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artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" This piece has a latin flavour to it, very percussive with improvised mini solos. It
artist: Double-U-N
number 2 subgenre Latin Jazz and number 12 Latin Charts. Listen, look at your or think about your love & fall
artist: Ed Thomas
title: Upwards
Written by Julian Rodriguez Performed by Ed & Julian
A Latin Jazz song for the Clickers Club 6/28/14 "Summer Theme" Song Challenge @ 8:00 PM/UK on SoundClick. This
title: Ultimatum
Latin jazz-rock instrumental with a great hook. Bass, drums, piano, 3 voice guitar.
artist: Cryterion
title: Little Life
For anyone who's suddenly lost a pet. Great latin beat with some very sweet lead guitar.
artist: Musan Dera
title: Chachachazz
"An exotic and visual journey"
#2 on's Alternative Emo Charts.. We shift to a Jazz tune with a fine message along for the ride
artist: sokinwet
Gravity Jim track from the Fender Forum with guitars by JP
This is one of the tunes from my CD "Evening in Brazil". It features my friend Geraldo D'arbilly on percussio
title: Give Me Time
Two vocal verses and some of my best lead guitar and guitar synth improvisational playing.
A song story.....a sequel to The Night.... Final Mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Tammy. April 12, 2008
artist: Mike-K
title: Midnight
A dreamy Latin/Jazz tune... it's Midnight - almost time to go home...
artist: Peter Eggers
Exuberantly melodic, a lilting latin daydream.
artist: Brian Grace
title: Uno Mas
Uno Mas is one of my most popular and requested songs. I am not Latino, but hell if you could tell the differ
artist: Brad Weiss
title: Desafinado
Slightly out of tune -- se voce insiste em classificar...
artist: Tito Torres
title: Samson
Funky upbeat instrumental with a hint of afro-Cuban beat.
An uptempo Songo written for Dave's girl.
title: Solitaire
bossa nova inspired
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Everybody talks about the weather but no one every does anything.: Donna and I did. 20 years ago we had just enough cold, colder, and freezing cold weather and we moved to Florida. The weather benefits are many, the beach, Tiki bars and food are all around. I have had 20 years to live here as a younger man. I'm old now but at least I know I did not go to Florida await death. We just had three days of rainy drizzle and cloud cover. You would have thought you were in Cleveland on a nice day. Sunshine tomorrow. One thing Florida can not cure is the missing sunlight that can lead to cabin fever. We do get a few minutes more daylight but nothing to brag about. All...
Mixtapes News: Yento Records new mixtapes coming out soon: Off Duty "El Contra Atake" - The-One (Rap and Regaeton) Hit Leaders "Exitos" - Yento Records (Rap and Regaeton) Mi Regreso "La Magia" - YeNtO (Rap and Regaeton) Still In Business - Various Artists from Yento Records and Company (Rap and Regaeton)
Liricas de la cancion "Chica Sensual": Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino babe Flow Flow Flow Money Records Oeo eeo mi chica sensual Me gusta su color de piel sus labios con sabor a miel es algo que no puedo entender quiero tenerte babe ella se roba el show cuando me la llevo pal club su flow es como mi flow ella es la nena del Tigre Fino Oeo mi chica sensual eeo ella es mi chica sensual oeo mi chica sensual eeo ella es mi chica sensual Ella es caliente como el fuego y me derrite como un cubo de hielo me consume todo mi aliento su cuerpo controla mis pensamientos Sexy...
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