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artist: Berry Evers
title: Anecdote
just remembering a funny story...
Lunario:Hommage to Bela Bartok for Jazz Quartet(Piano,Vibraphone,Contabass,Drums) Sequenced versin by Fernando
(c) by Syntopia Music Album: Blue
artist: Frank Axtell
© 2008 FrankAxtell ® All Rights Reserved.
artist: Jazzjet
NEW!!! A tribute to Miles.
title: Beezelbaum
All original
F.A.T.S: Trummis Thomas, Gitarr Chris, Tony Tangetbord (no bass - Bjoern where were you?). The three of us jam
artist: ramboamadeus
title: Predrasude
artist: Tony DeLecce
These Memories total remake 1/8/2006. Words/Music Tony DeLecce. A little Jazz flavor. Now featuring Jim DeLecc
artist: Gary Fuston
Contemporary melodic groove
artist: G Allen
title: Summer Winds
Backed by an ambient pad, simple bass lines, and synthesizers, Rhodes steal the show in this song (a lot like
title: Finale
My take on George S. Clinton's ending credits from Showtime's Red Shoe Diaries.
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Da Music Maker: Music ,Art ,Vedio making is some thing that I enjoy doing.And thank you all for come to check out the works of me and the rest of the SoundClick community.Go my links page and you can fine links to some talant playin' in the SoundClick community.I also enjoy help promting the artist in SoundClick using my station.With nthis kindof promotion only some good could happen for some in the commmunity.Good Luck SoundClick Artist....
Solid E
Please Shine Your Light: last night your angel came by to take the one I love away now I'm alone I need to be strong dear lord can you hear my plea please shine your light shine it on me please shine your light dear jesus yes shine your light shine it on me please shine your light or I will live in misery it's been years since I shed a tear now my tears fall like rain I lived a lie I chose to deny you dear lord is to late for me (repeat chorus) here and now I make this vow to place my faith in you now I understand I need your guiding hand dear lord can you hear my plea (repeat chorus)...
A funny TRUE story that happen to me in High School. : This story is being posted because a dear talented friend of mine name Claes wrote a song in titled "Fall Into Her Arms". You have to go and check him out & the song. He is in my top friends list here. So another friend of mine remember this true story I told him & it was suggested to me that I blog about it so everyone can get a good laugh. LOL!! In High School I had a real wierd encounter with another real good looking guy that was on the football team & he had braces & so did I. The school bell rang for us to switch to our other class. Our lockers were next to one another & we were h...
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