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artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" This piece has a latin flavour to it, very percussive with improvised mini solos. It
title: Wash Away
Sensual song with a Latin feel, cascading female vocals, and a colorful shower of percussion...
artist: Joe Hill
It's a dark, cold New Year's day...let's just stay in and dance.
title: Ultimatum
Latin jazz-rock instrumental with a great hook. Bass, drums, piano, 3 voice guitar.
A song story.....a sequel to The Night.... Final Mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Tammy. April 12, 2008
This is one of the tunes from my CD "Evening in Brazil". It features my friend Geraldo D'arbilly on percussio
Featuring Gerard Machado-guitar, Jason Quadros-piano, Colin D'Cruz-bass and Allan Moraes-drums.
It is time again to herald another Spring....the prime time of the year for renewal of Body and Soul; & the Ea
artist: Cryterion
title: Little Life
For anyone who's suddenly lost a pet. Great latin beat with some very sweet lead guitar.
artist: Gino Foti
title: Amor Y Poder
Instrumental Jazz/World Fusion - As the title suggests, this arrangement alternates between gentle and powerfu
title: Carioca
comtemporary brazilian jazz
artist: ONOFFON
title: Mardi Gras
latin salsa jazz
title: Give Me Time
Two vocal verses and some of my better improvisational lead guitar work.
original soul-jazz cha cha cha, a la Poncho Sanchez, performed by my band Orquesta Dharma
title: SPHINX
Written, performed, programmed by Alexis VAN EECKHOUT .
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Instrumentals :: Smooth
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Claes Norden
Focus on the new year: I spent the very first night hours of this new year watching some concert videos from the 70´s with the Dutch group Focus with guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboard player Thijs van Leer. Wow. It was a primary inspiration for me at thetime, and became it now again. You might recognize their sound and compistion structures in my uploads during 2008! Thanks for 2007 which was a really fun year for me here at Soundclick with lots of new contacts and interesting musical exchange!...
I wish part 2 cont.: Woops! I forgot I was doing this particular post. Sorry 'bout that! I didn't have anyone to teach me how to utilize what I've learned, so it was up to me to figure it out. There have been times when I locked my self into a room and not come out until I had learned to apply myself, a new style, new progression, scales, fingering or perhaps a new instrument. I locked my self in because there were way too many distractions around the house which prevented me from achieving my goals. My wife and kids in time learned to leave me alone when the door was closed. I don't have to even lock it anymore,...
Musician's Friend Yeah right!: I had to send my flugelhorn back to last week. It turned out that the horn was defective. After taking it to a repair shop, I was told that the tuning valves didn't align properly hence the trigger didn't work. So far all Musician's Friend have given me is a song and dance and no new horn or a refund Fortunately, I used PayPal and will be filing a grievance for my money back. I've been trying to keep busy building bird houses. Otherwise, I'll go nuts without being involved with music. It's a hell of a jolt not doing anything musically all of a sudden, especially when I'...
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