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artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" This piece has a latin flavour to it, very percussive with improvised mini solos. It
This is one of the tunes from my CD "Evening in Brazil". It features my friend Geraldo D'arbilly on percussio
artist: AntohStudio
A bossa forever! more times on top 1 bossa in, since 2 years in top 40! Relaxing
A song story.....a sequel to The Night.... Final Mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Tammy. April 12, 2008
title: AMORE
There are more than 80 ways to write Love in World languages. For this Latin Jazz song, AMORE seemed appropri
Written performed and programmed by Robert Jan . Tenor SAX melodies and impros: Alexis Van Eeckhout .
title: Give Me Time
Two vocal verses and some of my better improvisational lead guitar work.
title: Wash Away
Sensual song with a Latin feel, cascading female vocals, and a colorful shower of percussion...
title: Ultimatum
Latin jazz-rock instrumental with a great hook. Bass, drums, piano, 3 voice guitar.
title: Simple-Samba
Featuring Andrea Brachfield on flute and M'tafiti Imara on saxophone.
title: Cubano Libre
Cuban Free style with just a touch of Brazil.
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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in retrospect: It’s funny how things work out sometimes. As a serious musician of almost six decades and a professional for about four, I always figured that I would be playing ‘til the day I die. But just because one may have those plans for the future, one just never knows what may transpire even just a few minutes from now let alone tomorrow. I’ve had plenty of years to enjoy the success of being a serious musician and have had the opportunity to travel to many countries and play with some of the finest known and even unknown artists in the world. Many will never get that opportunity nor understand the...
Quite a change: Who knew that quitting playing would cause havoc to my system. Apparently music was keeping me from going bonkers. Recent events with a family member's illness has caused my stress levels get so high that my own system began to suffer. It got so bad that my hearing would go in and out and then out for some time. It wasn't until I started doing some stress management where my hearing would come back, but it's still in and out during the course of the day. It is however getting better as I pick up the old guitar and rip our a few wild solos to a jam track I created. I played drums, bass and ...
Claes Norden
NEWS August, 2008 - New release: "Shitman": No, no, this latest addition to my song list is not a hip hop one, despite its title! It's much more childish that that. Read the song story and lyrics on my Artist page .. (see link to the left)
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