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artist: Pheenexs
2010-2013 Pheenexs. All rights reserved.
Cacique-Un Nuevo Dia Track By:Peace And Music Grabado By: Agueybana Boricua Empire Ent. (For Promotional Use O
title: Sweet Vibe
Reggae Hip Hop song with a sweet vibe and flow for those who like to enjoy them selves.
artist: Cupido
el pasado, futuro. los pensamientos, cupido, flob records, phantom studios,alphadog studios, the licans record
GDT feat Hanzel F. Leon
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Instrumentals :: R&B
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I'm All The Way On (Hook By JC ofthefinest)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Noiz Gate Productions
"Tiempos De Ayer (Reggaeton)"
I go by the name of Napo Leon.I'm a producerwriter from the east coast USA specializing in Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Trap and Electro House. Check out
Bears (Coaches, fans, and QB) lose: The Bears lose to the lions and fail to score 4 times after 70 yard drives!!! Coach, Canadian coach, You are lying to us. Jay was unable to LEAD the team. He lied to you and you fell for it. The truth is, Jay should never have played. You must remember YOU ARE THE BOSS. You MUST assert your authority and not be bullied by a lame Qb that is afraid to loose his job. He LIED TO YOU. You let FIRST place slip away because you believed a Qb that saw his job slipping away. More Ditka, Less Dave Wanstadt. You are getting paid to be the boss! This game was lost due to our retarded coaches believing th...
Radio: Does ANYBODY out there listen to music on the radio? Are you tired of hearing Pink Floyd every hour and every 45 minutes on weekends? Google Seeing/Moby Grape.
2013 winter: This has been the longest winter I can remember since we lived in Florida. Donna and I are heading for the beach in the pic!
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