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artist: Gary Fuston
Contemporary melodic groove
artist: Carl Eichman
2001 internet collaboration w/ Filippo Bertacche on drums
title: SUN SHINE
Written, performed, programmed by Robert Jan . Tenor SAX's melodies and impros: Alexis Van Eeckhout.
A mix of acoustic piano, electric bass, percussion and MiniMoog synthesizer in this slow and poetic nujazz ins
artist: Loren
Vibraphone, Aperture bass, ballad piano, Rhodes piano, magic organ.
Nujazz Midtempo.. Guitar lead.
a tasty little number
A Synth lead Retro sounding song
An Original Neo-Soul Jazz Hip Hop Song I'd written, arranged and sing.
artist: Jazzjet
title: Code Red
NEW!!! Atmospheric and trippy. Future sounds.
artist: Frank Axtell
2010 Frank Axtell All Rights Reserved. Music by Frank Axtell
artist: Riwin
title: Jazz Loop
World music by Balinese guitarist Riwin from EP "Voyages"
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Don't Look Back"
Slow Burning Funk Fusion
weird tuning: I love to experiment with whatever may be thrown my way. Recently on another music site I came across an artist who developed a strange guitar tuning...a dim5 which alternates two strings in a dim5th in octaves. The problem I had at first was that the first string ended up being so high that the string would constantly break and would have to undoubtedly use a custom set of strings. I just thought that there had to be a better solution. There was a very simple one...just take his idea and drop it down a whole step. So instead of using a D and a Ab, I used C and Gb. My strings are flat wound...
danny sinoff
Stage is Set for Ellington's Re-Opening: The stage is set for tonights Re-Opening of Ellington's Jazz Club, call 239/472-5555 for reservations at their new location at 1244 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL
Jazz Enigma: I thought that I would add another band onto the site. Jazz Enigma is one of my original bands I played with back in the 70's. It was first called Paradox Jazz Trio and after the bass player and drummer were killed in a car accident on their way to a gig, I changed the name to Jazz Enigma. At the time it was still only a trio but I added guitar to it and used the guitar player later with the band Mark Hammond Trio. I also added sax to the sound after the dude would show up to the gigs with his sax just to jam with us. We became a quintet. I even had a guy playing vibes for a while. We trav...
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