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A sort-of "Fandango from Saturn," this is a bittersweet, imagery-filled song of love-that-could-have-been. Jo
instrumental flamenco version with percussion, nice deep double bass, reminds a bit to gypsy kings, original v
artist: Gypsy Rumba
A Gypsy Rumba Original Flamenco Pop Song "Gypsy passion" *Now updated* 2/03/06
Top 10 Latin Dance Charts - Latino Unidas! A great mix of rockin' Flamenco!
artist: Liona Boyd
(with Al Di Meola)
artist: AJH Solo
title: La Gitana
Latin flavor like the gypsi kings style
artist: Legran
'La Gracia de Dios' 2008©Legran Orchestra 'Pasodobles de España' Ramon Berenguer para Legran Studio. Versión A
artist: Hanna Madbak
title: Fuego
“Fuego” (fire in Spanish) is a Rumba Flamenco style combined with Tony Gomez’s Latin conga rhythms and Indian
title: Soleares
recorded live from Solo Guitar recital "Diyes Kwerdas"
artist: spinaceto
For the Clickers Club "Summer Challenge" June 2014!!
artist: REOS vs Eve
title: Remix RUMBA
artist: deyo
i went latino here, very melodic and dancable song i wrote and played on flamenco guitar, in a rhythm of rumba
title: Zorongo
Zorongo - From 'Music of Spain and South America' Book/CD
title: The Plaza
I kinda elaborated on a theme James Horner wrote for the Mask of Zorro, so he deserves some credit. Catchy so
title: Flamenco
Believe it or not the Tweak can play guitar. This piece was done with my La Patrie Etude Clasical Guitar
artist: Brian Hoeche
Album-Lydian Dream-2000- Brian Hoeche-All Instruments. Nominated 'Best Instrumental song of the year' 2001 J
Flamenco Esquizofrenico This is on the new release Eclectic and Music Guitar Music(solo guitar) Vol. 1 & 2.
artist: bikerdad
Flamenco Freestyling on my old acoustic jazz guitar{ with an add on electric pickup}
artist: Nigel Cuff
An instrumental guitar track in the style of the Gipsy Kings. Just a bit of fun.
artist: Redford
Latin Flamenco style pianos and guitars layered over a hip hop beat.. Makes you wanna dance!
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Story about The Punisher "War Zone" New Single: I made this song motivated by an email I received about a contest for the new movie The Punisher "War Zone". I thought it was great to enter to the contest because I like Marvel Comics, and to compite with other artists. The maine genre they were looking for was Rock, but I'm a Reggaeton and Hip Hop artist so I took the challenge anyway and I did a Hip Hop song. I produced and wrote the song. I didn't win but I still think that my sh...t is hot. Click on the banner below to check out the song, lyrics and download it.
Silence Joe Buck: The all star game is on tonight. On Fox; the second worse sports network ever, nobody can be as bad as espn; with 22 channels, 24 hours a day, and nine minutes of news to repeat, dissect, and repeat. Joe Buck is commentating. He is ( coincidentally) the second worse broadcaster ever. He has studied John Madden (the worst ever) and decided to emulate one of his personalities. He could have picked “the excited Madden” that does not speak English; but instead chose the monotone/drone personality that spoke only to hear Himself speak. He does this to appear that he is above the game. He is b...
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