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artist: Evan Paul
A jazz song about a heart broken girl. Kara delivers the goods on this, what a voice, she's incredible, be su
artist: Jay Droz
Luke 23:33 And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him... Jesus d
title: SATISFY
A story of my spiritual journey. Written, lived and VOCALLY Produced by Wayne Pascall. VIDEO AVAILABLE! High
I am struck time and again, that the one who remembers what it is to be a Beatle best is George. Then again Le
#2 on SoundClick.com's Alternative Emo & #2 on Rock Unplugged Charts. Another great song of balance - just for
Jazz Vocal of JBBQ's Instrumental: "EVER DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL - To Faunaserene With Love". The channeled words
This is an old jazz number!
artist: Johnny Scat
title: Portrait
Smooth Vocal Jazz/Wedding Song
The latest RMMS challenge...
title: L.O.V.E.
Cover of Nat King Cole's "LOVE" song performed by Aaron Mann (Vocals) and Martan Mann (pianist and band editor
title: Route 66
Funky jazz blues
This was the title song of a revue I have been working on.
artist: wbiro
Love Ode to Her Split (Dissociative) Personality jane_kate_inst_voice_02
A jazzy kind of song.. :)
Music by MELLOSONIC. Lyrics/vocals/melody by RODRICA. For all those feeling powerless in the world financial c
artist: Cryterion
title: Freedom
Upbeat vocal jazz-rock with searing lead guitar bridge over jungle type rhythms extolling that which we so hig
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John Robert Jackson
Jazz Vocals
"Anytime I Think Of You"
"Anytime I Think Of You"
Jazz Enigma: I thought that I would add another band onto the site. Jazz Enigma is one of my original bands I played with back in the 70's. It was first called Paradox Jazz Trio and after the bass player and drummer were killed in a car accident on their way to a gig, I changed the name to Jazz Enigma. At the time it was still only a trio but I added guitar to it and used the guitar player later with the band Mark Hammond Trio. I also added sax to the sound after the dude would show up to the gigs with his sax just to jam with us. We became a quintet. I even had a guy playing vibes for a while. We trav...
david floodstrand
Wallstreet and the Henhouse.: I have been thinking about this whole wallstreet thing today, and I must admit I am a little confused by the whole thing. Did you ever hear about the wolf in the hen house? This is what I think of this whole thing as it stands today. The farmer goes to the hen house and finds that his hens are missing. He asks the wolf "Do you know what happened to the hens?' Wolf: "Nope" Farmer: Well...you spent some time in here, you probably know a little something about hens. Tell you what..you help me figure out what happened the hens and I'll pay you." Wolf: "o.k." Farmer: "Look...
Solid E
Ain't Got The Time: tell me something baby what part of no you don't understand you've been talkin' to me for ten minutes ain't bought a drink but 'wanna hold hands you look at me and all you see is free boy please this ain't that kind of party you say you drive mercedes but you pulled up outside in a yellow cab what's the matter you look a little nervous the bartender's waitin' can you pay your tab I'm gonna' go but so you'll know no dough no show my clothes are by Versace...
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