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artist: Numi Who
Rock/Jazz/Avant-Garde influences... stunning_sing_inst_03_video (song from video)
If only,,, 3 voice acoustic/electric/synth guitar plus vocals, regarding a bitter sweet relationship nearing t
artist: Pinecats
title: Goin' South
wanna get away?
artist: Musan Dera
title: Ochtendstad
" the flight of a bird...I like the transverse flute...the simple theme on piano...its a
artist: johnjohn808
Somthing different as I experiment with midi and virtual instruments for the first time. I strayed away from
artist: Riwin
title: Raga
A more ethnic rendition of an older track by Riwin, which still maintains a jazz lounge feel, but focuses more
title: Don't Ask Me
When it comes to love, it is not always meaningful to even ask why it exists just as long as it does. For my
artist: Olsson
New magnificent love ballad from Olsson © Jørgen Olsson, Copyright 2009 Author: Jørgen Olsson
Smokey nite, in the Kat Scat Club; Jazzy J.O., Jazzy GinNger, and Jazzy Cat perform their song about dopped up
artist: simonXAG
Jazz singer wanted! An instrumental version of a song that neither myself nor my lyricist are able to sing (me
TM sent PH a text message 'Dollheads in the Kitchen Drawer'... PH took it and ran (a marathon!) with it...
demosong for THE TRUMPET a virtual instrument by Peter Siedlaczek and Giorgio Tommasini
title: That's Cool
Cool Piano Trio Jazz
artist: DannieD
title: Get A Grip
Sometimes you just have to hang on.....
Featuring Tim Lowe on sax and piano. Bill played cuica, paper napkin, guitars, bass, keys, frog rasp, xylophon
Another piece set in the 1960's jazz era.
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Musikreativ Studios Label
Smooth Jazz
"I'm So Glad V by Cheeseburger & Cd'A"
Musikreativ Studio Label Artist and Songs Center...featuring the finest of wine that the music industry can produce...yielding a bountiful harvest of simply amazing styles, music and songs..." just press play "...
Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz General
An improvisation
John R. Jackson
Jazz Vocals
"Anytime I Think Of You"
"Anytime I Think Of You"
Song Of The Angels
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Felix Langford
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Beaters and Makers!: Had some one trying to get me to use their "Beats" recently. Now why in the hell would I want to use some fake bullsh*t sounds and go down several notches as a musician when I have the "REAL" deal? My music is real, played by real musicians, not some crappy, phony sounds created by software. I am a real musician and have been for over 5 decades. I believe in "REAL" sounds created by "REAL" instruments and musicians. Go peddle your crap somewhere else! That's the F*CKIN" problem with these sites no one appreciates REAL sounds. Gotta have the bullsh*t one's to be heard! Get bent! Sell them t...
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