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AL MASSEY aka ASCENZION @ SoundClick & other venues, is a World Class Musician. His Jazz/Other original music
I wrote this old style Jazz song, and arranged it, sang all vocals and hand played parts on my K-Mart keyboar
title: Tank!
THE BEST JAZZ SONG ON EARTH. every instrument has a challenging part. tim magness introduced matt to this song
Jonathan Butler -Guitar Eddie Wiernik - Piano Ralph Crewe - Bass
artist: Steve Bernd
A Lively swing jazz instrumental feat guitar, bass, drums and
artist: jackzucker
title: 'nuther jam
see title
artist: Guido Scope
Guido Scope: guitar and bass-guitar
Caravan - guitar: Stochelo Rosenberg, conducted and arranged by Christiaan van Hemert
Bari Sax Trio w/ a Funk Groove!
Free multi-track improv based on the Trane tune.
artist: Dan Sieckman
title: Stella
Dan Sieckman = guitar Jay Payette - drums Byron Yancey - bass Recorded Live at Sink's Kitchen, Hot Spring
title: Shes So Cool
great song for dancing.
title: Betty Bee
Let's go back in time, jazz time.
title: How high?
Bebop improvisation over the chord progression of a wellknown jazz tune. Music, arrangement and mix Master Peo
artist: Bub Roberts
J J Hucke custom built guitar into a BOSS GT8 then Laptop with Toontracks EZline JAZZ drums.
Christopher Creviston, saxophone; Whitney Ashe, piano; Matt Hughes, bass
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
nykol 79
"Pearls": Pearls is still available... "Pearls" Produced by Nykol Co- produced by Rene' Also check out my CD,"Piano Luv" released earlier this year... Get a taste of Nykol Pure Embracing And Real Love Songs
Arieccome: Son tornato, e spero che nuovi artisti con nuova musica si siano aggiunti alla numerosa tribu di Soundclick.
Solid E
What About America: I see veterans of war who wish they stayed home I see hungry little children who wish they had more what about America what about this land I love what about America what about this land I love is the answer in each one of us or in the heavens above I see people in their eighties who can't afford to be alive I see babys havin' babys both with tears in their eyes (repeat chorus) a friend ask me how he said he's just one man I said go ask your neighbor do they need a helping hand (repeat chorus) copyright 2007 richard c. evans...
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