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Kevin K Beats
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Bears win!: The Bears beat the Packers in Wisconsin. This has not happened since 2007. Both teams were missing their starting QB's and both teams have been ROCKED by injuries. The Bears won and I am good with that. There were at least 3 flags that should have been thrown but were not. There was also at least one call that was wrong, the replay's proved it but the refs did nothing. That is football though, it is not perfect and no amount of new rules will make it perfect. The only improvement needed now is a gps chip under the laces in the middle of the ball to help the refs spot the ball on disputed spots...
BURRR: Happy time is over in Fl. We just went through the coldest winter on record! DID YOU HEAR THAT Algore? Burn some of your carbon credits and heat us up. You've made millions selling your line of misinformation and lies. We are burning corn in our cars and paying 50% more for food. Thanks you flaming democrat. I made this pizza without carbon credits!
Chicago PIZZA: I have been working on a great pizza crust for years and I have found it! Here is the recipe. 2 THIN CRUST PIZZA's 285 grams flour, I use bread flour (435 grams is 16 1/2 oz. and/or 3 1/2 cups) never pack flour it will weigh too much, that is why many recipes have you sift the flour, so it is fluffed up. 2 ts sugar 1/4 ts yeast put these 3 in a mixer and aerate for approx 2 mins. ADD 1 1/4 cup ice water and mix on speed #2. The best way to get ice water is put it in a travel cup then use the top of the cup to keep the ice out of the measuring cup. This is not a kneading, just a ...
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