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artist: Samann
title: Lattei
Tim Q from Groovera.com inspired this cut.
title: Acid Wash
More twists and turns than a washing machine thanks to a cool OASYS KARMA groove replete with tricky waveseque
Sparkling production and stunning nu-jazz arrangement and playing by Moogybase in this sweet and spicy funky l
Guitar Player Magazine Award Winning Song. #1 on SoundClick.com's Jazz Fusion Chart.
artist: Ed Drury
Strange days have found us here in the middle of debates, football and the world series. This jazzy little num
TRibulations of creating much loud music during the 7 years of a death sentence from leukemia
artist: Rick Gross
Praise G-d! Please Help REMEMBER NHU http://www.remembernhu.org/
title: Pass It On
NuUrbanJazz with a Dash Of Funk!!!
artist: Jazzjet
NEW!!! Tuff beats, melodic jazz Jazzjet-style
Clarinet, brass section, trombone, and flute - combined with electronica and guitars.
artist: Elijah Blue
title: Pictures
this rough demo from 1998, currently some of the original band members are working on a new version of this so
artist: DEERFOOT
title: Hyperion
Hyperion- chill, downtempo, jazz, space-funk improvisation. Will bring you into Saturn's orbit wearing only y
artist: StrangeSound
title: Danger
Just plain crazy!
artist: spinaceto
Some own remembrances of New York City.
A short, funky jam with dual basses, drums, and keyboards. Very busy... I had fun writing this.
artist: Numi Who
Modern Romantic improv_AmDmG_07b_2-19-2012.mp3
artist: LLUVA
A vocal song inside the style acid jazz to listen, or to dance in a club. Recorded entirely in RekorHit s
(c) Syntopia & Rapster Album:Sands Of Time
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Hip Hop
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Don't Look Back"
Slow Burning Funk Fusion
what's luck got to do with it?: in my case probably everything. I had planned a half day road trip to visit family up north. My tires on the truck needed replacing and so did the front brakes so just before the trip, I had them taken care of. Reservations were also made for accommodations. I was all set to go. But, ever since I planned on this trip, I felt uneasy. With every day getting closer and closer to the date, more uneasiness about the trip overcame me. The night before my trip, it was difficult and sleep did not come easily. My mind was racing with images of disaster if I went. I tried to ignore them but with little ...
As time goes by: Has been quite some time since my last work here. As I was afraid of, since I'm retired, there is no time left anymore, because there is so much to do. Music will take it's 1. place again in winter, as during summer I prefer working on other things, i.e. woodworking, playing chess or riding bicycle. But now with the new DNA Melodyne a lot of things cane be done and will be done after Amma's European Tour. So we will meet again later Keep healthy and happy Anashwaran...
Lake Fork Verne News: I have four albums where you can listen to samples and purchase if you want. "Verne's Original Banjo Songs, Vol I,II,III and IV....click on the site below to view and listen....thanks for listening:

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