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artist: Tony Gayle
A bit more jazz stuff from www.tonyspianomusic.co.uk
A Ballad, Pop, Nostalgic Song of Love - in a Jazzy mix of Saxy Tenor Solo/Double Vibes Comp Solos flirting wit
artist: MyndsEye
A big band sound....kind of jazzy and light with a Broadyway show tune feel. Difficult to peg a 'genre' for th
Here the Pops as this song cooks out in space.
title: Innocence
From a new play (lyrical/musical) I am writing. A tragic love story with intrigue murder and many twists. Inn
Josh Won guitar, Dave Price, Bass and Drums, Dennis Wieand, Organ
artist: Mike-K
title: Swaying
About as smooth as it gets. Thanks to Christopher Martin Hansen
My arrangement of the Classic 'The Christmas Song' (remastered) for radio release. With arrangement, Vocals a
artist: Ganimead
title: Star Mission
This is my very first song using electronic studio equipment. This song actually stayed at #1 in the Acid Pro
featuring Terry Silverlight/drums, Paul Shaffer/organ, Will Lee/bass, Hiram Bullock/guitar, David Mann/sax
artist: Ascenzion
A sax driven up tempo piece with a bit of jazz piano to be cool like that.
Love song for the lovers. It has only piano and voice for now. I will add more instruments later on.
artist: mrpeebee
Recorded with backing track and Samson USB mic in October 2014. Played on a 1950's Otto link Florida no U
artist: SamJay
Track by Jessica Holtby (Produced By. Samjay)
#2 on SoundClick'.com's Jazz Fusion Charts. Time for another positive thing - helps hold off the negative ones
artist: Drumnjon
Thank You DAVID for this opportunity to Rock with you again.... Always an HONOR!
artist: JLGP
title: Special
Jazzy keyboard improv, that's smooth and relaxing. A nice groove to chill to.
played, arranged and produced by oskar christian made as a fusion of styles such as mexican romantic jazz, fla
Breezy, feel-good jazz/rock vocals with some brash, edgy instrumental work portraying some very civilized men
Music which tips the hat to the bluesy orchestral music of George Gershwin or perhaps just to his cat.
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Jazz General
An improvisation
Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
winfield davis
Where Is Your Music Career Going: Where Is Your Music Career Going Questions: · Do you have what it takes to make it in the music business? · · Have you done your homework? · · Do you have a plan? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you. · Spend a fortune on equipment and demos · Frustrating your self running around from band to band. · Wasting hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on media shouts and press. Yes I know, this dose not sound like the business that we love so very much but yes, it is and that’s just the beginning. The love of music has driven many of people mad and ...
bass over forty
Thankful Wednesday....: Just been blessed.... Have a great weekend!!!! Peace to all.... Live out Loud.... Gotta go....Razoo in New Orleans is calling my name...
I Wish Part 2: The biggest problem I had as a musician and as a student at any level, was the ability to focus on practicing. For a person with a learning deficit, it's even more difficult because there is so much going on in the brain that one becomes distracted too easily. I could play something over and over maybe a hundred times and it still wouldn't sink in. My mind would be wandering every where else and I was not focusing on the task at hand. By the way, I just recently found out that my learning disability was not ADD as I was diagnosed later in life with , it turns out to be toxic mold exposure. It ...
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