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Jazz-blues featuring Bob Tinker on trumpet and Steve hayes on trombone.
artist: CBKeyz
title: Innocence
From a new play (lyrical/musical) I am writing. A tragic love story with intrigue murder and many twists. Inn
artist: mrpeebee
Recorded with backing track and USB mic in October 2011. Played on a 1950's Florida no USA 10* mouthpiece, a L
artist: Ganimead
title: Star Mission
This is my very first song using electronic studio equipment. This song actually stayed at #1 in the Acid Pro
artist: Mike-K
title: Swaying
About as smooth as it gets. Thanks to Christopher Martin Hansen
Welcome to the warm and sunny waters of the Carribean! Kick back and relax with me on an Island Escape! I wo
Josh Won guitar, Dave Price, Bass and Drums, Dennis Wieand, Organ
Phil Tone Tone Edge 7 - Hemke 2
Here the Pops as this song cooks out in space.
artist: Jmoen
First take of Straight No chaser on alto
This song still makes me greet a bit. Still hammering away. Please also Google cliveymacdougall ( all one word
artist: MyndsEye
A big band sound....kind of jazzy and light with a Broadyway show tune feel. Difficult to peg a 'genre' for th
My version of Night Train on tenor sax
Love song for the lovers. It has only piano and voice for now. I will add more instruments later on.
artist: Kirk Lorange
title: Gangocka
An instrumental featuring several of Sydney Australia's tastiest players. I wrote it and play the electric sli
title: Moonlighting
TV show theme song www.tjontheroad.com
artist: Pat Smith
title: Penguin Jazz
The Penguin Jazz Quartet
artist: Ascenzion
A sax driven up tempo piece with a bit of jazz piano to be cool like that.
Steve sings and plays trumpet, Rob Loney does the rhythm section, Level 10 Studio, Minot ND, 2007.
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Instrumentals :: West Coast
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The Architekz
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New School
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Jazz General
An improvisation
Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
michael f
3 New songs up!: I have 3 new songs up on Reverbnation : 'Are You With Me' 'Western Lights' and Giants' at www.reverbnation.com/michaelfarrell or just click on the banner below: hope you have a chance to listen. Many thanks, Michael...
On A Life In Jazz Guitar Playing.: Starting in the mid 60s it was all rock for me with Cream and Jimi Hendrix great musical inspiration. Since 1966 I had had the most wonderful guitar teacher (Diane Whitcomb) who insisted I learn to read, chord solos, and study my exercises so that the following week I could play them as perfectly as I could (which was not very God Damned perfect at all!). In 1971 she and her boyfriend at the time (a great guitarist now in Seattle Washington named Fred McCall) took me to the big jazz guitarists hangout at Donte's in North Hollywood to see Joe Pass. She pointed out who was who in the audience th...
My Daily Guitar Practice Routine and Philosophy: My lifelong goal has been to master the guitar and to improvise and explore new areas and especially to avoid repeating my self or what Larry Coryell calls 'finger patterns'. My 3 parts in practicing consist of: 1. Rudiments - Technical maintenance and expansion including chords. 2. Expansion exercises I wrote for myself. 3. Exploration & conceptual improvisational exhaustion. Mostly I improvise to the Jamie Aeborsold play to records starting medium tempo. Also on my exercises I start with 3 note studies (double not exercises) without the use of the metronome (and breaking up ...
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