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A beautiful smooth jazz piece written by Tesha Blue of the Tascam Forums. Electric guitar is by Tim Cox
artist: Evan Paul
title: Ripples
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" "We see them in the water, we feel them in our lives". Classical guitars with 12 str
artist: Cosmos II
Analogy between the new year and a siren of ancient myth. As the new year begins, we are enticed by it. Althou
title: N'ICELAND
A tribute to Fridrik Karlsson's 2000 smooth jazz hit!
Smooth, but syncopated piece with Electro-Percussive & Fretless Bass foundation under expanding ethereal Synth
Winner of Best Female Solo Artist at the 2006 International Online Music Awards, Melissa Forbes' soulful voice
This is the opening track of our CD, WORMHOLE. It propells the listener through space.
A song dedicated to my wife, Liz who makes each day beautiful.
Original song by Parisien And Moore (2014)
artist: Clear Soul
title: 18th street
The vocals are real smooth comming from half chinese half japanese vocalist lisa ling hsia huang. lisa and th
artist: Jesse Worley
title: Mystic
It was time to do something a little more jazzy for a change. Once a piano solo, this simple little melody len
artist: Aljot
Dla Kubusia, ktory swobodnie biega po psim niebie.
Adventurous Smooth Jazz cut with New Age Textures. Electric Latin percussion & 8-String Fretless Bass drive. A
artist: Markku
title: side tracked
played this back in the early to mid 90's around the Midwest region when smooth jazz was at its peak...even go
artist: David Caudle
Musicians: David Caudle-Guitar, Amir Tihidi-Piano, Thad Petrie-Electric Bass, BillHarding-Drums. Strings Arran
artist: GMANgerald
Bassist GMAN has released another Hypnotic Groove Moving Track! "The GrOOven U" Smooth Jazz, Cool Jazz,Cool Fu
artist: Bub Roberts
Maton JBX6 Midi Guitar, Hardcore Bass, Korg X3, Boss GT-8 for clean pad guitar and "morphing" guitar.... Just
artist: Dale Veach
title: Ocean Tide
A reminder to return.
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Dave Shephard
Getting you Home
Cover Songs
Chris Young's Getting you home, great country cover performed by Dave Shephard
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Reach Out"
Fusion Blended With Funk
tom king
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tom king
Soundclick Is Super !: I've been with Soundclick for awhile now and I've met so very talented Artist on here plus some awesome ! Music.I love Indie music and I love my fans.Im thinking of new things I can Install on my site to keep you Informed.I want this to be like a large family,enjoying and sharing our music for the World to see and hear. Tom King
cocktails: just the other day I was feeling a bit low, probably due to the constant pain which never seems to go away. I'm not big on popping pills as I've experienced many tragic times as others had abused them. Anyway, I decided to go visit a good friend I hadn't seen in quite sometime even tho he lives just about a mile from my house. He's been busy doing his thing and me mine. It seemed like yesterday that we were sitting in a booth at a Walgreen's diner on the south side of Chi town shooting the breeze with the legendary drummer Max Roach after a gig. The days we spent with another legendary Clar...
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