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artist: Precision89
Just a track I made fo fun. First song with a reggaeton beat and topic. on the beat.
artist: Leyendas
08 Tu Forma De Amar [beat-AsmiK, areglos por Noba] [featuring-Latina N Proud y Noba] [Plaga Records]
artist: JeyTi
esta cancion se las dedico a todas mis amigas "AGUILARES"............
artist: Feno Y Cario
Feno Y cario Danger Music ©2005
artist: NJ Nitro
Nice reggaeton track pretty old but I still like it
artist: KingKali
title: Esta Noche
Hot hot reggaeton song. Good to dance to listen to and @#$% to beat made by new orleans own dj flaco
artist: EkilaterO
title: Mis Ojos
Musicos: Dj Rafy, B10S0FT
Some new stuff hot off the press from DJ Rich at ThE BaSeMenT StuDiO
artist: MazeMillionz
title: Lo Que Paso
2014 "Lo Que Paso" Jayko Pa ft Gordo El Mas Atrevido
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I Wish Part 2: The biggest problem I had as a musician and as a student at any level, was the ability to focus on practicing. For a person with a learning deficit, it's even more difficult because there is so much going on in the brain that one becomes distracted too easily. I could play something over and over maybe a hundred times and it still wouldn't sink in. My mind would be wandering every where else and I was not focusing on the task at hand. By the way, I just recently found out that my learning disability was not ADD as I was diagnosed later in life with , it turns out to be toxic mold exposure. It ...
A Lifestyle: Lately I've been getting quite a few e-mails from folks on a few independent music sites which I haven't quite deleted yet. Many of them feel that it's only a lull in creativity and many seem to have some sort of solution for it. I thought that I would post my response as I'm sure there are many who might ponder why I would choose to stop playing after all these years. Thank you for your concern but, it's not a lull. It's simply the lack of desire to play and create music for sites like this. You see, for the last 52 years I've had a life style where I was committed to music and to bette...
one day: It has been an interesting month for me and for the first time in a long while I actually got a lot accomplished. Finding another hidden talent (art) was definitely a bonus. Many of my friends suggested that I try painting as I may be good at it. I really had no intention of doing paintings and had no interest in doing so. I'm more into my music than anything else and have been for quite sometime. But one day, I decided to go for it just for kicks. The first one turned out okay and decided to try another. It was better than the first. The next three were awesome according to friends who saw th...
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