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artist: spinaceto
Some own remembrances of New York City.
artist: Samann
title: Lattei
Tim Q from Groovera.com inspired this cut.
title: Acid Wash
More twists and turns than a washing machine thanks to a cool OASYS KARMA groove replete with tricky waveseque
artist: Rick Gross
Praise G-d! Please Help REMEMBER NHU http://www.remembernhu.org/
Sparkling production and stunning nu-jazz arrangement and playing by Moogybase in this sweet and spicy funky l
Guitar Player Magazine Award Winning Song. #1 on SoundClick.com's Jazz Fusion Chart.
artist: LLUVA
A vocal song inside the style acid jazz to listen, or to dance in a club. Recorded entirely in RekorHit s
artist: Ed Drury
Strange days have found us here in the middle of debates, football and the world series. This jazzy little num
artist: Gary Fuston
This track features guitarist "Maurice Johnson" former member of The After 5 Jazz band under the Warlock label
artist: Gene Hilbert
title: Scarecrow
You have a nightmare that just won't go away.........? Here's mine, part Bootsy, Zappa and Harpo....... Enjoy
artist: Jazzjet
NEW!!! Tuff beats, melodic jazz Jazzjet-style
artist: Mark S Greer
A nice upbeat funky groove feel. Spacious instrumentation with a blues infected guitar.
artist: 2600 Hz
When you've had a productive or meaningful day, and you're ready to just go home and kick it, listen to these
title: Timeless
Modern Jazz - Chill
title: Soul topic
Alchi: Saxo / Daniel Hector: guitarra, bajo, teclados, programing y demas
artist: Waveform
title: Isley Summer
The song simply has an Isley Brothers Flava. I am certain Ron Isley could make it a classic.
artist: ZEBRA (AR)
title: Suburbia
HIGHEST CHARTS POSITION: #1 on SoundClick.com's Acid Jazz Chart. #2 on SoundClick.com's Jazz Chart.
title: Our Song
Highest charts position in subgenre: # 26 ( 1,327 songs currently listed in Jazz > Acid Jazz)
New single from Deepspace5 member Sivion from 'Mood Enhancement'. Now available @ www.SphereofhiphopStore.com
jazz punk fusion.actually topped beSonic.com jazz global page but no one could have believed it
artist: Ascenzion
Taiko drums provided the inspiration and the foundation for this rhythmical track
artist: Zapp Royce
title: Lewes Road
Funky uplifting beat with driving sax.
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
Solid E
Today I Stopped Crying Over You: today I stopped crying over you my heart is letting go your love can be cruel I'm over you now no more sighing today I stopped crying over you today I stopped crying over you while you played around I stayed home like a fool I'm a fool no more your lies I quit buying today I stopped crying over you the hardest thing I've ever done is walk out your door my tears made me settle for less now I want more today I stopped crying over you gonna' take my time gonna' find someone new I'm over you now no more sighing today I stopped crying over you copyright 2007 richard c....
the new flugelhorn: is coming along very nicely and am moving forwards with it better than I expected. After acquiring a new mouthpiece for it, my range increased from F# 3 to C5 (middle C being C4) to the F#5...5th line on the staff. I just need to get up to the first ledger line A and I'll be satisfied as that seems to be the range for decent tone on the flugel. I have experienced a few difficulties while practicing which isn't anything new for me. The biggest problem however is drainage. My sinuses seem to go insane and I gag. Even the old lungs seem to be clearing up altho most of the breathing is done wit...
starah far i
Enlightenment feat. Zamzam the "Originalman" & the MellyoMatic: "Wisdom, gently guided by the Muse." This song was channeled... I was definitely a conduit for the message. I began using the mantra for my own life... and it began to touch others in a profound way. The spoken word was already written... it was just a journal entry on a seemingly random ideation... but it was tagged by the magic powers of the Universe and chosen to deliver love and light to the heart....
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