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artist: Evan Paul
A jazz song about a heart broken girl. Kara delivers the goods on this, what a voice, she's incredible, be su
title: SATISFY
A story of my spiritual journey. Written, lived and VOCALLY Produced by Wayne Pascall. VIDEO AVAILABLE! High
A jazzy kind of song.. :)
Different than I usually do, because I do not usually let others hear this side of me. I wrote it, sang all vo
artist: Doug Hendrix
title: Fat Chance
Fat Chance for the big romance...Man, you know that chick can't have no heart, no soul.
artist: Jay Droz
Almighty God speaks to the Prophet and to us in the Book of Isaiah. This beautiful Hymn given to us by an Unkn
Experimental, or maybe just mental...
title: Jimmy
A song about those we lose along the way through their own actions and how it cuts deeply to scar the hidden p
Music by MELLOSONIC. Lyrics/vocals/melody by RODRICA. For all those feeling powerless in the world financial c
artist: Dale Veach
Giving up is not an option
a capella version of the popular Christmas song written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane in 1943 and produced by
piano, bass and vocals by Sandor Rheinhart, violin by Jossche Monitzs
Denise JAnnah - CvH Orchestra Arranged and conducted by Christiaan van Hemert
Smooth and romantic, with sweet vocals over jazzy piano, and Laura J herself guesting on acoustic guitar in th
love, longing for love, loneliness, hope, romance, jazz
Jazz Vocal of JBBQ's Instrumental: "EVER DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL - To Faunaserene With Love". The channeled words
artist: Al Goodah
Composed & performed by Al Goodah | Written by Al Goodah & Bruce R.F. Smith | Produced & arranged by Glenn Gad
title: Mr. Blues!
Single from my latest CD titled, What A Woman Wants. Visit my official website at: Http://www.MariaJohnston.
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Don't Look Back"
Slow Burning Funk Fusion
Dream Theater - Score: Thats a great band, why did I discover it so late ? Regard the first 2 songs as "warmup", then starting with the 3rd song "Another won" and "Afterlife", "Under a glass moon", etc ... the band shows a brilliant performance. Amazingly how error free they play this complex stuff on stage. I recommend this to everybody. its simply great. And all these guys are really great musicians !
what's luck got to do with it?: in my case probably everything. I had planned a half day road trip to visit family up north. My tires on the truck needed replacing and so did the front brakes so just before the trip, I had them taken care of. Reservations were also made for accommodations. I was all set to go. But, ever since I planned on this trip, I felt uneasy. With every day getting closer and closer to the date, more uneasiness about the trip overcame me. The night before my trip, it was difficult and sleep did not come easily. My mind was racing with images of disaster if I went. I tried to ignore them but with little ...
Choices, choices: Well, back to guitar for a while. Sometimes it's just difficult to choose which of the several instruments I play to feature. So I guess I've resorted to rotation. I love playing them all and would probably do even more if I had the instruments. Back in music college as I learned to play all instruments, I used to take them to my local jazz club on jam nights and play them with the trio. Bassoon was probably the weirdest instrument I ever took and I'm sure that no one has ever done that prior to or even after. Too bad I don't have a bassoon, it would probably be quite interesting to see wha...
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