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artist: Samann
title: Lattei
Tim Q from Groovera.com inspired this cut.
title: Acid Wash
More twists and turns than a washing machine thanks to a cool OASYS KARMA groove replete with tricky waveseque
artist: Rick Gross
Praise G-d! Please Help REMEMBER NHU http://www.remembernhu.org/
Sparkling production and stunning nu-jazz arrangement and playing by Moogybase in this sweet and spicy funky l
Guitar Player Magazine Award Winning Song. #1 on SoundClick.com's Jazz Fusion Chart.
artist: Jazzjet
NEW!!! Tuff beats, melodic jazz Jazzjet-style
artist: Mark S Greer
A nice upbeat funky groove feel. Spacious instrumentation with a blues infected guitar.
artist: LLUVA
A vocal song inside the style acid jazz to listen, or to dance in a club. Recorded entirely in RekorHit s
artist: asyd trip
Chilled out beat! great when coupled with wine After a long day!
artist: ZEBRA (AR)
title: Bootleg
HIGHEST CHARTS POSITION: #1 on SoundClick.com's Acid Jazz Chart. #4 on SoundClick.com's Jazz Chart.
artist: Kit Watkins
title: Brave Water
with Carl Weingarten, guitar
artist: Gene Hilbert
title: Scarecrow
You have a nightmare that just won't go away.........? Here's mine, part Bootsy, Zappa and Harpo....... Enjoy
artist: 2600 Hz
When you've had a productive or meaningful day, and you're ready to just go home and kick it, listen to these
Recently, I was really impressed by creations of DJ's and more and more digging into those kinds of music (esp
artist: Ed Drury
Strange days have found us here in the middle of debates, football and the world series. This jazzy little num
Lead single from the new release 'Classic'. Order @ Sphereofhiphopstore.com
artist: Gran Torino
title: Fever (LIVE)
Recorded LIVE @ Chetton by Cosmic Studios
title: Our Song
Highest charts position in subgenre: # 26 ( 1,327 songs currently listed in Jazz > Acid Jazz)
Clarinet, brass section, trombone, and flute - combined with electronica and guitars.
title: The Well
Cool vibe acid jazz, with a bossa-nuevo flavour.
artist: StrangeSound
title: Danger
Just plain crazy!
La nuit venue,les lutins dansent...
artist: Ascenzion
Taiko drums provided the inspiration and the foundation for this rhythmical track
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Musikreativ Studios Label
Smooth Jazz
"I'm So Glad V by Cheeseburger & Cd'A"
Musikreativ Studio Label Artist and Songs Center...featuring the finest of wine that the music industry can produce...yielding a bountiful harvest of simply amazing styles, music and songs..." just press play "...
Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz General
An improvisation
TaneeyMusicSounds by James
The Sound of Smooth!
Paul Mcilwaine
Spring cleaning : Okay its a bit late for spring cleaning or early depending on what way you look at it .....but I've decided to reduce the number of tracks hosted here at Soundclick - I had at one time over 100 songs and instrumentals posted here which is too many and potentially off-putting to new listeners so I have removed the Dream Team page and also reduced the number of songs available on my player. I will still work on new collaborations but perhaps not quite as many. Stay tuned for more new music in November...
King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspik (1773), So you think you know : .. whats heavy ? Really sweat and soft but becomes brutally heavy ? Ha ha, I think you don't know ... King Crimson made some awesome pieces in Rock music. Robert Fripp should be known to guitarists. He's incredible. Bill Bruford on drums was always exciting for me. WARNING: the songs start sometimes very sensitive, and after a while a tornado might kill your boxes, neighbors and enemies 2 km around you ... So be careful .. not every song is as harmless as it starts. I NEVER heard such brutal harmonies covered into sweet candy. Believe me ! And enjoy. Andreas...
bob bruno
Big City Rush Day" Revisited - A Lot Here Is Cut Short: I amended "Big City Rush Day" a few seconds ago ,adding a comment that is the poem I was writing about. It was left out of my original post.I just noticed that my articles don't seem to finish their thought and sometimes are truncated by this site. I am going to have to go back and delete quite a few because my point is lost when they stop mid-sentence . Well, it's always something . I think there is a word limit . I know I was frustrated with the concept of "Blog" when I first started writing here but I guess I forgot why . Well, I am beginning to remember but why worry, anyway . At least my ...
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