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Guitar Player Magazine Award Winning Song. #1 on SoundClick.com's Jazz Fusion Chart.
artist: Ed Drury
Strange days have found us here in the middle of debates, football and the world series. This jazzy little num
artist: Laura
Sparkling production and stunning nu-jazz arrangement and playing by Moogybase in this sweet and spicy funky l
artist: Samann
title: Lattei
Tim Q from Groovera.com inspired this cut.
artist: Drumnjon
Another crazy phychedelic addition to Yommy Looseman's SCREAM TEST.... Faunaserene with Drumnjon
A little Acid Jazz goes a long ways! And this AJ song, "DISTORTED JAZZY ALL-NIGHTER - Ah' Feel Ma' Pain!" rem
A vicious instrumental attack, all in the current OSMOSIS "Ape-Funk" groove---now, with the added power of lyr
title: Timeless
Modern Jazz - Chill
jazz punk fusion.actually topped beSonic.com jazz global page but no one could have believed it
artist: Alan L Cole
title: Take Five-R
Gibson 55/74 Les Paul Special. Concept, Content, Arrangement, Music & Guitars (Bass, Rhythm, Lead) by Alan L C
artist: Numi Who
see the (beachy) 'music' video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o9xMCTFJ3s
artist: Kevin Sage
A remake of Chicago's, "Colour My World" featuring an epic speech by Carl Sagan.
artist: Doc Jazz
Song calling out for resistance to free illegally occupied Jerusalem (officially Jerusalem is not and cannot b
artist: Ascenzion
Taiko drums provided the inspiration and the foundation for this rhythmical track
title: Jazz at Dawn
Down-tempo Nu Jazz track recorded using my new Macbook and various audio interfaces. Simple riff repeated in a
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Downtown Music
Illuminati (FREE DL)
Club Bangas
Lease this beat untagged and hi-quality for only 19.99. Buy 2 get 1 free! GET YOUR PREMIUM LEASE INC. TRACKOUTS for only 49.99. Email me at downtownstuff@gmail.com
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gus pappas
Acid Jazz
"Buckyball Onion"
Producer, arranger, composer, Berklee, ASCAP, studio musician, Rhode Island native.
Captain SolarAngel
Mixonia XVIIIXV. I Chapter 35.9: Mixonia XVIIIXV. I Arycraft 1 & The Multiverse Fleet Chronicles continu-L.A.-nation………… Solar (((What are we going to do about my eyes Doc ?)))) Doctor Grey (((( When we really are in our Arycraft 1 then we have to fly round to all these different areas of existence and regress back the fabrique and fix this as we go )))) Solar (((( My Red Big Issue Tabbard is what people are wearing in different areas of existence )))) Professor Grey (((( This has become something of a tribute )))) Solar Regarding my eyes, if only it was a simple a case of Regression and taking a snip-it of time ...
Solid E
The Beauty Inside Us All: a boy mows a lawn in Pennsylvania it's his neighbor's yard her grass is knee high she tries to give him money that's okay is his reply she's an eighty year old widow he's only nine but he stands tall it's one thing we have in common it's the beauty inside us all a child flashes a smile down in Virginia he's been adopted into a new home he hugs his new mom and daddy they hug him and call him son they drive down the highway tears of joy begin to fall it's one thing we have in common it's the beauty inside us all if the ground should rumble if buildings should crumble if the...
I Wish, I Wish!: I thought that this blog might be a great way for my story to encourage some of you that have the ability to do what's necessary for your success. I very rarely discuss it or even bring it up as it has been quite a personal matter. I only bring it up to prove a point. If you are happy with status quo, older artist set in your way and proficient at what you do this may not do a thing for you. Or will it? Maybe already too late. It's up to you, but geared more for the younger artists looking to get ahead and not set in their way. It will be in several parts. "I wish I could play like you" a...
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