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artist: Mikejazz
My version to a Funky Backing track by Brobillard at LPF
Lunario:Hommage to Bela Bartok for Jazz Quartet(Piano,Vibraphone,Contabass,Drums) Sequenced versin by Fernando
my mentally challenged take on phil's heavy metal BT
title: INTO PINK
artist: 7 Wheels
title: Mindshift
Funky and chilled track, marrying tight drums, slap bass guitar, synth leads and choppy filter-swept electroni
swollen drumz created the beat
Nu Jazz vocals, with a deep funky groove.
artist: OrBeat
title: The Puff
A soulful groovy with the twisted flute along the line. Although still a work on progress.
artist: bflat
title: Jazz Love
Check out my new cd @digstation.com
F.A.T.S: Trummis Thomas, Gitarr Chris, Tony Tangetbord (no bass - Bjoern where were you?). The three of us jam
DANCE!! DANCE!! DANCE!! This mid tempo instrumental is powered by a brass section that sets the pulse for this
Off The 'Blindto;Deafto:Equivalent' Mixtape $9.99 On I-Tunes!
The lead is shared by synth, electric guitar and Hammond organ, backed by acoustic guitar, other synths and pe
artist: AvMo
Jazzy Blues or Bluesy Jazz
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Radiant Studio Production
Back from the 'dead'..: My PC went dead 2 days ago. It freezed and nothing works. So I replaced it with a new one yesterday.. must be about time too. So goodbye to windows xp sp3 and hello windows 7 64bit. I'd just managed to reinstall all of my softwares and plug-ins, I should be able to get windows 7 to detect my m audio delta card. So the last track was delayed 2 days and now it's about time to get back on track.. Tonight will be capturing the vocals ...
Solid E
The System: he had no money and couldn't post bail accused of a crime he had to sit in jail a man with a past trying to clean up his act but society's child said her purse he snatched the dude she swore was tall and thin with hair like wool and dark brown skin two more like her screamed he's the one he got caught in the system they said his court date was six months away he begged for o.r. the judge said no way in jail he sat waiting on his trial he couldn't wait to meet society's child when her purse got snatched she broke a nail instead of two years he was looking at twelve twelve years ...
A Shred of Realism?: In the continuing effort of trying to find some shred of realism in virtuosity, this one has been extremely frustrating. The soprano sax is the virtual part on the most current tune called Ladies Night and although I've been able to create similarities to the real deal, lack in certain control data, such as the ability to change the tonalities usually created by the players control of their embouchure is lacking. Since these are sampled sounds, there are no variations to tonality in faster passages which is evident with real players. Each sound has been recorded identically. Another problem...
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