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artist: Magica Negra
Reggaeton Cubano with double meaning lyrics
artist: Maurizio
title: Baja Gringo
Descending slow desert-plodding Am, G,F,E Latin gunslinger accoustic thing. Breeng your boolets.
artist: La Misma
This song is somewhat pornographic in suggestion. Don't get the wrong idea after all it's just sex.
artist: Ghutta Whyte
title: Te Estraño
Featuring Gregory (My Dad)
A re-mix of the song "Julio!"
artist: hazeone
Some more wack ass music from a wack ass state (New Mexico). Sorry if you hear this song you might cry. New Me
artist: Musan Dera
title: Chacuba
"Streets of Savanna Heady bongos get me trippin in the intro, great cha cha music, true Cuban sound! This is
artist: ritmiko
title: Cuba
Afrocuban instruments such congas,bata',bell,cahon,Iya(bata'),shekere', hi hat
artist: Santero
Salsaton ft Magia Negra
An instrumental story song that begins with the quiet rain and piano and quickly becomes a loud latina powerho
artist: Legran
2001 (c) Legran. Arreglo-Salsa para Orquesta de Baile. Con Metales destacados.
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Don’t let Your Doctor kill You pt.1: As most of you already know, from my previous post, I’ve lost hearing in my right ear. Every so often, the walls of my ear canals swell up perhaps due to a viral thing and closes it off so sound does not enter to the ear drum, thus temporarily making me deaf in that ear. Sometimes it can be both ears. So, some of the members in my family got tired of me constantly saying WHAT?, speak up, I can’t hear you and insisted I see my doctor. I tried to explain to them that this had happened several times before and it’s just temporary. But then again, I’m sure that you know how it is with the younger...
Patty Bear
amigos pueden dejarme sus mensajes en...: amigos pueden dejarme sus mensajes en seguidores Banda Patty Bear los quiero mucho. les mando un abracito pleno de carino a todos y cada uno de ustedes. su amiga de siempre. Patty Bear
the good old days?? part 1: A good friend of mine invited me over to his house to watch the super bowl recently. I was a little hesitant but accepted his invite. He’s pro union and is always talking about it. I’m not against unions but to hear him talking about it all the time is a bit monotonous. I feel that he’s kind of a hypocrite considering that he’s also a musician playing gigs for free or for peanuts and not a member of the musicians union. He talks about how non union shops pay peanuts compared to union shops and how the republicans want to do away with unions. I pointed out earlier, the fact that he’s a hypocrit...
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