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artist: Legran
"Let's go pa la Guaira" is a subject of Legran, sung by Mara Spiteri. Recorded at Comanche Alicante in 2007.
artist: La Misma
This song is somewhat pornographic in suggestion. Don't get the wrong idea after all it's just sex.
Life Is A Song has 3 sections.
artist: Magica Negra
Reggaeton Cubano with double meaning lyrics
title: I Love Lucy
Original theme of I Love Lucy written in 1951. Lyrics (not in this version) written by Harold Adamson, additio
A sort of "Sabrina" in reverse, set in Bayamo, Cuba
A different instrumental version
artist: ritmiko
title: Cuba
Afrocuban instruments such congas,bata',bell,cahon,Iya(bata'),shekere', hi hat
artist: Vatoz Locoz
Reggaeton Cubaton Cubano
artist: Toni P
The last track im uploading from the upcoming album. Julian Y Antonio bringing the heat for all you freaky lad
title: Guantanamera
Nuestra version de un clasico.
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Instrumentals :: Hardcore
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I am not the droid you are looking for: I was at a meeting yesterday, a person thought that THIS was a good time to belittle me. It was not a good time. It is never a good time. WHY would a person attack another? I have a lightning quick mind and a razor sharp tongue. I could have shut this person up and made “it” cry for “it’s” mother. I left the meeting instead as I do not want to be responsible for ANY hard feelings. You will not always catch me in such a mood. Consider yourself a tolerated fool. This happened again. How long will I check my temper? You have already worn your welcome.... go home Please, go home and rethink you...
Oh the pain!: The Cubs did it again. Mat Garza pitched a good game. Cubs leading 2 to ZERO in the ninth inning. Then they got Marmol-ized! That retarded Lee Smith wanna-be walked three batters, then gave up a triple (2+1). Then they brought in Keri Wood! A new song; Bye Bye Quade, we will miss you, no way! The Cubs kicked your ass, and sent you on your way! 102 and counting! AS PREDICTED QUADE IS GONE 2011
STOP google!: How do I log in to my youtube account with OUT GOOGLE? I HATE GOOGLE AND THEIR PREDATORY PRACTICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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