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Light melodic jazz with a twist.
artist: Nick Newman
Energetic music bed.
Cool Mellow slick Jazz Gospel Track. Very inspirational and motivational feel good song about being a winner i
artist: NuJazz-Trio
with Demian Bell & The Blues Mekaniks Live
artist: 3Fuzed
title: T-Rex
Written by Mellosonic, with bobbywayne and Actual Proof
artist: Mhdb
title: AdamRieseRag
This is my take on Tony Delecce's song No Place Like Home...
artist: Tony DeLecce
A remake of an old Jazz style song I wrote back in 2003 when I seemed to be in this jazz mode. Using my Daug
title: Lethal Wing
little wing uber-jam
artist: nervegasm
Last MOnths Ep.
artist: KYE-KREW
08/27 Update
title: 'HIPNOvIBES'
Laid back, mellow lounge style, beats'n'bass'n beats!
Funky Jazzy groove
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Instrumentals :: Gangsta
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TaneeyMusicSounds by James
Nu Jazz
"Angel Girl"
''Taste This Sweet Smoothee''
flow: check out the new tune "flow" which is similar in nature to the popular "free fall" I uploaded several weeks ago. Because the traditional jazz style is somewhat overdone these days by players on these sites, I try to do something slightly different. My style has become more of a free feel jazz guitar (motivic) rather than the typical jazz one hears so much, although playing a traditional form is not a problem. The idea is not unique as one might think, as guys like Lenny Breau, Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt, Jim Hall etc. used this approach. I adapted some of their style to us...
I Wish part 3: My biggest problem in playing music was the formal training aspect in college. It wasn't the learning of scales and theory but playing the piano part. You see most teachers stick to having you play only classical styles and not what you really need to succeed in the modern scheme of things. There's nothing wrong with learning the classics for technique or the fundamentals but because of the regimented one minded mentality of most teachers, it sucked the creativity right out of me. I wanted to be a little creative with the playing but the teacher wanted me to stick to playing only notes. She ju...
Solid E
Do You Have Time For Love: the caviar was wonderful our blind date was to you're everything they said and more but I must ask this of you do you have time for love do you make plans for love or do you simply move along do you have time for love you ski the slopes at Aspen you surf the waves off Malibu I admire the life you live is there room in your life for two do you have time for love do you make plans for love or do you simply go your way do you have time for love I've been down this road before I've got to know I need to know do you have time for love do you make plans for love or do y...
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