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DANCE!! DANCE!! DANCE!! This mid tempo instrumental is powered by a brass section that sets the pulse for this
artist: Gary Fuston
Contemporary melodic groove
title: Long Day
Its Great song that came from My heart
title: Sex Drive
Funky Beat, Driving Bass, and Funky Lead Bass
artist: Cosmic Taxi
Ambient maybe downtempo or chill-out, on the edge of downright spacey with warm pads and a 'spook' inspired le
artist: VanZea
A remix I made for a friend (the singer, Pythia Brouwer)
He's bad, he's cold he's a bad mutha....shut your mouth!
artist: G Allen
title: Summer Winds
Backed by an ambient pad, simple bass lines, and synthesizers, Rhodes steal the show in this song (a lot like
title: Zapping
Jazz Fusion track written with GuitarPro6 and recorded with Boss GT-001 and Battery4.
artist: DRTownsend
Don't know if this is full or not, but it is empty.
artist: Numi Who
title: Statistic
All music by Tyler Dedera. -JUNE 2012
A mix between electro and jazz, kinda poppy, but not that much.
artist: Refrag
jazztronica in a feely turny way
Tribute to the late, great Antonio Carlos Jobim.
artist: 3Fuzed
title: Andreanian
Written by Mellosonic, with bobbywayne and Actual Proof
artist: Actual Proof
Bobby Wayne on Guitar !!
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
Solid E
I Left 'Cause You Ain't Right: it took me a year to get over you now you're at my door feelin' sad and blue you don't understand why I had leave but I think you know why I left 'cause you ain't right I grew tired of sleeping with tears in my eyes love ain't a game to play it's a way of life I left 'cause you ain't right I still recall how the phone would ring then off you'd go without sayin' a thing hours would pass and when you'd return I'd see her in your eyes (repeat chorus) I was hot you were cold I was high you were low you were breakin' my heart you don't deserve me no more (repe...
Solid E
The Beauty Inside Us All: a boy mows a lawn in Pennsylvania it's his neighbor's yard her grass is knee high she tries to give him money that's okay is his reply she's an eighty year old widow he's only nine but he stands tall it's one thing we have in common it's the beauty inside us all a child flashes a smile down in Virginia he's been adopted into a new home he hugs his new mom and daddy they hug him and call him son they drive down the highway tears of joy begin to fall it's one thing we have in common it's the beauty inside us all if the ground should rumble if buildings should crumble if the...
Spring 2010 Tour ... Czech & Slovakia: Steve Clarke Triio Pat Marafiote Keyboards Steve Clarke Bass Chris Stanley Drums Hear New CD: www.CDBaby.com/steveclarketrio (w/Mike Stern 21.4. Praha 22.4. AGHARTA JAZZ CLUB PRAHA 23.4. JAZZINEC FESTIVAL TRUTNOV 24.4. KLUB CHRISTIANIA PREÅ OV SK 25.4. Bratislava, Prievidza 26.4. GES KLUB KOÅ ICE 27.4. PARNÃ쳌K OSTRAVA 28.4. TIBET OLOMOUC 29.4. JAZZ CLUB EVŽEN OPAVA 30.4. M a€“ KLUB VALAÅ SKÉ MEZIŘÃ쳌AeŒÃ쳌 1.5. Å TUDLOV 2.5. off 3.5. JAZZ DOCK PRAHA 4.5. STARÃ쳌 PEKÃ쳌RNA BRNO 5.5. Praha 6.5. Praha 7.5. TANAeŒÃ쳌RNA REPUBLIKA a€“ Na PoříAe쳌í Praha 8.5.Back ...
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