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VESNA Z - To Vesna Zafirovic
A Sax Solo Jazz Lounge Song dedicated to VESNA ZAFIROVIC - a great Musician, Humanist, & Animal Lover. She has acclaimed success in Music from famed "Du Du A" of Serbia to "Evotica" on SoundClick to Facebook, Myspace, Other, e.g., Art & Photography.
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A Sax Solo Jazz Lounge Song dedicated to VESNA ZAFIROVIC - a great Musician, Humanist, & Animal Lover. She ha
This is a dark place. You don't want to be alone here.
Featuring Tim Lowe on sax and piano. Bill played cuica, paper napkin, guitars, bass, keys, frog rasp, xylophon
artist: Cosmos II
Sultry love song
artist: Klaatu (CT)
Like an old memory this melody still round and round in my head.
Michael Duran's saxy tones with my backer.
If only,,, 3 voice acoustic/electric/synth guitar plus vocals, regarding a bitter sweet relationship nearing t
artist: Ascenzion
Balmy sax riffs with sleek harmonious guitar licks populate this cityscape remix. Featuring Spinaceto on guita
#1 on SoundClick.com's Alternative Emo Charts. A whole lifetime in only 3:30 - The acoustic version of a new
artist: Musan Dera
title: Ochtendstad
"...nice...light...like the flight of a bird...I like the transverse flute...the simple theme on piano...its a
Slightly jazzy, piano & synths/strings. Quirky bassline.
A song about a love... Words, music and female vocals by Lekzee Patrick, Male vocals by Kurt Lewis Neufer
A slightly Bossa feeling love song
artist: Kenny Wilson
Soft Jazz Guitar Ballad Dedicated To The Memory Of Guitarist Emily Remler Featuring Ed McGlaughlin on Upright
artist: Numi Who
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Captain SolarAngel
Mixonia XV III XV Chapter 35: Chapter 35. A New years special If anybody’s ever read Marvel comics Galacticus is who I am suppose to of been in a distant Slide-wiped time of the Space Peoples Era, which the Marvel comics chronicles are based upon, (Be-witched ) into a Gigantic manifestation of Raroulels and Nano-Techs, Micro Raroulels and Nano-Techs and the little ones that they look after, don’t believe the hype devouring worlds, and being the opposition of the Fantastic Four, If I was anything back then like I am today it was all holloGraphics and memerizations and blow’ed out of proportion just as much as everythi...
Janet Valentine's Tribute to Marilyn Monroe: Some Like it Marilyn! for hiring info, please check me out at http://www.tributetomarilyn.com tributetomarilyn
Song Of The Angels
NEW #1 Song> "Holy Are You, Lord": "Holy Are You, Lord," under my band name, "Mizrah Tirzah," went #1 today. All praise and glory to my Heavenly Father through Yeshua, Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit. And always, I am so grateful to all of you who listened and helped to make it #1. Love, hugs, and prayers, Song
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