cha music, true Cuban sound! This is
artist: Legran
"Let's go pa la Guaira" is a subject of Legran, sung by Mara Spiteri. Recorded at Comanche Alicante in 2007.
artist: ritmiko
title: Cuba
Afrocuban instruments such congas,bata',bell,cahon,Iya(bata'),shekere', hi hat
An instrumental story song that begins with the quiet rain and piano and quickly becomes a loud latina powerho
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Trap
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Claes Norden
Falling into her arms...: She was a coincidental fellow passenger in the Stockholm Metro whom clumsy me almost stumbled into. Sometimes such accidents leave you no peace afterwards. Sometimes you have to tell it in a song. Listen here
paint manipulator: For little over four and a half decades I've been proud to call myself a professional musician. I paid my dues and therefore deserve the right. By dues I mean studying practicing hard and long, having plenty of ups and downs and getting paid in the end. I've also called myself many other things: carpenter, electrician, plumber, tile setter, woodworker and sport fisherman, just to name a few. I've worked very hard to earn those titles and got paid well for doing each and every one of them. Recently, like July, I began painting. Painting, as in art and on canvas or whatever material I find us...
One More For the Road: The tune is finally done and uploaded to my Aksess page. It was a lot of work not only on my behalf but on the musicians as well. Pete does a superb job on the tenor sax, both on his solos and the duplicated melody parts. A big thanks goes out to Krystal and Sarah who have been so gracious to help in creating the sound. Good luck on your tour ladies!
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