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artist: JeyTi
esta cancion se las dedico a todas mis amigas "AGUILARES"............
Hot Reggaeton Track str8 from Europe,produced by DJ Maze...It's Baby Bang,Mista Phillips and a guy from Santo
artist: Feno Y Cario
Feno Y Cario Reggaeton!!! ©2005
artist: Uniko Y VMD
Check Out Official Music Video:
artist: Berto Ramico
title: Piel Canela
Perreo reggaeton
artist: JLT EL PUCHU
Me Recuerdo _ JLT "EL PUCHU" Reggeaton,Musica Urbana,Me Recuerdo _ JLT "EL PUCHU" Reggeaton,Musica Urbana,Me R
artist: SuPerWar
Previo de Tecno Reggaeton, las voces todas son mi autoria sample y composicion, y la cantante es B. Jackeline.
artist: Chino A.
Una Cansion De Donde Soy originario
JoLgito & Flowsito ft. Tony Lenta (Official Remix) prod. by Los Alfa, Nota Musikal & Milenium Music
artist: Pheenexs
2010-2013 Pheenexs. All rights reserved.
artist: La Guerrilla
wrriten b y tony madness
GDT feat Hanzel F. Leon
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Instrumentals :: Pop
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Change!: Our retarded president admitted that the stimulus “shovel ready jobs” were a myth. Only six percent of the ONE HUNDRED BILLION dollars went to actual work, creating things. The rest went to state govmt to hire more employees. Jobs created? YES! Jobs that we pay for! Jobs that produce? Not even close. These people make only more paperwork, rules, regulations, and fees! They get the “good” benefits and pensions. I’ll bet you do not even get a bad pension. How about 4 weeks paid and 12 holidays per year? Is there a democrat left that is not ashamed of being a democrat? Speak up all you jimmy cart...
Pancakes: The Doctor tells his patient that he has H-E-G-S "What's that?", the patient asks. "It's a combination of Herpes, Encephalitis, Gonorrhea and Syphilis." The patient wants to know if there's a cure, to which the Doctor responds, "We have to keep you in a hospital room and feed you nothing but pancakes." "Why only pancakes?", asks the patient. The Doctor answers, "They're the only thing that will slide under the door...
Is Billy here!: A man fell asleep in a McDonalds drive up on Thursday. Why didn't somebody tell me Billy was here! A f'n McNap! Right Flo?
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