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artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" This piece has a latin flavour to it, very percussive with improvised mini solos. It
This is one of the tunes from my CD "Evening in Brazil". It features my friend Geraldo D'arbilly on percussio
In July 2015, JBBQ recorded songs in Malaga, Spain. Fortuitously, SIR ELTON JOHN gave a concert in Malaga on
title: Give Me Time
Two vocal verses and some of my best improvisational lead guitar work.
artist: Ed Thomas
title: Upwards
Written by Julian Rodriguez Performed by Ed & Julian
artist: ONOFFON
title: Mardi Gras
latin salsa jazz
title: Wash Away
Sensual song with a Latin feel, cascading female vocals, and a colorful shower of percussion...
artist: Joe Hill
It's a dark, cold New Year's day...let's just stay in and dance.
artist: Cryterion
title: Little Life
For anyone who's suddenly lost a pet. Great latin beat with some very sweet lead guitar.
A song story.....a sequel to The Night.... Final Mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Tammy. April 12, 2008
Latin-jazz featuring Manuel Gomes-saxophone, Gerard Machado-guitar, Tommy Menezes-piano and Colin D'Cruz-bass.
artist: spinaceto
Latin/Bossa Nova/Jazz.....fantastic track composed by Klaatu (CT) aka Keymaster88 , lead guitar by me.
title: Ultimatum
Latin jazz-rock instrumental with a great hook. Bass, drums, piano, 3 voice guitar.
artist: Jazzblues
Solo with the D'Lite 22 over a beautiful backing provided by Joseph Lucido.
My latest version of this Ellington-Tizol classic..this is with my new band , Orquesta Dharma- featuring some
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great life moments: Hi all, Except for the obvious times, marriage, birth, etcetera, the greatest time I have ever had in my life was a karaoke song. My favorite song since 1972 ish has been “All good people” by YES. It has been superseded by “Awaken”, but it is still WAY UP THERE! Now I am learning to play it, It is a tough ROW TO HOE, not a tough “ROAD” to hoe. Who h*** a road you NUC-U-LER, JEW-LE-RY, FOIL-AGE, butt heads? Back to the good times. Donna and I were at a karaoke show. I heard a guy ask to sing “I’ve seen all good people”. I went into attack mode. I can not sing way up there like Jon Anderso...
I want my albums back!!: There is a nisson commercial running now that starts out with MORE EXCITEMENT MORE ADVENTURE MORE TUNES What is missing is the PRICE QUALITY WARRANTY ENGINE TYPE ANY REAL INFORMATION ON THE CAR. This tells us what morons were born and raised in the last two generations. You must create your own excitement, adventure, and pay for the tunes. What is left? A clown yelling at you to buy a car for no good reason. Those of us that grew up in the 60's and 70's also know that if you break up with your girlfriend, SHE ENDS UP WITH ALL OF YOUR ALBUMS! So in this case does she keep the ...
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