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artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" This piece has a latin flavour to it, very percussive with improvised mini solos. It
artist: Tony Gayle
Featured on the chill out Music Site playing 24/7.
artist: Musan Dera
title: Chachachazz
"An exotic and visual journey"
#2 on's Alternative Emo Charts.. We shift to a Jazz tune with a fine message along for the ride
This is one of the tunes from my CD "Evening in Brazil". It features my friend Geraldo D'arbilly on percussio
A Latin Jazz song for the Clickers Club 6/28/14 "Summer Theme" Song Challenge @ 8:00 PM/UK on SoundClick. This
title: Triste
A 2006 studio recording. Andy plays a nylon string recorded via a mike and Richie plays the Sadowsky archtop p
title: Wash Away
Sensual song with a Latin feel, cascading female vocals, and a colorful shower of percussion...
title: Sounding Wes
Well, the title says it all... ;-) This composition can be found on the soundtrack of the American Movie "
title: Cubano Libre
Cuban Free style with just a touch of Brazil.
A song story.....a sequel to The Night.... Final Mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Tammy. April 12, 2008
artist: Legran
Spanish Rumba & Fren├Ętic Organ
A cool song that I transcribed and arranged
artist: Peter Eggers
Exuberantly melodic, a lilting latin daydream.
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Noiz Gate Productions
"Tiempos De Ayer (Reggaeton)"
I go by the name of Napo Leon.I'm a producerwriter from the east coast USA specializing in Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Trap and Electro House. Check out
Is Billy here!: A man fell asleep in a McDonalds drive up on Thursday. Why didn't somebody tell me Billy was here! A f'n McNap! Right Flo?
Ferocious Teets: If evolution has taken away our "free" furry outer coat to better adapt to the modern life, why hasn't evolution given us teeth that last 100 years? And if 80% of your body heat is lost through your head, why are there bald people? Hair is a free hat and a free coat!! Come on Darwin! Is the answer that global warming is true? IT IS IF YOU READ ANYTHING ABOUT the earths cycles, Global cooling starts in 6,000 years. A fact! READ SOME BOOKS PEOPLE. In 6,000 years the Sahara will be a swamp. If you dissagree, why are there whale skeletons in that dessert? Google it. For the terminaly stupid, goog...
New York Cartel: DOCO Entertainment Present October 24 2009 @ New York Cartel & Henry Watts El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico Raulyn Rosendo Staten Island College
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